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<nettime> re: no time for no time art about no time
tobias c. van Veen on Wed, 19 Oct 2005 10:21:49 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime> re: no time for no time art about no time

Hrmm.. art call on <nettime-ann>. Neat. Read:

> I am working on an exhibition about time, and the fact that people around
> the world are recognizing that they have less and less of it than ever
> before.

Ah yes .. good topic.

    [ slr*p .. midnight coffee down thee gullet.! .. must eat dinner soon ..
hungry .. all I have is bread and mustard .. sigh .. my girlfriend already
in bed .. warm .. but must finish article .. read .. answer emailz .. maybe
do another proposal]

> Proposals should include the following:


> [the usual time-consuming bl*h concerning artist's statement, CV, info,
> redundant info, unique proposal, 10-15 examples of work [art needs art work
> experience to make art], support documenting previous work, authentication of
> artist status, art-cult tattoo, etc. etc. etc ]

You think I have time to assemble this before November 15th ??!?
Perhaps such an endeavour .. ach, nevermind. Copy/paste:

Is not Art = "social systems that obligate people to work unreasonable
hours under the promise of future comfort and security but at the expense
of a decent quality of life in the present" ?

Please consider this my submission. & my credentials.



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