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<nettime> No.Border.Net.Art: LowDrone.com / IHeartGilchrist.com
lotu5 on Tue, 1 Nov 2005 22:06:35 +0100 (CET)

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<nettime> No.Border.Net.Art: LowDrone.com / IHeartGilchrist.com

Here's some clever net art that Steev ( http://steev.hise.org/ ), who just
completed a one hour documentary about the Women of Juarez, pointed out to me.
It's an interesting cross of simulation, low-rider culture, border subversion and

LowDrone.com - Drone, Lowrider, Predator Drone, Border Crossers, Border
Surveillance, Border Art

Control a flying lowrider and send it across the US/Mexico border!


Also, here's a site, IHeartgilchrist.com - California Anarchists for Gilchrist's
Election! James Gilchrist is one of the two founders of the Arizona Minutemen.
It's a pretty hot critique of electoral politics, the Minutemen and the racist
ideology that underlies borders. This site is online culture jamming, but the
group is also doing meatspace actions, like the recent one in Sacramento:

Sacramento Rough Draft
By California Anarchist for Gilchrist's Election

Download our flyer!

Hello Sacramento!!! And thank you so very much for coming out to support us today!
It's nice to know that we are so loved. We are California Anarchists for
Gilchrist's Election and we are pleased to announce that after much soul searching
we have finally chosen our official endorsement for our candidate for the upcoming
congressional mudsling. It has been a truly grueling and agonizing process as we
have been forced to wade through the toxic sludge of available candidates to
eventually arrive at our obvious endorsement. Yes, there is only one man whose
hate-filled vision of an United States clearly entitles him to be the poster-boy
for C.A.G.E. And that man, well obviously, is Jim Gilchrist, co-founder and
spiritual guru of the right-wing paramilitary Minutemen Movement. Give it up for
Jim Gilchrist everybody!!!

Now I know what you're all probably thinking. "Since when do anarchists involve
themselves in the disempowering and generally icky feeling fatoral politics?"
Well, for one y years (a couple hundred actually) anarchists have been forced to
sit on the sidelines silently watching helplessly as the disgusting spectacle of
vicious mud-slinging dragged the battered corpses of "liberty" and "democracy"
roughshod over the poor and dispossessed. We have waited anxiously as the ruling
classes from a number of political parties over the years have thrown their
candidates into the slimy pit of political campaigning, lying, manipulation, and
deception in their never-ending battle to determine which despots will lord over
us. Well, we say, "Enough Is Enough!" Why should they get to have all the fun? We
want to have fun, too! And besides, we're modern-day anarchists and modern-day
anarchist's gotta keep up with modern times. And use every tool in the tool box,
no matter how gross they make us feel. (besides, we can always wash our hands)


2 fraudulent elections. 2 fraudulent wars.
1 human made environmental disaster.
what more will it take?
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