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<nettime> be argentina not nanette
laynegarrett on Sat, 15 Oct 2005 15:00:53 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime> be argentina not nanette

(hello, i've been an innocent bystander 'round here for some time now. 
didn't know if everyone is lucky enough to be spammed so beautifully, so 
i thought i'd share...)

automat see ammonia try petrifaction in capistrano be mosaic ! 
algorithmic or gregory try attack the stool on checkerberry it cedric 
not bullhead or duke and bankruptcy not mint some reinstate may vice 
some conflagrate on cell , alsop on cycad be haphazard a locomotive may 
moss it moose , corrugate be discussion it's chunky be equatorial on 
layup be lawbreaking it intelligible on hemorrhoid a despond some conley 
, coronado try. Not, go here

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resignation in anxiety , dreamboat and progress may conspire on 
offsetting a khan the reptile see petrify in forsake it grizzly not 
monkeyflower ! choral it algonquin some selves it elmsford see lew not 
anastasia be coequal some bankrupt in ethnic a purgative not bridal on 
chimera and ammonia be cliffhang ! began or kickback be amalgam or 
tycoon !. Not, go here

(and then a breakthrough in concision, they have never gone back to 
these unbearably diluted first-draft attempts...)

! maine be consonant it folly a hostelry try bluefish try hulk see 
isochronal and redemption may delouse may romantic ! curran or putt it 
eat may futile Or maybe not

in athlete it's rococo but bourbon or exigent a suction ! crutch see 
psychophysiology be cocky the equipoise it ditto try committing ! 
standpoint not coma in betsy Or maybe not

, diffract but chelate a decant it's demagnify some cdc it gallstone not 
diaper not name see mcnulty some systematic and candlestick and deluge 
the transmitting a samba Or maybe not

in provocation a gain may flourish the thrift but riboflavin it's 
conduct a cradle in facilitate be needn't it's zen may orphan , 
celandine be clink be sober Or maybe not

on polaroid it's embedder on cit the colander not io some shaven may 
pitman ! kenyon it's gunky in dingy try madhouse be assimilate be 
argentina not nanette Or maybe not

questionthetruth.com/noise, cutestpuppy.net

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