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<nettime> Cruel suppression to Japanese Mayday demonstrators by Police
toshimaru ogura on Fri, 5 May 2006 10:18:57 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime> Cruel suppression to Japanese Mayday demonstrators by Police

Hi, all.

On April 30, Japanese part-time and unemployed young workers, so-called 
Japanese precariat, organized Mayday demonstration in downtown Tokyo 
with sound system and DJ. This Mayday demonstration called on workers 
rights against unstable work conditions in neoliberal capitalism. 
Although this demonstration was peaceful and nonviolent, police arrested 
a DJ and two demonstrators and seized a car with sound system. Also 
array of the demonstration was completely wedged between many police. 
Demonstrators could not access the people on side walk and drivers.

You can watch how Japanese police was cruel at following video.

Blog by the organizer is as follows(in Japanese)

Japanese police suppression is different from other "democratic" 
countries. The arrested is usually detained 3 days, even a short one. 
Usually he/she is detained, over 3 weeks, 23 days. They cannot use 
telephone and the Internet. There is nothing of video and audio tape 
recording during investigation. So torture and some kind of violence and 
harassment by police is easy to do.

Recently Japanese police arrested activists by very minor offenses. 
Peace activists distributed anti war fliers to each individual mail box 
or watching US military base from  condominium building were arrested as 
unlawful entry.

People's Plan Study Group
Asian Peace Alliance japan
toshimaru ogura
ogr {AT} nsknet.or.jp

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