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<nettime> on TEKS and PNEK
Rob van Kranenburg on Wed, 26 Oct 2005 21:58:46 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime> on TEKS and PNEK

A little while ago I put up a short text on medialabs that led to a discussion on
spectre.  Now another centre might be going. Again a waste of expertise, resources
but and I think most importantly targetgroup trust (young artist, designers,

Below you find the notes from a workshop Alan Munro, Ulla Maaria Mutanen and me
did at Matchmaking organized by TEKS and what strikes us is that these
questions/themes came from the local Trondheim participants. Reading them you
realize that these questions are raised anywhere from London, Amsterdam, Delhi,
Riga, where the move from the internet to the internet of things (sensorbased)
world is being debated.

There are definitely global grand trends.

And there definitely is a local context in which and with which these trends
breed, fight, clash, take root.

All over the world these local contexts are redefined now as creative industries.

In Trondheim also, city money does not go to TEKS, the logical partner from the
targetgroup to create the triangle art-technology-business, but to a new
initiative Technoport which starts with and from a business point of view and then
has to find its way into the arts and technologies communities.


TEKS and PNEK might have to close down!

TEKS, Trondheim Electronic Arts Centre, and PNEK, the Norwegian Production Network
for Electronic Arts, have reached the 3 year limit for financial support from Arts
Council Norway. We have therefore applied for governmental funding from 2006. The
proposed National Budget does not suggest further support for TEKS and PNEK
despite the government'?s own cultural policy guidelines which states that TEKS
and PNEK must be given permanent funding. For this reason we might be forced to
close down early next year.

We want of course to fight this situation, and call for support from all who find
us to be an important resource! You can indeed help by signing a petition on this
webpage: http://www.teks.no/petition

Thank you in advance!

Please forward this e-mail!

for TEKS and PNEK:
janne stang dahl
trine e eidsmo
espen gangvik

Themes from day one

Security and watching over people

Every fourth doctor experiences violence

Security, panic buttons; people being there when you need them Sensory world

Sensory world; preparing experiences for people

Interacting with the audience

Allowing education which takes in all the senses, not just academic and book-led
but to do with the whole experience.

Not I think therefore I am but I sense and feel, therefore I think.

How to communicate experiences to others, by artistic or technological means.

The new technologies that can let us do this. Interaction
Interaction between performers and audience.
How does the audience feedback, affect the music or performance?
Ways for the viewer/performer to become part of the art piece. Open sourcing
versus the norm

How do we make sure our creativity is not just incorporated by business
Mental space for our ideas
Sharing ideas without being prevented by business.

What is the alternative? 

Philosophy and politics

How do we connect with deeper currents?

Politics- so much great movements are happening in the last few years; how can we
connect and work politically and philosophically?

What is the alternative to the current system? Digital and analogue domains

What do we lose when we digitise?

New domains; leapfrogging when new technologies become common.

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