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<nettime> The Connection Between the War Against Terrorism, Economics an
stevphen shukaitis on Sun, 4 Sep 2005 12:30:52 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime> The Connection Between the War Against Terrorism, Economics and Media-Art

The Connection Between the War Against Terrorism, Economics and Media-Art

Researchers, activists and media-artists meet on the Trans-Siberian train
from Moscow to Beijing September 11th - 20th 2005.

The conference "Capturing the Moving Minds" gathers a pack of people -- artists,
economists, researchers, philosophers, activists -- who are interested in the new
logic of the economy, the new form of war against terrorism and in the new
cooperative modes of creation and resistance, together in a space moving in time.
Spatially moving bodies and bodies moving in time (through the different time
zones) creates an event, a meeting that not really 'is' but 'is going on'.

Is this project about economics, is it political activity or a work of art? This
"boundlessness" or "indeterminacy", which always characterizes the creation of
new, is where the energy of the project is coming: The enterprise expresses and
exposes itself the "knowledge economy" in which it exists. It is something the
orthodox conceptions about work, action, economy and art are unable to grasp. In
this organizational experiment everybody is "alone together" like a pack of wolves
around a fire having neighbours to the left and to the right but nobody behind
their backs exposed to the desert.

There are 50 participants on the train involving well known media-artists,
frontline contemporary thinkers and political activists. The project has been
invited to participate in the International ARS2006 biennial at Kiasma Museum of
Contemporary Art in Helsinki and to arrange an exhibition at the Villa Croce
Museo d"arte contemporanea di Genova during summer 2006.

Pressconference and Opening Seminar Wed 7.9., 15:00-19:00, Hemeentie 33 A,
2nd Floor, Helsinki
15:00-15:20 Intro to the project, its themes and methods (Tuula
Karjalainen, Jussi V=E4h=E4m=E4ki, KlausHarju)
15:20-15:40 Launching of the mobile documentation (Minna Tarkka, Adam Hyde et al.)
15:40-16:00 Trans-sib as a work of art (Akseli Virtanen, Anna Daneri, Genova)
16:00-17:00 Questions, interviews, refreshments
17:00-19:00 "Aesthetics of Resistance" =96seminar with Bracha L. Ettinger
(Tel Aviv), Pierre Guillet de Monthoux (Stockholm), Jordan Crandall (Los
Angeles), Steffen Boehm (London)

Mobicasting brings the event directly for all: The Trans-siberian conference is
documented and broadcasted through an audiovisual mobicasting platform to the
internet. The documentarists, photographers, artists and researchers produce
discussions, ideas, interviews, texts and films along the route. The documentation
will be projected in Kiasma during the journey and it will also be available on
several international www-channels. The webpages http://www.kiasma.fi/transsiberia
will be opened on September 7th. See also http://trans-siberianradio.org

Further info on the conference and the participants:

Further info on the mobicasting platform: m-cult, Netta Norro +358 40-561=

Further info on the opening seminar: Akseli Virtanen +358 400-302010
akseli.virtanen {AT} hkkk.fi

The event is organised by Ephemera, Tutkijaliitto, Kiasma, Frame, m-cult,
Helsinki School of Economics and the Chydenius Institute

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