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Table of Contents:

   Mechanical Hunting For The Grotesque: An interview with Kenji Siratori          
     "kenjisiratori.com" <kenji {AT} kenjisiratori.com>                                   

   Kenji Siratori: Quotes                                                          
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     The Global Genome  by Eugene Thacker                                          
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Date: Thu, 16 Feb 2006 14:49:06 +0900
From: "kenjisiratori.com" <kenji {AT} kenjisiratori.com>
Subject: Mechanical Hunting For The Grotesque: An interview with Kenji Siratori

Mechanical Hunting For The Grotesque
An interview with Kenji Siratori

Azimute: Which city in Japan do you live in?  How does Japanese culture
imbrue your writing? Why do you write in English and not Japanese? Deleuze
and Guattari have developed a concept of minor literature which talks of
writers, who write in a major language living within the context of a minor
language, the strident example is Kafka as a Czech, writing in German.  The
essence is to write like a foreigner, to disrupt the major language with new
grammatical and stylistic variations, vernacular slang and displaced
linguistic idioms.  How do you think this relates to what you are doing?

Kenji Siratori: I live in Kashima recently.  The Japanese chaos makes my
writing the gene-dub to the composition of Antonin Artaud and William
Burroughs.  Because my writing is the primitive remix of nerve system.  I
use the primal noir language by the digital-perversion.  It is the queer
voice that was turned Kafka's hypertext and the cruel emulator that turned
podcast of Artaud's body.  I set up the genomics strategy circuit that
chemical=anthropoid escaped to the language system.  For example, Marilyn
Manson's industrial BDSM play, guerrilla desire and humanworm installation.
I practice grammatical survival to WWW.

Azimute: From first glance your work draws comparisons with the sexual
scatologies of Pierre Guyotat, the deranged tirades of Antonin Artaud and
the perverse texts of Jake Chapman.  "Meatphysics" by Chapman has been
described as "Windows source code as hacked by Gilles Deleuze,"1 which seems
absolutely appropriate to describing the high speed linguistic wrap-arounds,
erratic discontinuities and sporadic hypertext you employ. Do you share
sensibilities with these writers?

Kenji Siratori: I hyperlink to the writers of speed.  It brings about the
generation change of acidhuman.  Like Chuck Palahniuk's transgressive
fiction.  And the speed of my writing is absorbed by an industrial BDSM play
in this abolition world.  Guyotat's 21st century noise dashes on J.G.
Thirlwell's corpse feti streaming circuit.  My writing speed rapes the
industrial mass of flesh-module of a drug fetus.  Generate Kafka's
biocapturism guerrilla apparatus!

Azimute: What are your current thoughts on the state of the publishing
industry? In the information overload age, why have you chosen to
effectively self-publish through iUniverse? When will Creation Books be
releasing "Acidhuman Project" and what can we expect from this new book?  Do
you think that pdfs will become the mp3s of books?

Kenji Siratori: I deconstruct the objective corpse feti=streaming circuit of
a chemical=anthropoid.  The icon of self-publish is in creative demand.  The
larvas of the digital contents must be aspirated acid like Alt-X.
"Acidhuman Project" is the manual regarding the guerrilla=sex of a drug
fetus.  To send back out the modem=heart of 21st century Kafka era
respiration-byte.  And to ill-treat on the transgressive abolition
world-codemaniacs that chemical=anthropoid was installed.  R.U. Sirius
manufactures the new podcast-mind of a chemical=anthropoid recently.  It is
the bioware of acidhuman.  I manage the transgressive genomics strategy
circuit of a chemical=anthropoid as the fictional bioware.

Azimute: Your writing appears to take the Burroughs and Gysin cut-up
technique onto new levels.  Do you still draw on the original form of the
cut-up as described by William Burroughs?  Do you use a computer program
that does cut-ups to Xenakis polynomials? What about nano-cut-ups? What is
your process of writing? What techniques are you using? What are you trying
to achieve?

Kenji Siratori: The primal word of a chemical=anthropoid is in Francis Bacon
's picture.  As if the mass of flesh-module of the hyperreal HIV=scanner
form of the drug fetus that was cut the suicide-code of the abolition world
is manufactured.  The dogs of tera exterminated William Burroughs's
objective brain universe.  Plug-in Antonin Artaud's body encoder to this
abolition world!  Genomics strategy circuit of a chemical=anthropoid is open
to Artaud's podcast-mind and Burroughs's guerrilla sex generation.

Azimute: There are innumerable musicians who have taken to writing, but few
examples of writers who have taken to music.  Your Bizarre CD is injected
with influences from Merzbow, Foetus, Meat Beat Manifesto, Frontline
Assembly...  Do you think sampling technology and programmed music is closer
to your writing style? What techniques have you brought from writing to
music and vise-verso? What kinds of music are you listening to?

Kenji Siratori: I sample the transgressive genomics strategy circuit of a
chemical=anthropoid.  Industrial quickening of the abolition world is
notified in my writing.  Life=noise of a drug fetus corrodes the brain
universe that tera of dogs were ill-treated on biocapturism.  I praise
Foetus's work.  Foetus transplants the drug fetus army to a nerve cell.  I
am J.G. Thirlwell's literary apprentice.  My ear scratches William Burroughs
's psychedelic placenta.  As an exception, Marilyn Manson, the
reptilian=HUB_modem of a drug fetus=cardiac covered that mass of
flesh-module abolition world in hunting for the grotesque WEB=jointed and
the living body junk feeling replicant who turned on the ill-treatment of a
chemical=anthropoid guerrilla.

Azimute: Similar to Burroughs, you have also become recognized as an artist,
what relationship exists between your visual artwork and your writing? What
artists or genres prove significantly fertile? Do you work purely in the
realm of digital art?

Kenji Siratori: My writing invades into industrial BDSM play of the
abolition world.  I output Antonin Artaud's nerve struggle to the 21st
century corpse feti=streaming circuit of a drug fetus.  Digital-Artaud and
Digital-Bataille parasitize into the hybrid corpse mechanism cultural
context of a chemical=anthropoid.  I am interested in Douglas Rushkoff
recently.  Douglas Rushkoff HIV=scans the gene-war of a chemical=anthropoid,
the digital=chimpanzee's deconstruction declaration.  The genomics strategy
circuit of Rushkoff's hyperreal HIV=scanner form amputates the neuromatic
suicide-code of the abolition world.  The dogs of tera will send back out
the mass of flesh-module of digital art era respiration-byte.

Azimute: The postmodern age has declared the death of the Author, "writing
is the destruction of every voice, of every point of origin... the negative
where all identity is lost"2 (Barthes).  Just as Stelarc proclaims the
obsolescence of the body, we are simultaneously faced with the obsolescence
of the text. Your texts appear to have mutated into pure data streams, as
something to be downloaded or plugged into. The conventional
linear-narrative archi-text, what Reza Negarestani characterized as an
"egocentric disease,"3 is here relentlessly shredded and stripped of its
authorial subject, what remains is an acephalous corp(u)s.  Is there a point
where a text becomes just complete chaos, utterly non-sensical?

Kenji Siratori: The text is attached to invade fate.  A word ill-treats on
the hyperreal HIV=scanner form body encoder of a chemical=anthropoid.  Chuck
Palahniuk's text cries out the throes of death.  Exterminate the
philosophical corpse feti=streaming circuit that tera of dogs were excreted!
Mashup Antonin Artaud's living body junk modem=cardiac in the textual brain
universe of a chemical=anthropoid!  The DNA=channel of the abolition world
is broadcast to a hybrid corpse mechanism.  To digital=vamp the scatologic
corpse feti=streaming circuits of the postmodern age, from Stelarc's

Azimute: Deleuze has described how the new Control Societies are taking over
from the old disciplinary societies considered by Foucault.  Deleuze remarks
that the locus of revolt in Control Societies "may be to create vacuoles of
non-communication, circuit breakers, so we can elude control"4  The traces
of cross fire in an information war might unfold with the hijacking of the
sound and image barrage, hacking the circuity to revert the control systems
upon themselves or the anti-muzak tactics of the "Decoder" film. Do you
think that your texts are playing a part in this new subversion?

Kenji Siratori: To debug the abolition world is achieved the
super-genomewarable violence of a chemical=anthropoid abnormal living
body-by controlling.  My guerrilla writing uploads the hyperreal HIV=scanner
form genomics strategy circuit of a chemical=anthropoid to the corpse
feti=streaming pituitary of the abolition world through Digital-Artaud.
Deleuze-machine continues to amputate the chemical=anthropoid's suicide-code
that inheriteded.


1 http://quimbys.com/product_info.php/products_id/6158
2 Roland Barthes "The Death of the Author" Image, Music Text, New York, Hill
And Wang, 1988, p. 142. http://faculty.smu.edu/dfoster/theory/Barthes.htm
3 Reza Negarestani "Technodrome"
4 Gilles Deleuze "Control and Becoming" Negotiations 1972-1990, New York,
Columbia University Press ,1995 p.175.



Date: Tue, 14 Feb 2006 11:53:20 +0900
From: "kenjisiratori.com" <kenji {AT} kenjisiratori.com>
Subject: Kenji Siratori: Quotes

Kenji Siratori: Quotes

"Russ Kick updates the hyperreal HIV=scanner form genomics strategy circuit
of a chemical=anthropoid in The Disinformation Book of Lists and generates
21st century reptilian=HUB to the hunting for the grotesque WEB=joint
terminal of this abolition world."

"The genomics strategy circuit of Douglas Rushkoff's hyperreal HIV=scanner
form amputates the neuromatic suicide-code of the abolition world. Coercion
relaxes the human body pill depression of the feeling replicant that turned
a chemical=anthropoid."

"We Know What You Want send back out the ultra=machinary genomics strategy
circuit of a chemical=anthropoid to guerrillatic era respiration-byte
through Douglas Rushkoff's human body pill installer."

"Cory Doctorow practiced the impregnation of the corpse mechanism of a drug
fetus as the desire algorithm of the abolition world with the mass of
flesh-module that tera of dogs were debugged."

"Get Back in the Box is the space engineering brain stool for a
digital-chimpanzee. Douglas Rushkoff, the zero=entropy of the abolition
world to the creature system of Get Back in the Box living body browser."

"EXIT STRATEGY, the body encoder that the technojunkie was debugged to the
human body pill paradise apparatus of this abolition world plug-in, to send
back out cruel emulator of hyperreal HIV=scanner form era respiration-byte."

"Russ Kick processes the guerrilla sex generation of a drug fetus
data=mutant and manufactures the human body pill paradise apparatus of the
abolition world by Everything You Know About Sex Is Wrong."

"Turn Off Your Mind is the super-genomewarable era respiration-byte sending
program of acidhuman regarding the ultra=machinary tragedy-ROM creature
system of this abolition world."

"Pop! Goes The Witch is the industrial BDSM apparatus of a drug fetus in the
abolition world. Fiona Horne accelerates the placenta world of acidhuman

"Hunting for the grotesque WEB brain universe of a chemical=anthropoid to
biocapturism=Abuse Your Illusions joints. Aspirate that this abolition world
is zero acid. The body encoder of the trash sense murder-gimmick.
FUCKNAMLOAD Abuse Your Illusions!"

"Anarchy For The Masses swims the living body junk brain universe of a
chemical=anthropoid by Grant Morrison's era respiration-byte modem=cardiac.
Grant Morrison ill-treats on the digital-chimpanzee's gene archive which was
raped by this abolition world with the biocapturing mode."

"Richard Metzger opened the drug fetus's industrial BDSM play into the
abolition world and transplanted the era respiration-byte sending program of
the acidhuman body encoder to the digital chimpanzee's cerebral cortex."

"J.G. Ballard scans the suicide-code of a chemical=anthropoid into the
abolition world, as if the drug fetus's modem=heart of the corpse mechanism
is aspirated acid."

"The Atrocity Exhibition is the industrial brain-terrorism of a drug fetus
and JG Ballard rapes the digital-chimpanzee's naked body in the corpse
feti=streaming circuit of the abolition world."

"Generation Hex send back out the super-genomewarable paradise apparatus of
a drug fetus era respiration-byte in the abolition world."

"Douglas Rushkoff HIV=scans the gene-war of a chemical=anthropoid through
Club Zero-G,  the digital=chimpanzee's deconstruction declaration. Seize an
abnormal living body-controller!"

"R.U. Sirius constructs the metaphysical brain of a drug fetus in this
abolition world. COUNTERCULTURE THROUGH THE AGES installs the podcast-mind
to the broken modem=cardiac of a chemical=anthropoid."


Date: Sun, 5 Feb 2006 11:54:04 +0900
From: "kenjisiratori.com" <kenji {AT} kenjisiratori.com>
Subject:   The Global Genome  by Eugene Thacker

"Eugene Thacker send back out the DNA=channel that turned on the industrial
ill-treatment of a chemical=anthropoid era respiration-byte." - Kenji
Siratori, author of Blood Electric


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