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Geert Lovink [c] on Tue, 20 Dec 2005 05:50:59 +0100 (CET)

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<nettime> are you creative? [u]

From: "Corporate Europe Observatory (CEO)" <ceo {AT} corporateeurope.org>

The ?Campaign for Creativity? (C4C) is the undisputed winner of the
Worst EU Lobbying Award 2005! No less than 85% of the over 8000 people
that took part in the online voting identified C4C as the most
deceptive corporate lobby campaign of the year. C4C presents itself as
a grass roots campaign for software patents but is in fact run by
public affairs consultancy Campbell Gentry in London, with undisclosed
financial support from Microsoft and other software multinationals.

In a fax to CEO, C4C coordinator Simon Gentry explained he regretted
not to be able to attend the award ceremony in Brussels Wednesday
evening. Mr. Gentry argued that his busy schedule forces him to
concentrate on paying clients, repeating the claim that his work for
C4C is voluntary and unpaid. Also runner-up European Partners for
Energy and the Environment (EPEE) declined the invitation to attend
the award ceremony. ExxonMobil never replied. Both ExxonMobil and EPEE
have been nominated for their use of deceptive tactics to undermine EU
efforts to halt climate change.

The final voting figures, Mr. Gentry?s response as well as photos and
video from the award ceremony will be available soon on
http://www.eulobbyaward.org  The website also includes extensive
information on each of the ten nominees.

The 'Worst EU Lobbying' Awards are organised by Corporate Europe
Observatory in association with Friends of the Earth Europe, Lobby
Control and Spinwatch; four organisations campaigning for an end to
secrecy around lobbying in Brussels.

Corporate Europe Observatory (CEO), is a European-based research and
campaign group targeting the threats to democracy, equity, social
justice and the environment posed by the economic and political power
of corporations and their lobby groups.

Corporate Europe Observatory (CEO)
De Wittenstraat 25
1052 AK Amsterdam
tel/fax: +31-20-612-7023
e-mail: ceo {AT} corporateeurope.org

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