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Re: <nettime> A miniature city waiting for attack (military urbanism)
Andrew Bucksbarg on Sun, 4 Sep 2005 12:45:00 +0200 (CEST)

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Re: <nettime> A miniature city waiting for attack (military urbanism)

"Another architecture is rising in the expanding landscape of preparedness.
Condensed simulacrum of our existing urban environments are forming within our
communities, where the first responders to emergencies, on a small or large scale,
practice their craft of dealing with disaster.

The scenario grounds of emergency training include mock hazardous material spills,
train wrecks, building collapse, fires, and debris strewn landscapes. The police
contend with civil decay, robberies, hostage situations, looting, riots, and
snipers in mini Main Street environments called situation simulation villages ,
tactical training sites, or Hogan's Alleys , where live weapons or small
dye-filled simunition rounds complete the realism of the scenario. Whether they
are made for police or fire departments, these training sites are stylized
versions of ordinary places, with the extraordinary horrors of the anticipated
future applied to them on a routine basis.

In disaster situations, from car accidents to riots to earthquakes to terrorist
attacks, when order breaks down, the worlds of police, fire departments, and the
military, coming to our defense, merge to become the reigning order =96 the
emergency state."

Quoted from an online version of The Center for Land Use Interpretation's
Emergency State: First Responder and Law Enforcement Training and Architecture-


Andrew Bucksbarg
Assistant Professor of Telecommunications
Abucksba {AT} indiana.edu

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