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<nettime> A Short Interview with artist Shannon Spanhake about the DoEAT
Ricardo Dominguez on Fri, 5 Aug 2005 13:27:11 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime> A Short Interview with artist Shannon Spanhake about the DoEAT group.

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Q: So, let's start with the basics of Who, What, When, Where and How. How did The
Department of Ecological Authoring Tactics, Inc. (DoEAT) group start?

A: It began with some food projects I had started, thus the acronym, but it grew
out of wanting to relieve myself from the institutional burden of being solely
responsible for my thoughts and actions and to offer others this same shelter. It
is not total anarchy, it is actually quite organized, it is simply adopting a
methodology that many artistic, governmental, and corporate entities use to
decentralize authorship.

Q: Who are the members at this time?

A: Rather than thinking of DoEAT as a group of individuals, I think it is more
interesting to consider DoEAT as 'space' to be inhabited, not a physical space,
but a conceptual plane that intersects with other planes (both physical and
conceptual) in different ways to create alternate spatial ecologies and conceptual
geographies. I am more interested in the idea of a template that is fixed around
an ideology and a process rather then a group of people collaborating, where the
realizations and articulations embodied by this template are variable. In much the
same way that Rtmark, Al Qaeda, or even the Zapatistas statements regarding the
name "Marcos" and his claims that the name doesn't inhabit the individual but
rather, many individuals can inhabit the name. Our names aren't a secret or
anything, currently at this very moment there is Shannon Spanhake, Camilo
Ontiveros, Roberto Freddi, Jason Moore and Steve Rioux, but this could change in
ten minutes or in two weeks, I like to think of DoEAT as an open-source twiki
notice the "t", because its not about anonymity, its about collaboration.


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