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<nettime> BLACKFLAG OPS [outside.US] Part2
brian carroll on Sun, 7 May 2006 11:57:08 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime> BLACKFLAG OPS [outside.US] Part2


 	(General Policy Direction in Middle East and Southeast Asia)

				      [Continued - Part 2]

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    	Every normal man must be tempted at times to spit on his hands,
			hoist the black flag, and begin to slit throats.

     			-- H. L. Mencken, US editor (1880 - 1956)


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3. .US policy inversions -- Syria and Iran

the absolute hypocrisy of current .US foreign policy positions, under  
the influence of Neoconservative operatives, must be recognized and  
nullified immediately for they are both un-American and only  
perpetuate the problems that, supposedly, are seeking resolution in  
the "war of terror" - though it is more likely that the existing  
approach is designed with this very fact in mind.

that is, the .US battle planning and 'order of battle' driven by the  
Neoconservatives, and dictated by those violent extremists in the  
Israeli government associated with the Likud, had spoken of 'first  
Iraq' then 'Iran and Syria' would be next-in-line for .US military  
aggressions, including invasions, in this ongoing 'War of Terror'.  
let's make this very clear: a foreign power, Israel, has publicly  
spoken of internal .US military planning in both the lead-up to the  
Iraq war and subsequent military actions (follow-on) after this,  
which has been placed outside of democratic control of citizen  
governance. i.e. a foreign power is influencing the choice of  
sending .US citizens, spouses and children, into battle on its  
behalf, and to sacrifice themselves for the designs of .US and .IL  
Neoconservatives, fascists, and 'violent extremists' (Judeo- 
Christian, if not simply satanists - calling it like it is) and that  
this is a betrayal of the public trust and oath of office as to who  
is actually 'commander-in-chief', of .US foreign policy, or domestic  
policy for that matter. this is to say that that in itself is an act  
of treason at the highest levels, which has plenty of spy stories  
associated with it in the press, yet the conclusions have yet to be  
heard of what this all adds up to.

it is proposed that this is more evidence of a coordinated  
Insurrection, both by internal forces (who are aligned with the  
Whitehouse of George H.W. Bush (1), whose son has now crashed the  
country in a latest act of private recklessness over the public state  
of affairs.) -- and by external forces in .IL and elsewhere who act  
by proxy of the special-interest groups and lobbies, whose power has  
coalesced over this same last period of 40 years in the formation of  
the GOP-Neoconservative alliance which has handed over the decision- 
making of the .US government to private powers who are outsourcing  
their foreign policy using the blood of .US soldiers, citizens, and  
their families suffering, in addition to raiding the public coffers  
to pay for their own policies, by government heist.

to say this is not the case, on its face, consider how .US  
Presidential hopefuls like Hilary Clinton have traveled to Israel to  
announce their run for .US President, announcing their intentions in  
another country - by which to try to get elected in the United States  
of America. no matter the demographic challenges of a particular  
locality, when this race begins 'offshore' so too do the policies  
that will be driving such candidates in their governance. make no  
mistake: this is selling out America to a particular influence that  
has some relation to those now subverting .US government ends other  
than those good for Americans. and that this is traitorous,  
treasonous, and despicable if ignoring the 'cost' of continuing this  
business-as-usual without fixing the problematic dynamics that are  
now undermining constitutional democracy and installing a corporate  
dictatorship in its place.

again: this is not anti-semitic nor is it anti-Israeli (whether  
Palestinian or Jew, Orthodox or atheist) -- it is instead an issue of  
foreign-interference and manipulation of internal .US affairs and  
external .US policies and foreign affairs which have undermined  
the .US government, and those doing this are both in the .US and .IL  
and elsewhere, and their modus-operandi is 'violent extremism' other- 
wise known as 'terrorism' by which they pursue their agenda: and this  
is to take a stand against this  movement, which is to take a stand  
against FASCISM itself, and Judeo-Fascists in the .US and .IL and the  
Christian Fascists who also partake in this 'crusade' against Muslims  
in .US imperial policy. it is so _un-American_ that it is hard to  
reconcile how such policies could have been pursued without the  
recognition that such a covert agenda actually exists within the spy  
and mole stories that have populated the Bush II Whitehouse and  
Washington D.C. and the nation, pre- and post-9/11. that the .IL  
government is known to have foreknowledge of 9/11 is not an  
aberration as to what is going on subsequently, with the invasion of  
Iraq, the Harrari assassination in Syria, or the attempt to go to war  
with Iran (again using .US forces under a false-flag operation, if  
Neocons were to have their way again). what this is is INSURRECTION  
and ESPIONAGE against the .US and with those willing participants  
in .US government who chose this fascist path in their decision-making.

for instance, consider if the .US adminsitration is being staffed by  
Neoconservatives who are allied with the Israeli right-wingers who  
use violent extremism (terrorism) as a tactic for pursuing policy.  
and that the Bush Whitehouse has also populated the .UN with  
Neoconservative ideologues, with John Bolton as the .US Ambassador to  
the .UN no less, by which his positions betray .US interests and  
place .IL interests in their place. further, that the World Bank is  
now headed by Neocon Paul Wolfowitz, whose illegal warmaking has  
destroyed so much in the Middle East and now it is he who will decide  
where development moneys are to go, in a Neoconservative pursuit  
of .UN policies. so too, the attack on the .UN Secretary General by  
the 'installed' Senator Norm Coleman of the .US, who replaced the  
assassinated Senator Paul Wellstone of Minnesota, tried to unseat  
acting .UN Secretary General Kofi Annan, with someone more in-line  
with Neoconservatives liking no doubt.

then, consider that the assassination of former Lebanese Prime  
Minister also lines up with the Neoconservative agenda for toppling  
the Syrian government (battle planning), and that the .UN has become  
a proxy for an agenda that -- if the Neoconservatives are actually  
violent extremists who use terror as their weapon by which to  
influence events to their liking -- could easily have been a set-up  
by which to overthrow the Syrian government using the .UN as a proxy  
for Neocons both in the .US and .IL, which would mean that the .UN  
has also been subverted by such an agenda, and that 'terrorism' would  
have been possibly perpetrated by Neocons and Insurrectionists to  
pursue this cause of changing the Mideast accordingly. this is not  
idle speculation and instead it is exactly this "common sense"  
connection between events that also plays a role in explaining how  
the .US can pursue Iran's nuclear program with the fervor and  
deception it also did in the run-up to the Iraqi war, using the same  
arguments-- and now even branding these opponents only as  
'terrorists' as if that is all that is needed to decide the fate of  
nations-and-peoples in such a black-and-white ideological view. make  
it simple, but not too simple, Einstein was to have said. this is too  
simple. what is more likely the case is that this idea of 'terrorism'  
is tied in with an agenda, by which 'terror' can be used as a  
business-model by which to make things happen. say, 9/11 and the  
invasion of .AF and .IQ, for instance. the latter without the former  
(pre-text) is largely unthinkable. yet with 9/11, anything would be  
thinkable, as long as it was believed-- that is, 'the terror' would  

for these reasons and many more that provide more significant  
connections (including spy rings, organized agendas, outing of CIA  
spy Valerie Plame, etc) -- it is necessary to take a close look at  
what is gained and what is lost for the .US public interest in simply  
accepting Neoconservative ideology and decision-making with regard to  
Iran and Syria, versus what is gained for the .US and .IL fascists,  
violent extremists, Neoconservatives, and Insurrectionists by staying  
along this course.

the demagoguery of Syria and Iran add up to one very important thing  
for the Neoconservatives: it allows them to continue their 'War of  
Terror' against Muslims using the .US and .UN as a proxy for .IL  
interests who are trying to secure victory for one-side of the mid- 
east conflict, region- and world-wide. and as a result, there is a  
world-war going on, on their behalf, which has destroyed the .US in  
the process of its pursuit, and threatens the safety and security of  
ordinary peace-loving Israelis who are like most others, detached  
from the inner workings of their own (democratic) governments, that  
is, if they are actually constitutional democracies and not corporate  
dictatorship in a military-industrial complex, in which democratic is  
only simulated in its inhuman machinations. evidence for the latter  
would be the way the Palestinians are being dehumanized and their  
human rights abused by this same 'enlightened' state, which will be  
brought under review, via BLACKFLAG OPERATIONS- as to how to proceed  
with such a situation - protecting Israel while dealing with those  
who have become a problem for the .US and the world, and must now be  
held to account...

the .US BLACKFLAG OPERATIONS would therefore normalize relations with  
Syria and secure a pledge to work together for regional peace and  
development through constructive actions by which to stabilize Iraq,  
establish a Palestinian state, and establish new contacts among  
militaries. passage through Syria for the .US military would be  
requested so as to witness the 'other side of the story' in the  
Palestianian territories, the international boundary lines and  
illegal settlements. it is requested that those countries who have  
evidence of subversion of the .UN for the agenda of the  
Neoconservatives present their case through the mass media, and  
reporters take on this case of using the international organization  
as a front in the 'war of terrorism' which makes an institution of  
peace into an instrument of warfaring in this illegal, immoral, and  
ideological 'war of terrorism' -- where the Terrorists _are  
Neoconservatives and Insurrectionists hell-bent on making more war.

so too, with the legal rights of Iran to be a signatory of the NPT  
treaty being disregarded by the .UN itself, again brings the issue of  
both .UN and .US hypocrisy in pursuing such a position, while  
ignoring the fact that .IL has illegal nuclear weapons programs and  
is not a signatory, yet has now become the Nuclear Sheriff itching  
for nuclear high-noon, beyond all international laws and treaties and  
with the subverted .US government in service to its ideological  
agenda that is TERRORISTIC.

the basic situation is such that the .US, acting on behalf of .IL and  
Neoconservatives, has instead undermined its own functioning and  
principles by making some people's rights "more equal" than another  
people's rights (NPT), and further the .US is allowing one person's/ 
state's rights to take away the rights of another state -- which is  
basically and fundamentally un-American, and by our own legal  
framework-- "unconstitutional" if considering the .US is voiding a  
treaty it has signed in favor and on behalf of the interpretation of  
a non-signatory nation which is a regional aggressor. [1]

this not only endangers citizens in the region, it endangers .US  
citizens and soldiers who pursue such an agenda, on behalf of the  
Neoconservatives and Insurrectionists, against .US interests. as it  
creates 'terror' which responds to this war against Muslim nations  
using the .UN and .US as proxies  by which to fight a dirty war,  
using terror, as part of business plan by which to control the  
Mideast, including its oil wealth and its connection with pre-war  
planning of G.H.W. Bush, Enron, VP Cheney, Halliburton, James Baker,  
and others involved both in the election fraud and energy policy  
plans to take over the oil fields in the region.

the .US BLACKFLAG POLICY with Iran would therefore, likewise, be  
placed under review and largely immediately reversed with respect to  
ongoing issues to do with the NPT and immediate talks between  
military envoys would be established by which to pursue 'large scale  
enrichment' compromise and a non-aggression treaty which will be  
built upon with further cooperative actions. the actions of .RU  
and .CN should be commended for stabilizing this situation and will  
guide the way forward for stabilizing this region and the world, in  
terms of establishing new nuclear treaties.

the most important point would be to separate .US and .UN policy from  
those under the sway of Neoconservative influence, including the  
private oil-interests of Insurrectionists inside and outside the .US  
government, including in the military and in industry. purging these  
influences will allow for new connections in these dimensions, it is  
hoped, in a non-hostile, respectful, and cooperative exchange. for  
instance, it is possible that co-development of Iran's nuclear  
infrastructure may be an opportunity for building connections, and to  
do so alongside .RU and .CN for instance, while also possibly  
entering into new energy agreements if that were to develop as a  
potential option, etc. so too, other areas such as airline parts and  
other connections could function as positive reinforcement for  
sharing of goals both in the region and between states and would be  
mutually beneficial, especially if it could become a basis for a  
larger Iraqi and mideast peace, including nuclear peace. for all  
these reasons and more, .US policy would be inverted from the Neocon  
agenda to BLACKFLAG OPERATIONS, to enable further progression along  
this map/planning.

in other words, the current position in relation to Syria and Iran is  
INSURRECTIONISTS and must be transformed and driven by the ideals of  
true Americans and not corporate dicatorships or their fascist  
agendas. if it is still believed that the .US is not planning on  
attacking Iran's nuclear program, consider that the .US has asked  
Turkey for use of the Air Force base in Incirlik to launch just such  
an attack, in return for being allowed a nuclear reactor -- an offer  
which Turkey has wisely refused. this is the 'automated madness' of  
the policies of a machinery of state that are now out-of-control, and  
the agenda is inhuman and democratic government cannot stop this  
tyrannical and dictatorial power, by which 'government' is detached  
from human citizens, and is pursued at any (inhuman) cost. to  
immediately recognize the corruption and corrosion of the .US and .UN  
policies with regard to the mideast and nuclear issues in particular  
is required, so as to provide checks and balances to what is a  
lawless and rogue agenda pursued by violent extremists bent on  
dominating the planet itself.

for this reason, not only should these policies be largely inverted  
as to Neoconservative influences, so too the .UN should be brought  
under review and audited for its politicization as an organization  
which may stand in the way of making mid-east peace a possibility and  
a reality, given its unequal treatment of Palestinians and their  
censoring by the .US via the use of the Veto to block all actions  
related to their cause, and addressing the legitimate and legal  
grievances in the world organism.

4. materiel for .PK quake, Tsunami, etc.

under .US BLACKFLAG command, the .US military would begin to WITHDRAW  
forces and materiel under a CEASEFIRE, from Iraq. additional  
agreements would need to be established for a truce in Afghanistan by  
which to establish a peaceful transition to continue co-development  
of the region, in line with earlier statements, according to some  
agreement on human rights in return for .US troop withdrawals, so to  
keep the gains made in rebuilding and yet place this on a path to new  
peace and collaborative development in the wider Mideast and  
Southeast Asia. it is proposed that the .US military equipment that  
is used for shelters and construction of habitats and basic systems  
be moved into earthquake ravaged Pakistan to help build basic  
infrastructures for the survivors who live without basic necessities  
and health infrastructures. if .US military equipment including  
military hospital equipment could be relocated to Pakistan rather  
than shipped back to the .US, it should be moved there ASAP.  
including all other relevant materiel that is useful, available, and  
in usable condition. this effort would be meant as a humanitarian  
mission of the .US military in a non-combat BLACKFLAG OPERATION, and  
would be proposed to occur under .US BLACKFLAG COMMAND in which  
Muslims are *not* considered enemies, with .US BLACKFLAG POLICIES  
reflecting this new reality. 	{*correction in original, where 'not'  
was accidentally missing*}

thus this effort would be an action based on GOODWORKS of .US  
BLACKFLAG OPERATIONS to rebuild the trust lost by the Neoconservative  
and Insurrectionists which have subverted the .US for an anti-Muslim  
agenda. this would be a first step in moving in another direction,  
based in peace and cooperation between human citizens and machineries  
of state, to engage a shared situation.

in this sense, it is proposed that .mil connections established  
between .US and .IR could allow for a cooperative approach to moving  
this materiel, if OK'd by .PK, into the regions it is most needed.  
for instance, .IR helicopters moving gear and supplies from .US bases  
or dismantled bases, or via truck or transport plane or rail, into  
Pakistan, including any additional assistance it may be able to offer  
these people. so too, it is questioned if this cooperation could be a  
bridge for furthering peace initiatives between India and Pakistan  
and if additional efforts could be made to serve those in the region  
via some coordinated effort, which may later develop into a formal  
cooperation that would be useful for building a nuclear peace treaty  
that spans the Mideast (.IR and .IL in particular) and into .PK  
and .IN, for instance. which then could become the basis for a larger  
world policy, if the work of .RU and .CN in mediating the current  
nuclear crisis were to be the cornerstone in a new world nuclear  
policy framework - with these state-state connections themselves  
being connected with one-another to build or 'evolve' this larger  
nuclear peace policy, from regional to world-scale.

in any case, such cooperation would potentially build connections to  
pursue these larger policy goals shared and necessary for  
establishing nuclear and Mideast peace, and larger development.

5. Mideast Nukepeace Treaty

as has been exampled by the .US administration, it has no interest in  
nuclear peace nor nuclear treaties and pursues its agenda against  
these safeguards and against international law, and this is now a  
dangerous situation which threatens to usher in nuclear armageddon  
against the public will.

.US BLACKFLAG OPERATIONS would seek to immediately engage this  
situation and begin talks by which to re-establish the 'rule of law'  
with regard to the NPT and to observe these laws, and to engage the  
Iranians in terms of enrichment work with respect to the Russian  
proposal on the table.

what is necessary for a NUCLEAR PEACE TREATY in the Mideast right now  
is observance of legal commitments to not use nuclear weapons,  
threaten to use nuclear weapons, or develop nuclear weapons in a  
covert program. while Iran is being held to account for its program,  
Israel is itself now threatening to use nuclear weapons, may in-fact  
use nuclear weapons to attack Iran, and has itself developed and  
deployed a covert nuclear weapons program beyond the scope of the .UN  
and the IAEA monitoring program. thus there is only one-side that is  
being held to account in the existing NPT framework which distorts  
the basic situation by only looking at one side of this situation and  
the danger is that it may instead be Israel which is the most  
dangerous state, with a nuclear weapon, who is threatening to use its  
nuclear weapon arsenal against another country, outside of  
international law, and having the .UN  and the .US acting as a  
smokescreen if it were to do so.

for this reason, an immediate effort would be required by  
international community to hold .IL to account for its status as a  
nuclear aggressor and should be reigned in by a treaty which limits  
the actions it can take and if it fails to abide by international  
commitments -- to face sanctions until it does comply. that is, that  
Israel is not given a free hand to develop and use nuclear weapons as  
it likes, especially if it is under the influence of 'violent  
extremists' who are now manning nuclear submarines and threatening  
nuclear (TERROR) war in the Mideast which would easily turn global.

the 'official' Israeli government therefore would be compelled to  
sign-onto a nuclear non-aggression treaty, thereby separating the  
'official' government from any rogue actors who may decide to pursue  
this policy against the interests of Israeli citizens and the state,  
safety, and welfare of Israel itself. that is, any Judeo-fascists who  
may threaten Israel's existence by using a nuclear weapon against  
another country would be acting against a treaty officially signed  
onto by the democratic government of Israel and thus would be  
threatening this state's very survival.

any nuclear actions in the Mideast which would take place outside of  
such a nuclear peace agreement would place the fate of Israel in with  
the fate of the fascists in its government who are aligned with  
Neoconservatives who have subverted and undermined the .US government  
and the .UN, and must be dealt with to regain command and control of  
these states and world organization.

that is, the fascists, traitors, Neoconservatives, Insurrectionists,  
terrorists and others who are party to these crimes against humanity  
must be held accountable for their actions -- and until they are, the  
risk of 'terror attacks' will remain a daily reminder that they are  
still in power, playing their deadly game, on behalf of the business  
model that is the "War of Terror", i.e. an evil agenda.

where there are no sanctions and no possiblity of sanctions under  
Neoconserative policies, there could be TOTAL SANCTIONS unless there  
is total compliance with the need for nuclear peace. and the  
decisions made by .IL as to how it aligns with the .US BLACKFLAG will  
set the tone for how  this situation evolves: so that it either  
separates out these fascists from ordinary Israelis, or uses them as  
cover by which to proceed to attack Iran in a nuclear confrontation,  
as is now possible...

needless to say .US BLACKFLAG OPERATIONS has a interest in not  
having .US TROOPS held further hostage to a Neoconservative agenda,  
and further exploited for these same ends where tens of thousands of  
Iraqis have died and 2,500+ .US soldiers have died, with no respect  
paid by the Neoconservatives to the human lives involved: and instead  
a singular focus upon the narrow interests and agenda which predates  
these actions by decades, by which to overtake the mideast so as to  
secure victory for one-side of the conflict; which has now turned  
into a FASCIST cause.

for this reason, any increase in hostility by .IL toward .IR will be  
a hostility toward .US troops under BLACKFLAG COMMAND and CONTROL.  
and this alley could easily be turned into enemy #1 should it again  
betray the interests of the United States of America and imperil its  
citizen-soldiers without respect for their needs, their lives, and  
their destinies. instead, this relation will be placed under review  
and upon clarification with regard to the deceits involved over  
decades of planning by Insurrectionists and Neoconservatives, war  
reparations and other means (included diverting .US taxpayer money  
for building illegal settlements) may become 'policy issues' by which  
to exact a new relationship in which the .US needs are paramount and  
Israel understands its place in the world and in .US politics.  
respect this, and you remain a friend and alley, disregard this and  
your status will change, if only by sheer default of popular opinion  
about the true nature of deceptions involved by _some in the .IL  
government and in the .US acting on behalf of these special interests.

that this is unacceptable as it exists today is an understatement:  
and that this must and will be addressed is only a matter of how.  
much of that depends on what .IL decides to do with ramping up this  
nuclear confrontation against .US and world interests, and beyond  
international law itself. to speak of 'isolation' -- there will be no  
nation more isolated in the history of the world than Israel, if it  
is to do something as stupid and dangerous as pursue nuclear  
aggression beyond all sane options. that is, there is a predetermined  
course and a rogue group who may make a nuclear strike at any cost --  
and that this is the current situation -- the current and existing  
danger of a 'rogue'; or even 'terrorist government' who has nuclear  
tipped missiles on land and on submarines and is right now  
threatening to launch a pre-emptive strike on Iran's legal programs,  
against any checks, balances. so, to say that Iran is the biggest  
threat since Hitler is to mistake propaganda for the truth that it is  
Israel as a state that is acting the most dangerously, and if  
including the actions of Neocons and of fascists, and violent  
extremists in .IL and abroad, have pursued Nazi-Level planning that  
is equated with the atrocities of WWII, and Hitler, which has  
centered around 9/11 and the invasion of Iraq, and the attempts to  
overthrow Syria and now to nuke Iran. who is the aggressor in this  
situation? 'the terrorists' are who, exactly? not Muslims, it would  
seem. 'the terrorist state' is Israel, here.

and, upon .US BLACKFLAG OPERATIONS, it will be up to the Israelis and  
their 'government' to decide whether they stand with the .US  
constitutional democracy or with the terrorists, Neocons, and  
fascists and the Insurrectionists who have undermined the United  
States of America and .UN for pursuit of what can only be called: a  
TERRORIST AGENDA for conquering the Middle East.

this could be considered 'tough love' by a true friend of Israel, who  
must say this so as to salvage all that is good -- and yet to face  
the facts as they exist, so as to find a way through this together.  
Israel has no better friend than America, if it stands by America and  
its people. and American will always defend Israel, yet this requires  
a commitment for Israel to defend America. and today this is not the  
relationship-- and the .US has been severely undermined and must  
recover from this and to do so, it will require reestablishing a new  
relationship: what this is is up to Israelis to decide, and may it be  
to recognize the BLACKFLAG OPERATIONS and work to achieve a NUCLEAR  
PEACE TREATY and MIDEAST PEACE POLICY by which to transform the  
region and the larger world organization. though first, it will be  
required that this 'problem' of fascism is dealt with, thoroughly and  
swiftly, to secure the machineries of state so that peoples can work  
together for shared goals. and the .US has some frequent flyer miles  
for one-way trips on the Space Shuttle it will be handing out to  
those renowned enough to deserve them, and it is advised Israel be in  
service to making sure these people are delivered to justice. this is  
not optional. it is a matter of absolute compliance. this 'terror  
war' network must be dismantled, and until it is, nuclear weapons in  
the state of Israel are within reach of actual rogue actors, violent  
extremists, who could launch a nuclear first strike against another  
law-abiding country, and outside of international law -- and this is  
a nuclear threat against the world, then. until it is resolved. doing  
so, under .US BLACKFLAG may require that the entire .IL nuclear  
infrastructure be dismantled and all nuclear submarines docked and  
disarmed until the 'violent extremists' are brought to justice. it  
would be unwise to disregard the seriousness to which others take  
this situation, and the threat .IL poses to .US BLACKFLAG OPERATIONS  
in developing peace in the mideast -- it is thus hoped that the  
new .IL government recognizes the .US BLACKFLAG as the legal  
government and steps away from the violent extremist of the Likud who  
are tied in with the Neoconservatives and helps bring those who have  
acted against the .US, .UN, and other nations in terrorist  
hostilities to justice, -- including their proxies now in the  

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// regarding .US disregard for .UN charter in nuclear confrontation:

[1] Iran Denounces U.S. Nuclear Strike Stance

	"Iran insists it is legally entitled under the Nuclear  
Nonproliferation Treaty to enrich uranium to provide fuel for  
civilian power plants but the United States suspects its real aim is  
to produce nuclear weapons, a view backed by Britain and France.

Zarif said the use of "false pretexts" by senior U.S. officials "to  
make public and illegal threats of resort to force against the  
Islamic Republic of Iran is continuing unabated in total contempt of  
international law and fundamental principles of the United Nations  

The "U.S. aggressive policy" of contemplating the possible use of  
nuclear weapons also violates the nonproliferation treaty and other  
U.S. multilateral agreements, he said.

"Such dangerous statements, particularly those of the United States  
president, widely considered in political and media circles as a  
tacit confirmation of the shocking news on the administration's  
possible contemplation of nuclear strikes against certain targets in  
Iran, defiantly articulate the United States policies and intentions  
on the resort to nuclear weapons," Zarif said.

"In view of the past illegal behavior of the United States, these  
assertions yet again constitute matters of extreme gravity that  
require an urgent, concerted and resolute response on the part of the  
United Nations and particularly the Security Council," he said."


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