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Re: <nettime> may day report
Sve* nullNode on Sat, 6 May 2006 12:44:58 +0200 (CEST)

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Re: <nettime> may day report

May 2006
Postcards from precarity (1)

[I] found myself re-reading nettime these days
     almost frantically, searching and linking (for)
    something, as if it (nettime) was (again) a window to
    (the/a) World. Like when the (inter)net was new,
    and when it (a modem) was a (hyper)alternative to one`s
    own desk/room/books/boredom/limits.
    Now the "World" appears to be everywhere,
    at reach, yet so small. So frightening. And/or boring.
    Hence- one turns to this list.

[you] made me think
    with all "your" different "languages"*
    and with "your" worries,and hopes,and fears,
    identities, post-identities, migrations,
    non-migrations, staying, excluding, fearing,
    defining, asking, certainties, doubts, precarities

                   {*    [language as expression/tool (in symbols)
    of point(s) of view?] ,?}

[he/she/it ... them?]... it means what?
    what made me think the most was the contrast
    between two "moods" in nettime.discussion;

    Mood one was that which I percieved as filled with some sort
    of preocupation with various sorts of "them" ,
    such as:
    ...all types of frenchoid youths
    ...the "others" of the world
    ...the "cultures"
    who can`t be understood, who need to be saved,
    who can`t be saved, who can`t understand, etc.
    (for example as in the "cartoonist" argument, the
    "Jean Buadrillard - The Pyres of Autumn"
    text, etc)

    The "other" mood would be the one I read in
    the more recent messages like this
    mayday report  from Dan S. Wang.

    Made me think/hope. That maybe "we"


   can still think, use our brains joyously and creatively
    not to build barriers and fears but to weave
    bridges, because networks exist also by
    thoughts/ideas/languages we produce/express/spread.

     "Euro"centrism is such a fun term when
    one is young and reading about it in books,
    but then [one] realises that
    it`s enough to move one step
    in any direction and all changes, from "us" one becomes
     and different forms of *centrism become
    crude reality.
    Maybe there is a difference, today, between who
    is moving and who is staying, and more then anything
    this happens also mentally.
    Not only mentally.
    The physical migrations are fundamental,
    and I am tired of reading about them from the point of view
    of who is staying.
    Who is afraid.
    Who thinks "they" (and basically most "theys"
    exist only in our imaginations) shall never understand.

    All "our cultures" are all ours. Everyones.
    Background. "Karma". Burdain. Riches.
    Experience. Ideas. Language. "Identity".
    "divenire" europa
    "divenire" france
    "divenire" i/you/he/she/it/we/they/...

    Roots are always interconnected (rhizome?)
    that is, if we were to really seek deeper,
    we`d come out on the other side
    (Earth is still round, maybe?)

"we`re living in pieces, I wanna live in peace" sonic youth

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