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RE: <nettime> Whose Planning and on whose behalf and the slums that save
Coskun Pinar on Fri, 16 Sep 2005 14:00:11 +0200 (CEST)

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RE: <nettime> Whose Planning and on whose behalf and the slums that save us!


To explain the some little portion of the causes of dramatic looses in New Orleans
I remind the basic rainflow formula as:

F = CIA   where,

F: Flowrate in volume/time (The killing factor in a storm)

C: Coefficient of permeability of ground
I: Intensity of rain
A: Area of the receiving basin

C value is the ground permeability. Soil, sand, grass (natural) landshave smaller
C values than concrete, asphalt (artificial) lands. As Mr. Benjamin said "USA is
world's most developed nation"; that is the C value in New Orleans is greater than
Mumbai; and approaches to maximum and causing all water, flow on the ground rather
than infiltrate down. That may be a little reason of the harm.


C: Coefficient of development (or directly "coefficient of storm harm")

In developed cities, "storm water collection systems" are utilized to substitude
natural infiltration process, in a limited capacity. The earth is said to be a big
wetland (at least tends to be), And artifical measures cannot stop mother earth's

Surely, all these cannot explain violences, army action etc...


Coskun Pinar
coskun {AT} mavi.net

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