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<nettime> BLACKFLAG OPS [outside.US] Part 1
brian carroll on Wed, 3 May 2006 18:33:05 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime> BLACKFLAG OPS [outside.US] Part 1

[note: currently weathering a major propaganda storm whereby the film  
United 93 submerges everything in its heavy and impenetrable  
ideological fog via uncritical distribution by mass media, which  
vanquishes whatever light might have existed by which to navigate,  
into a submersed state of lost sense of direction, distance, and  
general confusion, just as it was designed to do. so too, the  
addition .US patriotism raining heavily down upon this wayward ship  
of state, in having  the President standing on the side of reciting  
of the National Anthem in English, is thoroughly twisted and  
disorienting as to the actual nature of these events. that is, as if  
defending traditional values when in fact having undermined and  
exploited them as political camouflage. for instance, the FBI being  
on the lookout for "Terrorists", who are defined as: Defenders of the  
U.S. Constitution, against federal government and the UN, Those who  
make numerous references to the U.S. Constitution, Lone individuals,  
Rebels" etc.*  thus, in hoisting the .US BLACKFLAG over this existing  
deck strake, it will be to symbolically invert this pirated ship of  
state *by recognizing it as such* so as to reclaim and retake our  
constitutional democracy, so to immediately navigate/steer/govern in  
a more enlightened direction...]


simultaneous and coordinated activation of BLACKFLAG OPERATIONS  
outside the .US will engage and transform existing policy fiascos  
into a shared general direction that is in-line with constitutional  
democracy and the right of citizens to peacefully co-exist on this  
planet together...

from this present day, the overall goal will be to engage issues  
generating the 'War of Terror' worldwide, with a laser-focused  
emphasis on resolving the Mideast conflict via a 2-state solution  
between .IL and .PS, a goal of which the .US will be in service to,  
and accord all sides respect and a balanced perspective by which to  
resolve the ongoing conflicts. this would include protecting the  
human rights of those in the region, and bringing large resources  
into .PS to help in building the state, if such assistance were  
acceptable, and also larger regional development based upon a 'long- 
term truce' whereby Islamic and Judeo-Christian and other countries  
can work together on building a shared prosperity while respecting  
sovereignty, cultural autonomy, and governance independent of  
external control, manipulation, influence in internal affairs.

thus, the ultimate goal of .US BLACKFLAG OPERATIONS will be to  
establish Mideast Peace, and to end the Neoconservative 'War of  
Terror' which is itself only an endless reign of terror. in doing so,  
a basic shift in dynamics will recontextualize policy options and  
decision-making in the region and world, between states and peoples,  
which could become the foundation for building new peace at the world  
scale, beyond nationalism, along with revitalizing global  
institutions so as to prevent that which the .UN is now unable to  
prevent, via a more representative, balanced, fair, and just world  
organization that is based on multipolar ecological relationships in  
a shared world, with issues that need to be addressed in our  
lifetimes, if our children are ever to live...

all of this hinges upon the legal, moral, ethical, democratic and  
constitutional actions of those in the .US military and .US citizens  
to take on their responsibility to take back control of the state  
from Insurrectionists, so as to make such a future, indeed, possible.  
without this sacrifice, it is predictable that such actions cannot  
and will not happen, by ideological predisposition and an inability  
to govern on behalf of the interests of the human state itself. and  
thus, until such actions are taken, there is not a chance-in-hell of  
such a direction being undertaken. and the world is watching, and  
waiting, and it is in such a dire hour and haunting hour that the .US  
will be judged, for having taken on the mantle of responsibility for  
leadership, and working with all others in the world for a shared  
agenda to which we all benefit, or to leave behind all obligation for  
shared improvement and destiny, to pursue a divisive and dehumanized  
and base agenda which is a travesty of the original moral cause of  
the state and its future principled development.

if truly American, there is no choice: the collective and individual  
will has already been cast into history, that the true America is in  
service to our human development and sharing this story, not in a  
particular history and mankind and limited view to which all are  
supposed to obey as slaves. though this happens in a context of  
confusion, of disinformation, of chaos and confusion, which only  
strengthens the deception over the true aims of the existing agenda,  
and will cast doubt on pursuing the true course of America, through  
tumultuous events, into an altogether better day...

those who have more direct access may see things more clearly, the  
two choices: between the existing deceptions and false-flag  
operations which are destroying the .US, and the absolute requirement  
to establish a basis for taking control of this situation and its  
decision-making, on behalf of preserving the .US constitution and  
thus its democracy and its people, from the rogue agendas of  
Insurrectionists whose only loyalty is to themselves and exploiting  
the machinery of state to pursue a dark vision which equates with  
armageddon, which is sold to us as if utopia.

the choice to stand with .US citizens, humanity, constitutional  
democracy and its warriors, or with the terrorists, fascists,  
Neoconservatives and others who serve dehumanized machinery is not a  
choice to many already. it is not an issue of free will, to those who  
actually serve the true America, its mission and its goals. it is not  
a choice to the true American warriors, military or civilian. it is a  
blood-oath, and the price of life for being a true American. for  
upholding the ideal of a greater state and making its realization a  
possibility, by sacrifice and by self-sacrifice. for those who it is  
a question: they should be given a choice-- and have to live with  
their choice, even if it is wrong. if they choose to become an enemy  
of this true America, they threaten the existence of this reclaiming  
our true America from the pale hands of the evil Insurrectionists.  
and the price for this, in civil war, must be severe. for they  
threaten the existence of the state itself, for their own greedy and  
ignorant ends- and as it exists, they also hold our future in their  
hands, and this is unacceptable and will not last. the  
Insurrectionists will be crushed, and the purpose of the .US will be  
reclaimed from rogue governance, by way of established military  
command and control over the governance of state until a  
constitutional convention is held, and until that time the Shadow  
Network of citizens will be in service to shoring up this state of  
affairs, offering public guidance in accord with constitutional  
principles by which to get into this new day.

the tipping point has already passed and everything has been set into  
motion, it is only how the changes will occur that awaits to be seen,  
written into the story and made manifest by invisible hands... the  
composition will be furious indeed, lightspeed, and without mercy as  
its new reality lands into this world, the thunderous hammer blows  
striking into common ground from above...


 	(General Policy Direction in Middle East and Southeast Asia)

{{ .US BLACKFLAG temp.online  {AT}  www.electronetwork.org/temp/ 
blackflagUSv.gif  }}

    	Every normal man must be tempted at times to spit on his hands,
			hoist the black flag, and begin to slit throats.

     			-- H. L. Mencken, US editor (1880 - 1956)


.US BLACKFLAG OPERATIONS will invert the existing ideological  
direction of .US foreign policy in the Mideast and in international  
organizations and agendas into a more collaborative agenda and shared  
environment by which to actively and effectively address ongoing  
legitimate issues, while dismantling the private imperial agenda for  
world domination by Neoconservatives and other Insurrectionists,  
which seeks to shape the global order according to a private western  
political, economic, and social agenda, which has become a 'master  
plan' to remake the world in the image of .IL, the .US, and .EU,  
outside the realm of law and constitutional democracy, and instead  
approaching such a path via developing and extending this automated  
machinery of state across the globe via military power no matter the  
oppression, deceit, and inhumanity.

that is, the leadership of the .US and other countries has placed  
constitutional democracy and its public citizens in service to such a  
warped imperial agenda, bound and doomed to fail, and this failure is  
and has now occurred. i.e. it is self-evident, both the cause and the  
effects of such an ideological pursuit, counter to the original  
principles which Insurrectionists have subverted.

therefore, in engaging this situation and taking back control of this  
situation, 'decision-making' is not only in terms of this misguided  
leadership, and also the basic approaches to achieve what appears to  
be a principled agenda. yet it matters how one plans to get from  
place A to place B. and if it is an illegal and immoral path, that  
this entire process must be placed under review, as it may serve the  
original Neoconservative agenda, if it were to continue to be pursued  
as such. and therefore, major policy decisions may need to be  
inverted to more accurately and fairly deal with the environment as  
it exists, outside of distortions exploited by Neoconservatives in  

this would, then, be to invert major existing policies and pursue  
their ends in other ways, in con-concordance with international law  
and global cooperation, so as to recover from this imbalance and move  
into new directions, together, where everyone is on the same side of  
the issue. for instance, nuclear armageddon would no longer be  
allowed as a 'straw man' argument or 'red herring' by which to pursue  
a nuclear conflict on behalf of nuclear peace and security. etc. etc.

to say the the .US military has some incentive in this is no small  
understatement. the truth will protect the troops if they serve the  
truth and engage the situation as it exits, outside and even beyond  
the failed civilian leadership and its corrupted workings. any trust  
given to it should be discarded, in that as it currently exists it is  
functioning against .US constitutional democracy and protection of  
its citizens: that is, your family, spouses, children, parents, and  
communities. that is, until the .US military inverts this situation  
via BLACKFLAG OPERATIONS to take it back...


the following map is a multilinear plan for taking back command and  
control of .US policy in the Mideast and also addressing the post- 
earthquake situation South East Asian via .US materiel. it is based  
on an 'ecological' approach which is dynamic and is not limited by  
notions of 'nation-states' as to the ultimate reality of events and  
their interactions. that is, given new cooperation. it is also not  
based on presupposed or predisposed .US hegemonic and unilateral  
actions, and instead is based on mutual respect and shared goals and  
accomplishing these goals together, with peoples and between  
machineries of state, via balancing and moving in a shared direction.  
thus this is not a map of 'hostile' .US military actions and is,  
instead, proposed as a proposed route to take in which to engage  
issues as they currently exist, to reframe the basic situation in  
these new ecological terms (which directly relates to electromagnetic  
circuitry, etc). in this way, while .US BLACKFLAG OPERATIONS are  
likely the only way to put such actions into motion in the external  
world, it would only be through a collaborative acceptance and  
involvement in this planning by all other nations in the region, that  
such a plan could be pursued. and as such, the possibility of such  
actions are as much dependent on others joining BLACKFLAG OPERATIONS  
so as to accomplish these shared goals, and to recover .US  
constitutional democracy from the Insurrectionists now wreaking havoc  
in this region, around the globe, and inside the .US itself.

and thus, there is a shared enemy, a shared agenda, and it is  
proposed this is a shared path for planning the foundations for  
implementing a long-term truce and Mideast Peace Policy which  
transcends 'historical differences' now exploited by  
Neoconservatives, fascists, terrorists, and others who pursue the  
current agenda for these same ends, yet by the most evil of routes.  
as such, the plan for rewiring the Mideast is based on careful  
consideration of the overall goals, in relation to the existing  
situation, and exists as a proposal for proceeding in a responsible  
way, in accord with the rule of law and national sovereignty and  
leverages the sharing of ideas as an approach to achieve common ends,  
to which shared strengths and powers can be of service to.   it is in  
this way that what is presented is what is believed necessary to  
accomplish the basic task of getting .US troops back to their  
families and to protecting the interests of the .US and its state,  
while not losing the purpose of helping transform the Mideast into a  
more peaceful and prosperous region, via co-development. yet this  
must be divorced from the Neoconservative agenda, both in the .US  
policies and in the .UN itself, which has itself become subverted by  
this same agenda- and as such has been acting as a threat to peace,  
against peace, as a result. in this way, 'saying it like it is' is  
for the necessary for dealing with it, as it is, and for shaping it  
into a new situation which removes the rogue elements so as to  
recover the shared principles and to get beyond this violent chaos of  
warmaking, into a foundation order built upon peacemaking.

{{ "rewiring the Mideast circuitboard via .US BLACKFLAG OPERATIONS"
reference MAP temp.online  {AT}  www.electronetwork.org/temp/MAP.gif  }}


1-- BLACKFLAG .US Command and Control (INT/EXT.US)

1a. Blackflag .US military troops

* all .US troops should be placed under BLACKFLAG command and  
control. all official .US FLAGs for "legal actions by Constitutional  
Democratic government in a State of Emergency" should be dyed black,  
if cotton flags or uniform patches or gear, or otherwise blacked-out  
if decals, etc. no exceptions are allowable and total compliance is  
necessary to annihilate the ongoing false-flag agenda that uses  
the .US stars and stripes as cover for the agenda of Neoconservative  
and the Insurrectionists.

* those commanders who do not recognize .US BLACKFLAG as the official  
legal .US FLAG should be removed from their command from the chain-of- 
command by BLACKFLAG officers and the BLACKFLAG rank-and-file.  
all .US miltiary should be placed under the command of BLACKFLAG  
OPERATIONS else their command would be considered hostile to .US  
interests and siding with the terrorists, fascists, and  
Neoconservative and Insurrectionist agenda inside and outside the .US.

* .US troops which refuse to BLACKFLAG should be placed in quarantine  
as suited by BLACKFLAG COMMAND, unless hostile, including private  
contractors who may disregard official and legal .US COMMAND, at  
which point they could be engaged as an enemy of the United States of  
America, and against the .US both in the region and in the .US  
itself, as part of the corporate dictatorship.

* BLACKFLAG ALLIES in the region and the world will recognize the .US  
BLACKFLAG as the official flag of .US constitutional democracy, which  
functions until a constitutional convention can be held to re- 
establish public control over its state of affairs. those  
traditional .US ALLIES who do not or refuse to recognize .US  
BLACKFLAG OPERATIONS will be placed under intense scrutiny as to  
their allegiance to the existing agenda of Neoconservatives and  
Insurrectionists and will be dealt with, potentially, as enemies of  
the United States of America, and its allies, under the BLACKFLAG.

* BLACKFLAG ALLIES will recognize the .US BLACKFLAG by flying this  
flag under their own colors, in alliance. all .US embassies and  
consultates should fly the .US BLACKFLAG as the official .US flag  
immediately upon BLACKFLAG OPERATIONS, or else be considered  
potentially hostile to .US BLACKFLAG OPERATIONS. allied states are  
requested to recognize BLACKFLAG OPERATIONS in their own militaries  
and state governments, by acknowledging it as the official flag by  
which .US DIPLOMATIC RELATIONS will be undertaken, and to whose  
policies it will seek to be realigned.

* non-.US militaries whether .EU or .CA or others who refuse to  
recognize .US BLACKFLAG and its command and control will be placed  
under scrutiny, and in particular the defense ministries of certain  
countries which may be under the influence of Insurrectionist and  
Neoconservative actors and-or conspirators, which may choose to act  
against .US BLACKFLAG interests around the world, including  
threatening .US troops in the Mideast by use of nuclear weapons  
strikes against Iran. all militaries who are to recognize the .US and  
alley themselves with .US BLACKFLAG should fly the .US BLACKFLAG as  
part of their colors, including armies in the Mideast and navies in  
the region.

* the result of overwhelming allegiance to .US BLACKFLAG OPERATIONS  
will allow a swift and deadly blow to the false-symbolism by which to  
undermine the false-reality now governing .US affairs and cripple its  
ability to leverage traditional symbols against interests of the  
human state and the world itself, on a rogue agenda beyond rule of  
law. BLACKFLAG OPERATIONS will saturate mass media and thus undermine  
and overtake affairs as the legal way by which the .US proceeds.  
BLACKFLAG policies have largely been sketched out and are thus known  
as to general direction. those who do not recognize the .US BLACKFLAG  
will thus be choosing the existing illegal and immoral approach as  
their choice for relating to .US citizens, .US military, .US  
governance, and will be treated accordingly. as suspects in a rogue  
agenda which has undermined .US constitutional democracy by  
interfering in the internal affairs of the United States of America.  
the cost: severe.

* .US BLACKFLAG, established in the .US and around the world, both  
within .US command and control and outside of it, will enable a  
collaborative approach to engaging the present state of affairs  
beyond Neoconservative and Insurrectionists ideologies, by  
stabilizing and protecting the state 'in an emergency' from further  
deterioration and steering it on a better course, locally and  
globally, in synchronicity with other like-minded states and peoples,  
to achieve the stated goals. BLACKFLAG OPERATIONS should proceed  
accordingly, and work with those who recognize and suppport the  
decentralized .US BLACKFLAG COMMAND in this direction until further  

1b. IRAQ -- design ceasefire/withdrawal

as previously described, a CEASEFIRE should be established between  
Sunni, Kurd, and Shia in Iraq by which to allow for the immediate  
WITHDRAWAL of the majority of .US troops from the region in a staged- 
withdrawal, under a general and enforced ceasefire: no violence in  
return for troops leaving the region, except to support with after- 
treaty peace projects and development, as accepted in agreement with  
BLACKFLAG OPERATIONS. this is to say that 100,000-130,000 .US troops  
would be leaving the region in exchange for a CEASEFIRE so as to  
prevent civil war in Iraq, between warring factions, which only  
benefits the Neoconservatives by breaking-up the Iraqi state. those  
who promote Civil War are helping the cause of Neoconservatives to  
destabilize the region and thus this must be stopped. those who use  
violence during a CEASEFIRE would be those who are neither aligned  
with Iraqis or with BLACKFLAG troops, and are instead working on  
behalf of the Neocons, terrorists, and fascists in the region and are  
against humanity itself. if they were to pursue violence during this  
CEASEFIRE they would only be working for the dehumanized machine  
which seeks to automatically destroy the possibility of democratic  
and constitutional government, by which to place citizens as slaves  
to tyrannical governance. therefore, upon .US BLACKFLAG OPERATIONS  
and a CEASEFIRE, any violence would be against 'human interests' in  
the region, on behalf of the evil Neoconservative agenda and should  
be dealt with accordingly by all involved. thus to not fight against  
allies and to destroy this inhuman cause which will continue until  

therefore, while a CEASEFIRE may allow for WITHDRAWAL: those who do  
not respect the .US BLACKFLAG will become enemies of BLACKFLAG  
OPERATIONS and BLACKFLAG ALLIES worldwide and will be a shared enemy,  
of Iraqis, Americans, and all in the region who work for peace. as  
such, the true enemy will be revealed upon a CEASEFIRE, and they will  
be engaged as enemies should they choose to side with fascists,  
Neoconservatives, and terrorists of humanity. these are not warriors.  
they know no honor, respect no rules, uphold no principles, except  
themselves as gods. and the price of this hubris, in the field of  
Iraq and elsewhere must be met by the lightning strikes of another  
reality into this fictive and mad delusion of grandeur of the  
cowardly. they are not more powerful in their deceit or deception  
than the shared human will nor greater truth which goes lightyears  
beyond the lies they tell themselves to justify such actions against  
humanity. therefore, should LEGITIMATE VIOLANCE be necessary to  
protect BLACKFLAG OPERATIONS, it would be to occur in such a context,  
and against such an enemy which exists in the world today.

the CEASEFIRE would therefore be between the Iraqi people and the  
Iraqi state and those who fight on its behalf, including Muslim  
warriors from the region- and not with the Neoconservatives and  
fascists and terrorists whose allegiance is to an inhuman automated  
agenda for armageddon. this latter enemy is thus a shared enemy and  
must be fought and destroyed to establish peace. and thus militaries  
which align themselves with this evil agenda will be enemies of .US  
BLACKFLAG OPERATIONS, including states which do not recognize  
BLACKFLAG OPERATIONS or COMMAND of official .US affairs in a state of  
emergency, nor coordinate with BLACKFLAG diplomatic policy.

1c. reconfiguration/ceremony

* the purpose of .US BLACKFLAG OPERATIONS is to salvage the mission  
and make it worth the blood and treasure, to regain a moral and legal  
footing by which to proceed and redeem the evil actions taken up as a  
proxy of Neoconservative ideologues, upon and against the Muslim  

to do so requires acknowledging the FAILURE of .US leadership and its  
misuse and misguidance, to which the .US military has been subverted  
both from internally and externally, to pursue the agenda of Neocons,  
fascists, terrorists, and insurrectionists against the interests of  
the .US as a constitutional democracy and against its own people and  
humanity which stands against this as an automated state of affairs,  
in which people are crushed for a despotic and despicable imperial  
worldview which is, at its base, against the very principles and  
ideals of America at its most true.

therefore, critical in acknowledging this systemic failure is the  
humbling of the .US military position in regard to the position it  
has now been placed by these traitorous forces, who've leveraged the  
goodwill and goodfaith of .US troops and exploited it against Muslim  
nations and peoples to pursue their agenda. that is, manipulated  
the .US into becoming the enemies of Muslims, and racists and  
xenophobic, so as to pursue the Neoconservative agenda in the region  
and worldwide. this is a Judeo-Christian fascism that has been made  
manifest in directing .US policy and the .US military and it is by  
way of ignorance and deception and manipulation and lies and  
falsehoods that such enemies have been between the humans now in  

as such, and for this reason, it is highly recommended that upon  
hoisting the .US BLACKFLAG that 150,000 copies of the book "Islam, An  
Introduction" (Annemarie Schimmel, 1992, 144 pages. ISBN  
0-7914-1328-4) be printed and distributed to .US troops and private  
contractors under BLACKFLAG in the region. and that upon establishing  
talks for a CEASEFIRE, that when military engagement is suspended  
between the insurgency and the .US military, that troops be given one- 
week-off from their duties, and in this week to refrain from all  
alcoholic spirits and to read this short book and reflect on the  
situation as it is evolving, including networking for strategic  
realignment upon the new planning and how to coordinate further  
future BLACKFLAG OPERATIONS to be described below. including how to  
work with the Iraqis in a non-military engagement, post-war, after  
establishing peace, outside of the Neoconservative agenda for taking  
over their country.

* a ceremony would then be held, after a week's time off and with  
some rest and recreation, during a CEASEFIRE, to re-establish .US  
moral and legal purpose for being in the region, and this ceremony  
would be crucial to establishing and respecting this as a fact,  
observed by all .US troops under BLACKFLAG command and control. it  
would involve .US troops who have read this book and learn about the  
peoples and regions, and having discussed this with themselves and  
other troops, to regain the respect of Muslims and others in the  
region and the world, for the FAILURES of the .US leadership and the  
disrespect of the Muslim peoples, by the .US military and .US  
citizens and .US government and .US mass media, who have made their  
fellow humans into inhuman enemies.

the symbolism of this ceremony would be such that cameras would  
recored the lowering of the .US stars and stripes in an official act.  
at this time, legions of .US troops inside and outside of base camps,  
would be in their finest uniforms and wearing and under the command  
COMMAND and CONTROL. the .US troops would be asked, on behalf of the  
United States of America, to pay their respects to customs and  
traditions of the lands in which they have been the aggressors, and  
in this, to reconcile this situation by facing Mecca, and observing  
the importance of this respect, by kneeling or bringing themselves to  
the 'ground'*, en masse, for a moment of silence. this is explicitly  
not an act of conversion and is instead a symbolic gesture by which  
to place these troops and the .US itself in relation to the the  
customs of the people and their land.

(*this is the moment for .US soldiers to make your peace with what  
has gone on, and to choose to rise up under the .US BLACKFLAG and  
serve and honor the principles that have been betrayed.)

Bob Dylan sings a song that says "every man must fall" and it is in  
this 'fall' from the colorful Stars and Stripes, down to one's knees,  
in both being humbled and in giving respect and even asking  
forgiveness for being misled, -- that upon this moment the .US  
BLACKFLAG will ceremoniously be hoisted, and as such: "every human  
must rise" as these troops retake the mantel of their moral and legal  
obligations to protecting and serving the .US constitution, its  
democracy, its people, and as such to rise into this new role, as  
soldiers, as citizens, as warriors, and in a new relation to the  
Islamic community and Muslims both in the region and worldwide.

* during this ceremony, a plaque will be handed over to the Iraqi  
people on behalf of the Christian community in the .US of plates from  
the commissioned St. John's Bible from Collegeville, Minnesota. such  
a plaque will show the highest art of an illuminated bible, in the  
present day, in which the ideals of this religious community strives  
for, when not subverted by a political agenda. it would be given to  
the people of Iraq, and stand as a symbol of peace between religions  
now in an ongoing conflict. upon this formal ceremony, a Judaic  
artifact of recent times of the highest quality will also be  
presented, by a religious artist from America. and likewise, the .US  
Muslim community would be asked to present a unique contribution to  
help build these new bridges for our shared cultural connections, who  
all evolve from a shared origin and whose destinies are intertwined...

the .US contribution to peaceful relations will be later available  
(12/06) when a full-reproduction of the leather-bound St. John's  
Bible [ www.saintjohnsbible.org ] will be presented to the State of  
Iraq on behalf of the .US under BLACKFLAG COMMAND and CONTROL.  there  
is an issue of troops and conscientious objectors to such ceremonies,  
and this should be dealt with according to legal rights-- yet it is  
an ORDER to be followed, by which to reestablish relations with the  
region and the Iraqi peoples and to begin a CEASEFIRE and WITHDRAWAL  
of .US troops and, in this respect, it is infinitesimal to ask  
citizens who serve the United States of America to pay their solemn  
respects to a country they have invaded and largely destroyed on  
behalf of a FASCIST AGENDA. thus- this is the chance given to regain  
respect and to do so under the ORDERs of .US BLACKFLAG COMMAND and  

refusing to do so could be seen as threatening to undermine this  
chance in direction, and any acts of egotism should be disciplined  
and submit itself to cause of .US BLACKFLAG OPERATIONS. for, then,  
soldiers will be able to start coming home, en masse, versus possibly  
never to return again if this situation is not turned around, and the  
ideological wounds start to be dressed, so to heal them from the  
rancid and evil and infected state of affairs that now exists to  
represent the .US worldwide.

* in effect, this ceremony will be to recognize the 'bad faith' and  
'ill will' that .US foreign policy has pursued under the  
Insurrectionists and Neoconservatives, and in paying respects to the  
land and its peoples and its customs, in addition to offering a gift  
of peace, to rise into this new role under the .US BLACKFLAG, as  
human beings whose goal is to transform this existing 'War of Terror'  
into a Mideast Peace initiative, and upon symbolically recognizing  
and establishing this new direction, to pursue this shared goal with  
actions of goodwill and goodfaith in the pursuit of shared policies  
which will benefit both the Iraqis and those in the region, in  
addition to the .US and the world itself.

* after such a ceremony takes place, new BLACKFLAG POLICY directions  
can be planned to be undertaken in concert with other non-.US and .US  
BLACKFLAG forces, both military and civilian. it is asked that  
somehow local Iraqis and .US troops find a way to establish links  
outside the bases and outside the Green Zone, during this CEASEFIRE,  
including sharing a meal together if at all possible, to establish a  
symbolic and peaceful connections while under the .US BLACKFLAG. the  
basic posture of the military would be more akin to PEACEKEEPING in  
such a situation and non-hostile at all times, unless being engaged  
by those aligned with Neoconservatives in the region.

2. shoring up new Iraqi state

* as previously described, a 'unity' government by way of gradients  
could be achieved under a CEASEFIRE upon which Shite-Sunni / Sunni- 
Kurd / Kurd-Shiite relations were the basis for the staged withdrawal  
of .US troops -- and a ceasing of all hostilities in Iraq between  
various factions. this would leave only the fascists, Neocons, and  
terrorists who are against the Iraqi people and humanity itself, to  
be lethally engaged, and whose numbers are likely to be very small  
indeed, and who would be getting smaller by each second after this  
situation is inverted via .US BLACKFLAG.

* as mentioned, neighboring states and those in the region have  
incentive to help shore up the Iraqi state and could do so by  
establishing cross-border projects, by which to make sure the state  
does not fail via its critical infrastructure. for instance, via high- 
voltage powerline projects to ensure electricity into the state,  
which could also distribute Iraqi electricity in trade to neighbors,  
upon its stabilization of its infrastructure. such projects could  
taken on cultural dimensions and build up a Islamic infrastructure  
based on aesthetics of the peoples and traditions in the region,  
including using particular geometries, colors, and others patterns to  
establish a social dimension to this work, and by which to build  
projects which bridge the gradients/divides between Sunni / Shiite /  
Kurd, in addition to Muslims, Iraqi Christians, and others who have  
lived in the region over the millennia.

* thus, this 'reconstruction' would begin to be established under the  
guidance of the Iraqi state, outside of the machinations of the  
Insurrections or Neoconservatives to further exploit this situation  
for their own ends - and as such, in purging the existing agenda of  
its vile agenda and vice, to begin addressing and engaging the real  
needs of the Iraqis, and in service to the Iraqis, beyond the  
corruptions of political and economic and social agendas devoid of  
public interest or oversight.

if the .US were asked to contribute to this effort, including  
logistics, it should be placed in service to the needs of the state  
and people of Iraq, and to help coordinate and provide logistics and  
planning by which to help stabilize the country's infrastructure -  
yet outside of their sovereign affairs of state and its  
administration - so too for all other countries in the region. if  
Iraq were to be in control of its own development, then .US BLACKFLAG  
OPERATIONS could serve the actual and existing needs of the Iraqis  
without confusing this with the distorted and predetermined planning  
of Neocons who have destroyed the country and have sought to erase  
its cultural heritage, as with the destruction and looting of the  
ancient museums. Arabs, Persians, Turks, and others in the region  
could thus work together to assist in this regional effort to shore  
up the constitutional democratic Iraqi state, while not seeking to  
influence its internal affairs. co-development projects for regional  
stabilization could improve relations or reestablish them, to thus  
create a post-Saddam reality in the region. any hostile actions  
against Iraqis will thus be considered hostile actions against all  
BLACKFLAG ALLIES worldwide and judgement should be swift and absolute  
as to this being an unacceptable decision.

* water projects, art and cultural projects, infrastructure projects,  
building projects, trade projects, training projects, and others  
should be coordinated with Iraqis and the .US BLACKFLAG is in service  
to helping establish and coordinate these logistically, in a non- 
military capacity, by which to raise civil society in a rebuilding  
effort to which they are participants yet not the central determiner.  
as such, the wealth of .US knowledge and resources and abilities and  
capacity will be placed in service to Iraqis and those in the region  
willing to work with them, and the .US under BLACKFLAG COMMAND and  
CONTROL, to improve this situation and begin laying the groundwork  
for peace.


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