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<nettime> New reviews/articles/works on Furtherfield Dec 05.
marc on Wed, 7 Dec 2005 17:34:07 +0100 (CET)

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<nettime> New reviews/articles/works on Furtherfield Dec 05.

New reviews/articles/works on Furtherfield.

All can either be accessed via this url http://www.furtherfield.org from
the front page, or from the individual links under each of the
introductions below.

Words Made Flesh by Florian Cramer. Although it was not until 1957 that
mathematician John W. Tukey coined the term "software", its history can be traced
back to Antiquity, according to Florian Cramer. One of the main advocates of
Software Art and long-time researcher on the relations between literature and
computing, Cramer has written the book "Words Made Flesh. Code, Culture= ,
Imagination" during a fellowship in the Media Design Research program a= t the
Piet Zwart Institute in Rotterdam. In this 140-page essay, he develops a
historical overview of the philosophical, mystical, literary and artistic currents
that lead to the present concept of software as a cultural practice.
http://www.furtherfield.org/displayreview.php?From=3DIndex&review_id=3D16= 7 -
Article by Pau Waelder.

DVblog Quicktime Platform.
"DVblog.org is a Vlog and platform for artists and scholars for
presenting or publishing stand-alone quicktime works." The deal is
simple, if you are currently creating work in Quicktime, upload them and
let everyone see it. As well as the central column of recently uploaded
works for all to view, on the left side of the blog sits a list of
archived works, tagged with various genre titles such as Trailer Cinema&
Ephemera. It also has other categories such as: realtime, net art,
personal, quicktime tech, quicktime VR and many more...
4 -
Review by Marc Garrett.

Personal World Map by Roxana Torre.
Roxana Torre's "Personal World Map" is an interactive world map, where
the world is distorted according to the potential traveler's time/budget
limitations. The user chooses a "center", and defines time and money
boundaries. After processing that data against a database of commercial
flight data, a new map is produced, a personal world map. This new map
is a distorted map, as geography and physical distances are no longer
relevant in face of those new limitations and the availability of
flights and their cost distribution.
2 -
Review by Tsila Hassine

Glitch Art by Tony Scott.
Behind the word 'Glitch' there is now adigital art movement emerging
that explores imperfection by producing or saving unwanted images. Made
with a digital camera, a printer or a scanner and based on an accident
or a malfunction in a program causing a computer crash, a glitch can be
defined saying that it is the on-screen output of something not working
6 -
Review by Joachim Desarmenien.

Packet Switching by Glorious Ninth.
"Ultimately there are only two basic states or basic phases and
everything of interest takes place on the boundary between them: on the
boundary between chaos and order, on the boundary of water and ice, on
the boundary of finite and infinite computer process." Tor
Norretranders*. Kate Southworth and Patrick Simons have been creating
audiovisual artworks, output in Shockwave, for exhibitions, projections
at public gatherings of various kinds and for distribution across the
Internet since the year 2000.
1 -
Collaborative Review by Ruth Catlow & Marc Garrett.


New FurtherCritic article by ]]MEZ[[

_ Pull of The[ory] Narrative + P[H]ush of The Context _

[This article uses a threading system. Thread 1 comments + critiques the
notion of narrative. The 2nd Thread lyrically describes the Endless
Forest project
(http://www.tale-of-tales.com/TheEndlessForest/index.html). Intertwine
at your (peri)leisure].
http://www.furtherfield.org/furthercriticreview.php?review_id=3D18 -
]]MEZ[[ Article.

FurtherCritic, is a practical extension of the regular reviews featured
on Furtherfield. Whereas Furtherfield's reviews focus on current
projects and the promotion of artists' work in this ever expanding
field, FurtherCritic provides a more extensive, critical, cultural
overview; engaging with some of the areas discussed by media art
academics but outside the context of an institutional framework. This
offers a freedom to the participating writers to reflect on the subject
matter on their own terms, experiment with the structures and rules of
critical writing to communicate with a broad audience rather than adhere
to long established institutional protocols for knowledge dissemination.


Other current projects events/exhibitions related to Furtherfield.

HTTP presents Abuse of the Public Domain, the first solo show of
networked media art by UK artist Stanza.

This exhibition features large-scale projections of 2 works, which use
live real-time data from CCTV cameras cited in two cities, London and
New York . Security tracking data is Stanza's chosen medium for these
process led artworks.

YOU ARE MY SUBJECTS uses data from a single fixed camera in NYC,
focusing on subjects as they pass below it. AUTHENTICITY [Trying to
imagine the world from everyone elses=92 perspective, all at once] draws
its imagery from cameras all over London. Bother works can be viewed in
a web browser via the Internet and turn us all into voyeurs of eerie
'parallel realities'. Also there will be selected works for view in the
For more information: http://www.http.uk.net/

Private View.
Thursday 8th December 7-9pm.
9th December 2005- 23rd January 2006.
Friday- Sunday: 12noon-5pm.


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