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Re: <nettime> Frank Rieger: We lost the War--Welcome to the World of Tom
Florian Cramer on Mon, 9 Jan 2006 16:20:07 +0100 (CET)

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Re: <nettime> Frank Rieger: We lost the War--Welcome to the World of Tomorrow

Am Samstag, 07. Januar 2006 um 11:47:29 Uhr (-0500) schrieb Geert Lovink:
> We lost the war. Welcome to the world of tomorrow.
> By: Frank Rieger


> Democracy is already over
> By its very nature the western democracies have become a playground for 
> lobbyists, industry interests and conspiracies that have absolutely no 
> interest in real democracy. The "democracy show" must go on 
> nonetheless. Conveniently, the show consumes the energy of those that 
> might otherwise become dangerous to the status quo. The show provides 
> the necessary excuse when things go wrong and keeps up the illusion of 
> participation. Also, the system provides organized and regulated 
> battleground rules to find out which interest groups and conspiracies 
> have the upper hand for a while. 

I admire the perfect Carl Schmitt-ian (and by implication, Leo
Straussian) rhetoric of this manifesto: The rhetoric of the emergency
state, political friend-vs.-enemy antagonism, and its view of the status
quo of democracy.



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