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Re: <nettime> French-Fried Friedman
porculus on Fri, 10 Jun 2005 21:26:30 +0200 (CEST)

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Re: <nettime> French-Fried Friedman

> because the French and other Europeans "are trying to preserve a 35 hour
> work week in a world where Indian engineers are ready to work a 35-hour
> day." He forgot to add, "and where Indian families are ready to sell
> their children into sexual slavery to survive." Now, THERE'S a standard
> to reach for."

bah it's a real catch tune of america press to -regularly- jeer on social democrate way of
working & living & ultimate raffinement in stigmatizing it as a kind of prevaricateur
system but of course of the capitalist profit.  and so specialy since such social democrat
profiteur arnt even usefull for shielding with their faty und limp und girly body against
commie anymore..cause the legend would be america forked out for such layabout & grant them
for accepting to sleep near all an atomic rocket trinketery.  beside commie hadnt any
tenderness for them no more, stigmatizing them as zealous sex slave of the west...etc.etc.&
etc ! as go all pavlovian protocol. this just to say what is good for such corny piece ?
for what such affirmation of american moral authority for drawing such paternalist hard
global lesson? so tacky and boring as some personnal manager flannel at christmas & both as
sinister as some glumly blah circular befor some mass sacking around next easter or
something? who are the target of such intimidation ? the crypto commies of social democrat
for menacing them 'enuf we will send you our patton'sarmada for implementing real male
democratie in your female soviet lazybones countries' ? but of course not, so much sex
slave know how they are super indispensable when they are so delicously whipped..but for
who then ? but to the american people itself & for all people in the shade of well hung
neoliberal who could conceive some feminizing doubt : such intimidation piece for they have
even a trace of a tiny one : "nicht arbeit nicht essen"

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