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<nettime> Art and eText - eText as Digital Art or Activism!?
gh on Thu, 15 Sep 2005 19:39:11 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime> Art and eText - eText as Digital Art or Activism!?

Hello Nettime!

As I just recently started an etext wiki (http://www.literature.at/elib/www/wiki/) I wanted to add a
part, where artists and activists can play around with etxt. It can be any form of online interaction,
political, artistic or other.

Do you have any further suggestions on projects ? How can we alter static text? What can we create? I
would love to hear about your ideas about text. Below are some of my own questions and project ideas.
Besides there is a list of some projects on the net to inspire your creativity...

Here are some questions about text:

*Impact of text based virtual realities on society
*form vs content
*democracy as a text-based concept
*text in communication with all senses

I thought about some projects:

*Plugin which lets you leave comments and propose alternative txt
*Inter-Book-Linking - Hop from book2book
*An Eliza-Bot which cites Authors
*Official Document Mosaic 
*Mix of different News-Pages
*Random etext Generator
*ASCII-Art - Pictures for the Story

Some eText Art/Activism/Theory Sites:

-- Textz.com (http://textz.com/ , In corporate terms they are the evil Project Gutenberg - Boing Boing, Los Angeles) --

-- 200ok.de (http://www.200ok.de/ , Alternative txt based Art-Interface)--

-- ELO.org (http://www.eliterature.org/ , literature in electronic media)--

-- HyperTxt (http://www.eliterature.org/state/papers/paper-RasmussenE.shtml , differences between cyber and printed literature)--

-- WritingSystem (http://alphabet.tmema.org/ evolve writing systems of imaginary civilizations)--

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