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dominick {AT} powerbook on Sat, 20 Aug 2005 13:39:29 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime> commonsphere / CC in the world

dear nettimers,

I am Dominick Chen from commonsphere.jp / GLOCOM, a project focused on Cultural
Open Source activities based in Japan. As a self-introduction, we would like to
share our questionnaire sent to each Creative Commons branches in the world: we
hope this survey would make the worldly situation even a bit clearer. We would
really appreciate if you can send us input on this from the area of your activity.
dominick.chen {AT} glocom.ac.jp


we are commonsphere.jp, a research/practice project of intellectual property
rights supported by the Global Communication Center, International University of

commonsphere.jp started last June, and has conducted research and introduction of
various digital licenses, mainly the Creative Commons. Our activities are in
affiliation with Creative Commons Japan and iCommons (CCi). Please see below for
further details.


We wish to build tight relationships with the worldwide-spread Creative Commons
branches for further discussions and cooperation. Toward this goal, today we would
like to humbly ask you to answer to our questionnaire.

We accept answers in English of course, but preferably, please use your native
language, used in your own branch. As an organization operating in a
Japanese-speaking area, we think that the situation surrounding the Creative
Commons and the intellectual property rights is being deployed in a diversified
range of languages, even outside the English speaking areas of the world.  The
main purpose of this plan is to reveal this very diversity.

Consequently, we would like you to answer to our questionnaire by means of the
most suited language to describe the situation in your country/region. We will
publish the collected answers with brief explanations in Japanese on our website
under a CC:BY license, in the original language encoded with Unicode (UTF-8).  We
will inform you about the release of the article when it is uploaded. We will
prepare Japanese translations to your answer as much as possible.  Even when we
will not be able to complete that task by ourselves, we hope voluntary networkers
would proceed the translation in Japanese and English independently.

We believe that this questionnaire would bring the worldwide situation around the
Creative Commons and intellectual property rights in relief, and thus serve as a
valuable document for every CC related agent. We would sincerely appreciate your
time for this cooperation.

In case you can answer to this questionnaire, please send your reply to the sender
of this email by the 20th of August 2005.

If you have any question, please do not hesitate to send emails to Dominick Chen
  (dominick.chen {AT} glocom.ac.jp).

3rd of August, 2005

Hiroki Azuma, Ph.D.
director, commonsphere.jp
Professor, Center for Global Communications, IUJ

Dominick Chen
editorial chief, commonsphere.jp
Research Associate, Center for Global Comminications, IUJ


A: On the management of the branch

When did you launch the CC branch in your nation/region?

What were the reasons for you to consider the formation of a CC branch necessary
in your nation/region? Why did you consider the formation of a CC branch necessary
in your nation/region?

What is the type of your organization? (i.e. University, NPO, private  
organization, etc)
Does your branch has a specific management policy or strategy?

How does your branch evaluate the governing structure of of iCommons 
Also, how do you evaluate the "Creative Commons International Web  
Policy Guidelines" that is now being discussed?

Does your branch conduct any project cooperating with other branch(es)?
If so, please describe its activities.

B: On CC

When and how was triggered the dissemination of CC in your nation/ 
Please tell us the name of the major contributors, publications or  

Please describe the level of popularity of CC in your nation/region.
If there exists any deviation of CC users based on gender, economic  
class or cultural orientation, please describe it.
What sorts of work (text, music, visual, blog, etc) are mainly being  
published by your local commoners?
Also, plesae let us know what sorts of media (other than the mass  
media on the web) brought up the issue of CC.
If it is convenient to you, could you tell us approximately how many  
people are using the CC licenses in your nation/region?

Please tell us about the people, publications or projects outside of  
CC branch that have contributed to the dissemination of CC.

Please describe briefly the key issues related to the intellectual  
property rights in your nation/region.

Please describe briefly if there occurred any important legal,  
political or cultural happening related to the intellectual property  
rights issues during the past year.

Is there any alternative to CC licenses in your nation/region? (In  
Japan, there is a proposal called D-Mark)
If so, please describe it with its level of popularity.

What are the major obstacles that you consider you are facing in the  
dissemination of CC licenses in your nation/region?

C: misc

We are wishing to introduce to the Japanese people about various  
experiments around the issue of intellectual property rights
around the world, not limiting our scope to the English-based  
Please let us know if you would like to present any person or  
organization (outside of CC context) in your nation/region
that you consider relevant to this topic.

Please let us know if you have any comment about commonsphere.jp and/ 
or this questionnaire.

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