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Re: <nettime> Europe as a side-show (IHT)
porculus on Tue, 21 Jun 2005 12:49:46 +0200 (CEST)

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Re: <nettime> Europe as a side-show (IHT)

> It's the economic
> equivalent of sex tourism.

anyway for one who dont care that squeals a bit too much..is it cause america want
to join, but dont know how to do, till america totaly embrae european postmodern
posture in sticking ones oar in asking its d=FB grant to the girly other membre
cause they dont contribute to their global duty o= f training some $ billion per
day army, er that was after all a far unfair econonomical & social dumping than the
coup of underpaid polish plumber, even nicaragua via halliburthon contribute
better, think..so we must admit most postmodern than this one it's untraceable here
in this european side of the rio grande & from the south of thames. ha btw
except..except...really reading ny times today & seeing to pupetise this ugly minus
habens chirac as a napoleon but for just having a papier mach=E9 wellington cocked
hat for blair..& you would furiously want to throw together a cats & dog & key bolt
for doing a proctolog c-3po pc trash robot, for the next saatchi museum, & for
free, for just the amour de l'art, that would endlessly vocalize 'to be or not to
be', but not with a skull in hand

'to use that word, to do thus, to invent such an expression, is to be the
conqueror!' it's all my credo. beside i want it as the first amendement of the plan
Zbis of the european constitution, or i would endlessy say 'no' as greta garbo.
that sound enuf warrior to drive deadly jealous any male texan..'and at the moment
when his rage is bursting forth because of it, he is offered this mockery,--life!' 
the even one!

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