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<nettime> NewOrleans.New - Continuing the Economic Segregation
lotu5 on Sun, 23 Oct 2005 12:41:26 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime> NewOrleans.New - Continuing the Economic Segregation

A major forum on the redevelopment of New Orleans is to take place online this week,
guaranteeing that those without easy access to computers and internet connections won't be able
to participate. How many internally displaced New Orleans residents do you think have good
internet access now, much less a place to stay that isn't a stadium? This also effectively weeds
out anyone who doesn't have the privilege of technological education, also.


Experts on urban issues will join some of New Orleans' most prominent civic leaders, academics
and business executives in a symposium on the city's future.

The online symposium, "New Orleans.New," is scheduled for Tuesday through Thursday by business
publication New Orleans CityBusiness.

meanwhile... massive evictions are taking place as the demolitions begin:


As crews begin inspecting thousands of rotting houses and preservationists begin efforts to save
them, city and federal officials say that 30,000 to 50,000 of the city's houses will probably
have to be demolished.

That number, though smaller than some earlier predictions, nonetheless represents more than a
quarter of the city's housing stock. A few weeks from now, when giant track excavators begin
tearing into homes that once sheltered families and nest eggs, the city will experience one of
the most painful moments of its ordeal.

"Really, the whole scope of this thing is hard to get your mind around," said Allen Morse, who
will be in charge of the demolition effort for the Army Corps of Engineers. "It's going to be a
huge task."

Already the dreaded bright red-orange stickers blaring "unsafe" have begun to proliferate on
houses, signaling what is becoming a passionate debate over the extent of the demolition.


2 fraudulent elections. 2 fraudulent wars.
1 human made environmental disaster.
what more will it take?
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