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<nettime> Linking Struggles Against The Border: No Border Encuentro Aug
lotu5 on Thu, 25 Aug 2005 13:37:17 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime> Linking Struggles Against The Border: No Border Encuentro Aug 27-28

I wasn't sure if I should send this here, but since there were previous
No Border Camp posts on this list years back and since Ricardo, Emily
and Shannon are presenting, it seems relevant...

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Subject: [borderhack2.005] Linking Struggles Against The Border: No
Border	Encuentro Aug 27-28
Date: Mon, 22 Aug 2005 16:59:33 -0700

Linking Struggles Against The Border:
No Border Encuentro Aug 27-28 San Diego, CA


Hola todos. Crazy times we find ourselves in. Millions of people forced
to live underground, more than 3200 dead and tens of thousands more
incapacitated crossing the border. Communities and families split by the
wall. As if the border and its myriad forms of violence were not enough,
racist paramilitaries are openly organizing across the US and finding
enthusiastic partners in politicians and corporate press outlets alike.
And then there are the numerous Neo-nazi groups crawling out from
beneath their rocks, thrilled with the ?Trojan Horse? of growing
anti-migrant sentiment.

So, here we are. There is a huge amount of incredible organizing around
these issues happening all around us. As one small contribution to this
struggle for liberation and dignity, the (no)border encuentro in San
Diego. We hope that many different people can make it and we hope for it
to truly be an encounter, with many people sharing space, dreams, ideas
and strategies.

Complete call to action here...

Update: Read our September mobilization call to action here...

Volunteers are still needed for: translation, child care, registration,
food and outreach. If you can help, email
encuentro-registration {AT} organiccollective.org.

Schedule of Events

Saturday, August 27th

10:00 am - Maquiladora/Border Tour - RSVP required, email us at info at
organiccollective dot org

7:00 pm - Benefit concert  {AT}  Voz Alta, 1544 Broadway

Presentation By: Roy San Filipo, formerly of the Love and Rage
Revolutionary Anarchist Federation and currently of Bring the Ruckus
will be giving a talk on reflections on anti-racist organizing.

Performing live:
Entartete Kunst - Malatesta (DJ Slo-Mo) - 187 (Raw Knowledge) - Drowning
Dog - a class-conscious worker-owned collective that produce and
distribute hip-hop, various electronic stylings and radical literature
that promotes positive social change. We have performed in the following
countries over the past 18 months; England, Italy, Spain, Germany,
Belgium, Scotland and the U.S.A. With "potent anti status quo hip hop
mixes" and spoken word, we spread ideas that promote the self
emancipation of the working class.

Boomerang Politick - A break-beat signature scripted with the resonance
of Drum & Bass, the ?boom-bap? of Classic Breaks, the Diasporatic
rhythms of Afro-Haitian-Racine and the visceral energy of Punk. LA?s Hip
Hop group Boomerang Politick brings an imminent and vital revolution to
a genre all but unrecognizable to the Beat-Street poets who originally
paved the way for their conception. They denounce the unabashed
hypocrisy of Bourgeois Elitism, the politics of war economies,
neo-colonization, globalization, white supremacy and privilege, in a
violent rebuttal, expressed in such a way entirely unique to their
music, to their interpretation of Hip Hop.

Dias Tristes - Live Tijuana Punk

Sunday, August 28th, 10am-6pm  {AT}  Sherman Heights Community Center, 2258
Island Ave., (619) 232-5181


10:00-10:30 - Café Anarquista

10:30-11:30 - Workshop Session I

History of The US/Mexico Border and Operation Gatekeeper
Presented by Enrique Morones of Border Angels, more speakers TBA.

Direct Action Training Part I
Presented by trainers from The Ruckus Society and the o.r.g.a.n.i.c.
collective. This first session will be an intro to direct action and how
it is useful in No Border campaigns.

11:30-11:45 Break

11:45-1:00 - Migration and Indigenous Nations
Panel and discission with Marta Frausto of the Otomí Coordination
Project and members of various indigenous Nations including Otomi and
Mixteca discussing the impact of the border on their communities and
their current struggles.

1:00-2:00 Lunch and Video reportback from Campo

2:00-3:00 - Anti-Minutemen strategy session
Reflections on Campo, strategies for September 16th. Organizers who were
in Campo, including members of Gente Unida and the o.r.g.a.n.i.c.
collective, will talk about their experiences and about their ideas for
stopping the Minutemen in September. There will also be an open space
for discussing goals, strategy, and effectiveness.

3:00-3:15 Break

3:15-4:15 - Workshop Session II

Border Disturbance Art
A space created by Ricardo Dominguez of Electronic Disturbance Theater,
Emily Hicks of the Border Institute of Advanced Studies in Nonlinear
Events and Structures and Shannon Spanhake of The Department of
Ecological Authoring Tactics, Inc. (DoEAT).

Direct Action II
Presented by trainers from The Ruckus Society and the o.r.g.a.n.i.c.
collective. This second session will include hands on techniques and
role-plays for doing direct action.

4:15-5:15 - Zapatismo and Solidarity with Migrant People
Panel and discussion including members of the Frente Zapatista and a
speaker from Schools for Chiapas to talk about the 6th Declaration of
the Selva Lacandon.

5:15-5:30 - Break

5:30-6:30 - Ashanti Alston - Flyer here
Ashanti Alston was the Northeast regional coordinator for Critical
Resistance, is a former member of both the Black Panther Party and Black
Liberation Army, and was a political prisoner for over 12 years.
Currently, he is a member of Estacion Libre, a people of color Zapatista
support group, as well as a board member for the Institute for Anarchist
Studies. Mr. Alston also authors the zine Anarchist Panther. He recently
spent 6 months in Chiapas with the EZLN.

Please RSVP - if you are planning on attending, please drop us an email
at encuentro-registration {AT} organiccollective.org

against the border and racism
against capitalism and empire
for freedom of movement, dignity and autonomy

Oradores, talleres, foros, accion directa, hacer medios, estrategia, teoria.

contra la frontera y racismo
contra el capitalismo y imperio


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