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<nettime> video-dnevnik in Kiev
Nils Claesson on Fri, 12 May 2006 22:17:39 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime> video-dnevnik in Kiev

Video-dnevnik.org - a Performing Pictures collaboration with support from Svenska
Institutet - held a Participatory Media Workshop in Kiev, Ukraine May 4-5. The
seminar was held in collaboration with the Centre for Contemporary Art in Ukraine
and the Kino Club at NaUKMA (the University of Kiev). During the seminar, the
fundamental idea of the project - a non-hierarchic democratic form of storytelling
- was introduced. Natalia Golova, one of the project collaborators in Minsk showed
exemples from the fifteen diaries she's been part of producing, and her own diary,
describing the dramatic events that took place following the presidential election
in Minsk, and the subesequent mass protesting. Her diary was given the name "My 7
days in Heaven Land". Examples from Swedish diaries was also presented, as well as
a selection of films and projects to demonstrate the theme of video-dnevnik;
identity, representation, power and media.

Results in Kiev Centre for Contemporary Art in Kiev offered to become a new
partner in the project. A working group consisting of workshop participants
willing to share their diaries and collect other Ukrainian diaries was initiated,
and a locala coordinator appointed. Video-dnevnik deposited a video camera at the
centre, which will be at the disposal of the participants in the film-making
process. Nils Claesson and Dmitri Plax from Video-dnevnik were interviewd in
radio, TV and Kiev-based film- and cultural magasins.

For more information about the project:

 Nils Claesson
email: nils {AT} video-dnevnik.org

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