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Re: <nettime> publication of "Jyllands-Posten" cartoons is not... [3x]
porculus on Sat, 18 Feb 2006 22:22:25 +0100 (CET)

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Re: <nettime> publication of "Jyllands-Posten" cartoons is not... [3x]

> scandal being
> great for business ...

btw many begin to find it's far too expansive for some pety & stupid & bad tasted
(reminber yes its that way that proceed)scribble. nothing is stronger than market
force for finding habermasian consensus..hoaa er be sure the greed of scandal is
here good only if it's a buziness routine..sometimes it's hard to recycle an
hammering of duchampian urinal..but one find always a solution at last. if the
scandal is without ROI then it's simply irrational, bad tasted, a non emerging
evenment as would say my tasted bud baudrillard. for instance google in china is
it a scandal or a bad tasted investment ?..touchy..you need to go in hight bizness
school for judging, er..i i am quite incompetent & you ?

> we also looked at salman rushdie, an indian
> muslim with uk citizenship, living in new york, no fatwa was issued
> against india, uk or us, or even his publishers

his publishers ? but it's civilised here!

> .. he alone was held
> responsible and because he was a muslim should have known better, but
> for some danish cartoonist with no knowledge of islam or responsibility
> toward it, how or why would we blame countries, peoples or dairy cows
> ... these 18 - 22 year olds from small cities & villages,  understood &
> generally agreed that this was blown up out of proportion & that
> governments had no real control over commerce (media)

er ha i see your tractatus, you see a direct link beetwen liberty of trade &
liberty of expression..more even you think it's the first that proceed the
second..as i dont know ..as if the queen expressly wanted all chineese had the
right to smoke opium..well have i to remind georges bush is ofizialy upset we
mocked at the believers? have to remimber margaret thatcher was oficialy 'uterly
shocking' by salman's bad tasted book ? hum ? cause it's bad for bizness & good
bizness is the proof god is in your side be sure this is the best autoprophecy
ever found on this earth...holy yahoo

> & that the
> individual cartoonist was the person responsible & that he probably did
> not know that he was engaging in such a controversial act, but  will
> profit from it with fame & maybe fortune ...

baaah of course not...visibly you dont went in high bizness school, you are quite
irrational & perhaps more bad tasted zan me& in one word i wonder if god will ever
be in your side..btw i tried to hatch & machinate a zatanizt church for having all
the bunch of lucifer behind..dont you know luci in the sky is quite an ass & idiot
? dont need to go in hight bizness school, just needed to kill a chicken or two
(flued) & burning 1 or 2 $ bill..hoaaa no just fake one..you know the ones the
cheneeses burn for their deads...& just drone on yahoooo yahoooo..with some naked
dancing chicks & mignons around, the only universal & inexhaustible thing in good
& decent religion. are you ok to join ?

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