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<nettime> Sustainable Channeling at Intel
Soenke Zehle on Tue, 11 Apr 2006 13:34:28 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime> Sustainable Channeling at Intel

Intel's vision of sustainable computing, presented by their NGO Channel
Manager (sic). To me, the most interesting aspect of their 'webinar'
(!?) was the background section (by their Environment, Health and Safety
Director Lew Scarpace) that gives some idea of how Intel approaches
sustainability in environmental terms. "Intel expects the same level of
EHS performance from our operations in emerging markets as we do of our
operations in the U.S." - this is what WTO et al activists have been
demanding for a while, let's see if they walk the talk (and if this is
what local organizations actually want to happen, given how weak some of
the US regulations actually are).

But then they are disarmingly honest: "In 2004, we experienced slight
increases in our global energy usage, volatile organic compound (VOC)
emissions and hazardous air pollutant (HAP) emissions. Although
disappointing, these increases can be attributed to ramping our newest
manufacturing processes." Just so happens that they are also involved in
nanotoxicity research, maybe nanomachines won't smell bad or pollute the

Also note their interest in working with Chinese environmental groups, a
type of alliance that has already made many CSR theorists suggest
(somewhat prenaturely, perhaps) that in countries such as China, TNCs
and NGOs will walk down Sustainability Road together. That is, anyway,
what Simon Zadek (chief executive of accountability.org.uk) has
suggested recently: "In a Chinese context, organisations like Amnesty
International are likely to see business in the latter role; with, in
their view, at least some western multinationals playing the role of
honest broker (or perhaps even Trojan horse) in connecting and
strengthening global civil society's leverage over Chinese businesses
and their work habits. Meanwhile, the Chinese government watches over
this strange dance, not reacting with a reflex of horror as in the past,
but cautiously engaging in entering a strategic though very indirect


> >


Sustainable Computing for Developing Countries
with Jeff Galinovsky, Strategic Initiative Manager, NGO Channel
Emerging Market Platform Group (EPMG), Intel Corporation

1:00 PM EST/10:00 AM PST - 90 Minutes
Co-hosted by HumaniNet and N-TEN. The Webinar sponsor is ReadyTalk.

Last Updated: 4/7/2006

Register Now at the N-TEN registration page.

Information Technology and Computer use in emerging markets, including
Asia, Latin America, Africa, the Middle East and Eastern Europe, have
exploded in recent years. As a result Intel has created a new group
whose focus is around developing and delivering unique platforms that
address the needs of those in developing countries.

Intel has opened four platform definition centers around the world to
define locally relevant computing solutions based on Intel=AE technology.
These definition centers will identify environmental considerations,
local usage models, and marketplace requirements specific to each
geographic region, such as inclement weather, intermittent power supply,
or specialized content needs for consumers and small businesses. In
addition, Intel works with other partners like governments and NGOs to
help create a sustainable ecosystem around the platforms to ensure

Jeff will review Intel's emerging market strategy, as well as the
recently-announced "community computer" that was launched in India as
part of the =93Jaagruti=94 (=93Awakening=94) initiative, which seeks to p=
rural communities in India with greater economic and social opportunities.

The speaker:

Jeff has been with Intel for over 13 years and has held many different
positions in Engineering, Marketing, and Management. Jeff has had the
pleasure of helping to develop the strategy and start up operations of
Intel=92s new Emerging Markets Platforms Group and brings with him many
years of experience from Intel=92s Reseller Channel tha

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