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<nettime> Fwd: [MediaAct] statement from Houston Indymedia:Houston Radio Update

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 From: hannahjs {AT} prometheusradio.org (Hannah Sassaman)
 Date: September 9, 2005 3:00:26 PM PDT
 To: activist {AT} mediatank.org, cc-mediareform {AT} commoncause.org
 Cc: Subject: [MediaAct] statement from Houston Indymedia:Houston 
 Radio Update

they've handed out thousands of radios already and plan to do more over the
weekend.a local station, KPFT, has already dedicated a number of hours a week to
programming made by, for, and about the needs, affairs, and stories of displaced
people and families.with 8600 people confirmed today by harris county officials
still in the astrodome shelter complex, we're exploring a few other options for
the LPFM with the FCC and in other locations too, so we'll let you know if there
is suddenly a reason to celebrate.

non-astrodome reasons to celebrate:other groups are getting permits to build
stations in the hurricane affected regions, including bay st. louis and new
orleans itself.and wireless networks are flourishing, allowing families to make
VOIP phonecalls and research housing and job options online.

more when we know more!

hannah s.

For Immediate Release:Contact: Jim Ellinger (512) 796-4332

Friday, September 9, 2005 Tish Stringer (713) 478-4559

Renee Feltz (713) 906-0407


Rebuffed by Harris County officials to provide radio services to the thousands of
Louisiana residents staying in the Reliant Center and the Astrodome, low power and
community radio activists will hand out thousands of free radios and batteries
today at 2:00pm at or near the Reliant City complex.

On September 4, the Mass Media Bureau of the Federal Communications Commission
granted emergency authorization to install and operate three low-power FM (LPFM)
station inside the buildings. The stations were to be used to provide vital
information to the evacuees.FEMA and other government agencies have publicly
stated that they were have difficulty in getting timely, accurate information to
the evacuees, and were spending considerable time dispelling rumors.

Despite the FCC authority and considerable support from elected officials ranging
from Texas Governor Rick Perry to Houston City Council member Ada Edwards and
Houston Mayor Bill White, officials with Harris County, which owns and operates
the Astrodome, twice refused to grant access to the radio group.

Harris County's spokeswoman claimed to reporters that the radio group was asking
for "banks of telephones, 5000 square feet of space, unlimited access to and from
the building..."

This is not true. Only a small secure space and utilities were requested. When the
group applied a second time, they offered to park a mobile unit outside the
Astrodome and run a single wire into the building. That too was denied.

"We did everything we could to give these poor folks something they vitally
needed...information. Harris County officials appear to be in lock step with the
FEMA PR Machine, more concerned with image than getting out information to

The radios will be distributed today at 2pm at or near the Astrodome. Film crews
are urged to wear comfortable footwear and be able to move quickly.There will be
plenty of dramatic action.

For more information call 713-526-4000, log on to www.kpft.org or tune in to 90.1
FM in Houston or 89.5 FM in Galveston.

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