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<nettime> Declaration of the Euromarches against poverty, precariousness
euromarsen on Sat, 4 Jun 2005 09:05:26 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime> Declaration of the Euromarches against poverty, precariousness and exclusion (Modified by Geert Lovink) [u]

Declaration of the Euromarches against poverty, precariousness and 

The citizens of the Netherlands have clearly expressed that they do not 
want a neoliberal European constitution, source of unemployment and 
misery. The rejection of the constitution gives hope to unemployed, 
precarious workers and all other people living in poverty, that the no 
to the neo-liberal constitution in France and the Netherlands will be a 
turning point in history which leads to a radical reorientation of the 
European politics. A reorientation which gives priority to real social 
and human rights of every inhabitant of Europe. These social rights 
are=A0not guaranteed in this Constitution. The Lissabon proces and the 
rejected Constitution favour on the labour market and in the companies 
where people work precariousness, flexibility and an uncertain live in 
a society where everybody has to compete with everybody. He or she who 
has no value for the market is thrown into misery.

We hope that this turning point in history will lead to a society where 
solidarity and not competition and concurrence have the priority, and 
to a real sharing of the riches produced, so that everywoman and 
everyman can get a salary or at least an income that will simply permit 
them to lead a decent live.

Allready for almost ten years, the Euromarches criss-cross Europe in 
order to denounce the wrong-doings of a Europe constructed against the 
wishes of the people, which compose it, by the (neo)liberals of left 
and right. Our shouts of anger have met with nothing but disdain.

The Euromarches rejoice about this result: it will reinforce the field 
of those (women and men), notably in the European Social Forums, who 
work for the emergence of a European social movement capable of 
unifying, both East and West, the struggles of the workers, the 
unemployed, and the precarious workers for another Europe and for 
another world.


Piet van der Lende
pvdlende {AT} dds.nl

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