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\\ why slkt open source + art projects are playing with matches

Both high budget + high visibility open source and art projects
advertise and pride themselves on their non.commercial aspect.

Additionally, an amalgam of art projects advertise their non-goal
oriented aspect.  Those which don't generally include a statement, eg -
`We have attempted to maybe perhaps elucidate certain potential aspects
of this ever daunting task. Our humble approach has opened new and
unconventional modes of thought, yet obviously, not unlike George Bush
often reminds us `This is, a very daunting task. We aim our best to do,
with the Lords\Govs blessing`

Yet, because high budget + high visibility open source and art projects
are financed by world governments, they must wear the uniforms of myriad
funding bodies, INC's and CORP's, `play` within their prescribed
quadrant, and follow their rigid rules of engagement.

Thus, their purported `play` is hardly play, which suggests `a voluntary
activity undertaken within arbitrary boundaries of space and time,
separate from daily roles, concerns, and influences, and having no goals
for the actor beyond those emerging within the boundaries and context of
the play act itself`.

It isn't play. It is a MATCH.
A match played in official uniforms, on official arenas
under the loving eyes of the officials. 

Congregation, please open your prayer guides to
the Book of Revelation ... psalm 
just 1x FIX



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