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<nettime> Open letter by Haidi Giuliani (mother of Carlo) and Rosa Filo
Cecile Landman on Fri, 10 Jun 2005 21:26:31 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime> Open letter by Haidi Giuliani (mother of Carlo) and Rosa Filo (mother of Dax)

Our children, killed by the same violence 


We are afraid and we would want to scream, but the indifference of a too big part of this
country puts us in despair. 

"I hate the indifferent" Gramsci wrote in 1917. "The indifference is the deadweight of
history. The indifference operates passively, but it operates... That what happens, the
evil that weighs upon all, happens because the human mass abdicates to their will; leaves
laws being promulgated that only the revolt could nullify, and leaves to rise men to power
that only a mutiny could overthrow. Through absenteeism and indifference few hands, not
surveyed by zero control, weave the cloth of collective life; and the mass ignores, because
it doesn't worry..." 

The mass ignores today like yesterday because, in a space of time in which communication
seems to pervade our lives, there is the Grand information that not informs, that selects
the news, or hides it, or manipulates the facts. 

The mass ignores because the major part of the politicians it has chosen is only and
exclusively interested in their own narrow-minded power. 

The mass ignores because culture and public schooling are continuously being impoverished
and humiliated; the young who are seeking spaces to them denied, spaces for cultural
exchange, to meet, of growth; are being accused for illegality are the young people who
denounce the infinite big illegalities of the market and the other powers are being

We are afraid because it has happened again, it continues to happen, in the indifference of
the people, in the indifference of a political class that covers its eyes, its ears, its
mouth; it doesn't want to see, doesn't want to know, and probably even thinks it can
capitalize on some advantage of a diffused sense of fear. 

Within two days, in Rome, there have been wounded, seriously wounded: even "a dead could
have escaped". On the 2nd of June a small, authorized manifestation of pacifists has been
attacked by carabinieri and police in riot clothing with an anger that can't be understood
by who hasn't seen Genoa, and Naples, and Milan, and Turin. The photographs that have been
taken document the blood pools on the rails of the tram. 

It is not the first time. 

The night of the 3rd (June '05) about twenty fascists, with sticks, bottles and knives,
covered faces, attacked some young people at the 'Centro Sociale' Forte Prenestino in Rome:
one of the blades stops at just half a centimeter of the life of a boy. 

It is not the first time. 

In Rome as in Milan, as in a lot, too many other cities. 

Since months, since years already, exists who is documenting and accusing, in vain. 

We are afraid and we would want to scream: what are you waiting for, what do you really

Here: these are our sons and our daughters. 

Violated by the same violence, killed by the same ignorance, today like yesterday. 

And you, the indifferent, are the accomplices and commissioners


* mother of Davide Cesari, called Dax, killed in Milan in 2003, by fascists

** mother of Carlo, killed in Genoa/G8 in 2001, by carabinieri

Roughly translated from the publication in Il Manifesto June 7. / '05


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