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Re: <nettime> Happy Birthday: Ten Years After
sascha brossmann on Sun, 4 Sep 2005 12:38:49 +0200 (CEST)

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Re: <nettime> Happy Birthday: Ten Years After

on 9/1/05 1:57 PM, heiko hansen wrote:
> even better would be to not move at all and to meet the other nettimers in
> their current location. the list is truly distributed (geographically) 

i like that idea, but why not have *both*? i could pretty well imagine something
like a nettime relay race ;-) (well, maybe not a _race_) with local gatherings
hopping around the globe from one spot onwards to the next. not all at once but
distributed over a certain period time. this might also provide for an incremental
development/evolution of discussion topics compared to a one-time-one-place event.
schedules could be made according to other events to gain some momentum. in terms
of organisation i would like to opt for a 'let it grow' model. i would like to
suggest starting with collecting potential places (i.e. regions/cities),
events/dates, and last but not least interested people and see where we can go
from there. (wiki?)


sascha brossmann

p.s.: concerning the topics suggested by david, i sense some relationship with the
discussion which has lately arisen on spectre (triggered by the situation of the
icc), so there could be a certain potential for cross-fertilisation...

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