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<nettime> Police officer killed in Berlin?
Hans Bernhard on Tue, 2 May 2006 09:30:40 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime> Police officer killed in Berlin?

We hereby declare this found footage video to be an
actionist UBERMORGEN.COM art piece named
"Foriginal Media Hack no. 1, Web 2.0", a physical
manifestation that is to be viewed as a document of the art.


//Media Hack Distributor

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Hans Bernhard

Am 02.05.2006 um 01:43 schrieb Barbara Alex:

> Von: "Barbara Alex" <alex10969 {AT} gmail.com>
> Datum: 1. Mai 2006 22:42:54 GMT+02:00
> An: hans {AT} ubermorgen.com
> Betreff: copkiller
> Dear Hans
> I ran into this brutal beating up of a cop during the 1st of may
> demonstrations in berlin-kreuzberg, i was walking into a backyard and
> there they were, 4 guys attacking, beating up this officer... after i
> started filming with my mobile the guys started to hit more brutally.
> dunno if this guy ever gets up again, they really beat the shit out of
> him. While filming another cop turned up and i ran away.
> B. Alex
> <Mayday.mov>

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