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<nettime> BLACKFLAG OPS [outside.US] Part3
brian carroll on Tue, 23 May 2006 06:49:14 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime> BLACKFLAG OPS [outside.US] Part3

many of the problems in the Middle East relate to failures and biases  
of .US FOREIGN POLICY which has been proven to be detrimental to .US  
interests in that these are the very problems generating the need for  
a 'War of Terror.' i.e. the catastrophic decision-making of the .US  
'War of Terror' is an extension of failed .US policies in the Mideast  
by which to secure victory for one-side of the mideast conflict, at  
world-scale. fighting this war only generates more opposition to the  
basic policies underlying all decision-making, which is an unjust,  
biased, and distorted view of the situation between .IL and  
Palestine. and continuing to fight this war only compounds the basic  
situation further, becoming entrenched in the polarized binary  
ideological worldviews, which can only create more war, death, and  
destruction by taking such a path.

for this reason .US BLACKFLAG OPERATIONS become necessary because  
the .US GOVERNMENT is no longer effective in its decision-making by  
which it could transform this situation in the interests of .US  
citizens and the .US STATE. that is, via POLICY which takes into  
account these well-known * facts * about the basic situation  
underlying the ideological struggle now underway. if anything, it  
could be said that the POLICY is based on an "anti-enlightenment"  
philosophy in which public reason has no role in .US decision-making,  
and only a private reasoning which is largely irrational if taken in  
terms other than those it can control.  it is in this way that an  
INSURRECTIONIST agenda has found its way into .US POLICY via  
Neoconservatives who have subverted .US GOVERNMENT for an agenda that  
makes no sense for the .US citizens to pursue, including the .US  
military, because it is against the self-interests of the .US itself.

instead of governance in a constitutional democracy in which the  
public will is being represented -- this has been short-circuited by  
PRIVATE POLICIES which are dictated, one-way, via MASS MEDIA which  
bypasses the public checks-and-balances of democratic governance,  
which then distorts the representation of issues and thus the reality  
of issues as they exist to .US citizens as represented in the mass  
media of magazines, newspapers, television, radio, etc. what is being  
represented in the .US is a violent right-wing perspective of the  
Mideast situation, by default. that is, an agenda that is based on  
fighting and winning one-side of the Mideast conflict, is the status  
quo position for all reporting and all representation of the issues  
in the .US with regard to issues between Israel and Palestine. thus,  
American citizens are only getting one-side of the story, and this is  
considered the only side of the story. this basic compromise of  
objectivity has led to the 'War of Terror' as being a legitimation of  
pursuing such a strategic extension of this basic idea, in that the   
'War of Terror' POLICY further secures this narrow point-of-view (of  
Israel's right-wing) in the .US as its FOREIGN POLICY agenda, its  
geostrategic purpose and planning for its development in the world.  
the very fact that the narrow POLICY goals of an external state have  
become the sole geostrategic agenda for the .US is an indication of  
external forces interfering in the internal affairs of the .US, which  
is unacceptable. it accounts to treason, if not total subversion.

this is to say that, because of the way the .US GOVERNMENT is short- 
circuited by special interests and corporate-machinery, the situation  
in the mideast has been 'misrepresented' by a one-sided and BIASED  
approach, which feeds the mideast conflict which scales up to the  
'War of Terror' -- and that for those who are being represented  
by .US FOREIGN POLICY, are INSURRECTIONISTS both internal (Neocons)  
and external (Likud) to the .US affairs of state. in this way,  
the .US has taken on an agenda by which to fight and die on behalf of  
external forces, under the .US FLAG and by contorting the original  
intent of the .US CONSTITUTION, to place American lives and treasure  
in service to a foreign agenda and its self-interest -- a fatally  
unwise to pursue as .US POLICY, because it does not serve the .US  
self-interest. instead it is only automatically generating more and  
more terrorism which is naturally balancing this unequal situation.  
so, the POLICY which is a failure for .US interests actually becomes  
a business model which creates a supply of 'terror' by which the  
corporate dictatorial state can continue to destroy the  
constitutional state in pursuing such circular logic. that is, TERROR  
is an ecosystem by which corporate machines are making PROFITS off of  
this human oppression, via dehumanizing policies which are unfair and  
unjust, which create the very problem that the 'War of Terror' is  
supposedly to solve, yet this only creates more and more terror, as a  
commodity, by which to trade and extend this modeling of the state in  
its clampdown on individual liberties, dissent, freedom,  
representative government, and constitutional law. as it now exists,  
the PATRIOT ACT is the NEW CONSTITUTION, in that it becomes the new  
rule of law and claim of citizenship for those who are not considered  
terrorists in this state, only 'suspected' TERRORISTS, until their  
day arrives.

instead of this draconian anti-constitutional and anti-democratic  
POLICY, a constitutional democracy would have to square the Mideast  
situation between .IL and .PS with .US law and public representation,  
which is not happening today.

instead, what is happening is that only one-side of this situation is  
being represented and it is a far-right version of events, that has  
filled the 'hearts and minds' of all in the .US CONGRESS, which has  
short-circuited public representation of these issues in the .US  
affairs of state, substituting a fair appraisal of the situation of  
Palestinians for a NEOCON agenda which is itself equally 'violently  
extreme' as the terrorists it supposedly is out to capture all around  
the globe. it is this highly distorted misrepresentation of the  
mideast situation that is found in .US POLICY in the mideast, which  
the .US uses to claim those who are defending their homeland in  
Palestine as being TERRORISTS, while no Judaic or Christian violent  
extremists exist, no matter the facts which say otherwise.  
including .US funded TERRORISM of Palestinians which is not being  
accounted for in the Mideast, and the violation of the human rights  
via .US POLICY of Palestinians, on behalf of these same special  
interests operating under the cover of the .US GOVERNMENT.

in this way, the HYPOCRISY of .US POLICY in the mideast is total. it  
is incoherent, unfair, unjust and unreasonable-- that is, it cannot  
even be justified by facts and logic and rational argument in terms  
of its own POLICY, by which to reason diplomatically for its own  
positions, in relation to its own 'War of Terror' agenda. and it is  
both internally, in the .US CONGRESS, that such *public* checks and  
balances on .US mideast policy are avoided, ignored, and censored, -  
it is also in global policy in external affairs such as those in  
the .UN where the .US position is *anti-enlightenment* or that of  
*anti-reason*, whereby any criticism of this absolute and unwavering  
support for .IL right-wing policy establishment has become more a  
matter of faith and true belief in the infallibility of a state  
external to .US affairs, to which it is a servant. this is not  
healthy, to say the least, and constitutes a sickness in its  
mentality that it becomes an irrational position for a STATE to take,  
in terms of representing itself. it becomes a type of madness, that  
also becomes automated in POLICY, which leads to global wars, and  
makes PEACE impossible, especially when constitutional governance  
ceases to exist.

thus, if taking .US POLICY into account with regard to the democratic  
government of Palestine, recently elected, and now trying to be taken  
down by these same forces-- that this is happening without public  
checks-and-balances for what this means to the same strategy which is  
guiding the disastrous 'War of Terror' - as such actions will only  
increase existing problems and make them much, much worse. thus, it  
is against basic reasoning and logic by which to pursue such a  
course, yet it is beyond questioning given the way the .US CONGRESS  
has lost its ability to function as a public entity. to say this is a  
state of emergency is to bring reminder of the 2,600 .US lives lost  
thus far in .IQ, and estimated trillion dollar cost of the current  
failures of leadership-- and then to keep adding onto this series of  
strategic failuires, compounding it with interest, to the point of  
total bankruptcy of the ideology versus the reality that becomes very  
clearly its antithesis.

if the .US GOVERNMENT has been short-circuited and public  
representative government does not exist by which to reconsider .US  
POLICY in terms of .US self-interest, then there is no public  
accountability or influence upon the course of government, which is  
supposed to govern in our name, as human citizens, yet is incapable  
of doing so today, as it has devolved over the last decades. people  
could SUE the .US government to declare policies are UNCONSTIUTIONAL  
and against .US interests -- such as having total and complete BIAS  
for ISRAEL in .US FOREIGN POLICY, which is to treat some citizen's  
interests ahead of others-- and that in doing so, the human rights of  
Palestinians have become of less
value than those of Israelis, and that .US TAXPAYER DOLLARS have been  
funding abuses and violations against human rights, in the Occupied  
Territories, in the form of underwriting SETTLEMENT BUILDING, which  
makes .US TAXPAYERS unwitting accomplices in fueling the basis for  
the 'War of Terror' in the first place::: this is to say, .US POLICY  
is itself auto-generating the global 'War of Terror', by its not  
being accurately represented in its own internal governance in  
the .US CONGRESS via distorted and biased representations that  
represent only NEOCONSERVATIVE perspectives, and that this POLICY is  
against the laws and rights found in the .US CONSTITUTION -- in that  
such policy is undeniably against .US interests and the rights of  
citizens not to fund the oppression of the Palestinians on behalf of  
the state of .IL, nor to have no say in this policy, which has become  
the sole purpose of the .US GOVERNMENT to purse for eternity.

that is, there exists A CASE FOR LEGAL ASSAULTS against the .US  
and have inherent BIAS which are themselves feeding the 'War of  
Terror' by creating the conditions which _breed TERROR, and corporate  
machines represented in this corporate democracy which is now a  
dictatorship of such, have made this into a business model by which  
to profit from this inhuman terrorization, indefinitely; the cost  
being constitutional democracy, representative government, human  
rights, constitutional law, public interest, etc.

such .US POLICY is endangering .US citizens (and world citizens) via  
private distorted interests that bypass the public for private  
special interests which today align with INSURRECTIONISTS both inside  
and outside of the .US GOVERNMENT.

this is not only UNCONSTITUTIONAL, and legitimates .US BLACKFLAG  
OPERATIONS to recover and secure the public state against this  
private subversion of constitutional democracy, this is a CIVIL WAR  
between these corporate machines and those who serve them, and thus  
serve this terrorization, and the human citizens and organizations  
and businesses which serve the shared human cause, by which to uphold  
human 'reason' in the rule of law and in public governance. in other  
words: this is a WAR that is now being fought, which is actually  
another war altogether. the "War of Terror" is not the real war, it  
is a misrepresentation of the basic situation- which can only be  
resolved by fighting for Mideast Peace by which to stop this Reign of  
Terror by which to pursue illegal policies as if some divine action  
of western democracies, and instead to reclaim the integrity of  
democratic governance and human representation, to regain control of  
our machines.


 	(General Policy Direction in Middle East and Southeast Asia)

				      [Continued - Part 3]

{{ .US BLACKFLAG  {AT}  www.electronetwork.org/temp/blackflagUSv.gif  }}

    	Every normal man must be tempted at times to spit on his hands,
			hoist the black flag, and begin to slit throats.

     			-- H. L. Mencken, US editor (1880 - 1956)


6. .US recognition of PS.gov		[ref: preface to Part 3 (on policy)]

upon the transformation of .US BLACKFLAG OPERATIONS, the COMMAND and  
CONTROL of the .US GOVERNMENT would be placed under military review  
and as such .US POLICY would be considered in terms of its total  
effect on the .US goals in the existing conflicts of the 'War of  
Terror' with regard to other existing policies stuck in the  
ideological swamp that is the .US CONGRESS today. in such a way  
the .US POLICY towards the democratically elected government of  
Palestine, will be placed in a new status by which TALKS for  
resolving the differences will be expedited so as to secure a legal  
relationship between governments that is not BIASED as to one-side of  
the ideological mideast conflict. this would not be to condone any  
actions against .IL or its people, though it would be to send warning  
that Palestine and its people are friends of America and their human  
rights will no longer continue to be overlooked, or oppressed by .US  
POLICY. i.e. aggressions against .PS will be considered aggressions  
against .US interests, including subversion of their government on  
behalf of Neoconservative interests.

this is to convey that the 'War of Terror' is based on total  
hypocrisy whereby only Palestinians are the terrorists and not the  
Israelis who are bombing and bulldozing and shooting at its citizens  
(innocent men, women, and children) -- and occupying lands illegally  
past the 1967 borders (242) and in .US subsidized housing, which  
could be considered .US PROPERTY even, should it be proven as such.  
this TERRORIZATION of peoples must stop and the best and quickest way  
to do that is to observe HUMAN RIGHTS in the region, to uphold them,  
and to work for a lasting Mideast peace. [1]

the first step to doing so is to recognize the Palestinian government  
as consisting not of 'TERRORISTS' (who equate to 'enemies of Israel')  
and instead, as to warriors who defended their lands, in a war with  
Israel and with a commitment to the process of building peace, will  
be recognized under some arrangement by which to, step by step, build  
up a new relationship and confidence between .IL and .PS to stop the  
war and start the peace with each new decision now made.

to do so, the .US will contribute in its own ways to easing off of  
pressures currently being applied via POLICY and the role of the .UN  
must be made more active in both the QUARTET and in funding for what  
is a humanitarian crisis that is being brought on by this mad pursuit  
of the dysfunctional 'War of Terror' policies which are further  
oppressing those in .PS and this must be recognized immediately and  
actions must be taken immediately to stop this inhuman suffering on  
behalf of machines of state which behave as if they are only fascist  
in their considerations. there are better ways forward.

because of the complexity of this situation, it would be advised  
that .US CITIZENS show support for Palestinians by sending personal  
checks to any institutions which can deliver aid to the people whose  
money is now being withheld via .US Neoconservative ideologues as it  
is justified by the immoral, illegal, and unconstitutional 'War of  
Terror' POLICY. if those organizations and institutions who are  
expert can find a way for .US TAXPAYERS to bypass the .US POLICIES  
which forbid donating to 'terrorist organizations' (Hamas government)  
via businesses, it would be a way for CITIZENS to PROTEST the  
illegality of these policies, via small personal checks, and show  
solidarity with .PS citizens whose human rights are being held  
hostage by foreign policies which are terrorizing the .PS people,  
their land, and the future .PS state.

{{ "rewiring the Mideast circuitboard via .US BLACKFLAG OPERATIONS"
reference MAP temp.online  {AT}  www.electronetwork.org/temp/MAP.gif  }}

7. .US troop movements 	(along with global mass media to .PS)

because of the total imbalance and bias of .US and western POLICY in  
the Mideast, there is a need for the .US public to witness 'the other  
side of the story' in the Mideast conflict, which is generating all  
the 'War of Terror' policies in the .US by which citizens rights are  
being taken away and the constitution voided in its pursuit.

under the .US BLACKFLAG, a contingent of .US TROOPS and .US MEDIA  
(independent and mass media) would travel from Iraq and into  
Palestine, upon establishing a route through neighboring countries in  
a non-hostile expeditionary mission, which will bring civil affairs,  
engineering (infrastructure, defense, security) and other .US  
military resources into Palestine to help in surveying the ongoing  
humanitarian situation while placing .US TROOPS in service to  
assisting (not dictating) planning for nation-building of a .PS state  
(for instance, providing consulting with .US Army Corp of Engineers).

the purpose of this gesture would be to establish a new relationship  
between the .US and .US military in the Mideast, with those on the  
other side of the Mideast conflict, to which the .US is dedicated to  
resolving along with others involved in the Quartet. what is of  
highest importance is if there are any aggressions upon the  
Palestinians that are going on that have not been reported or are  
being ignored by the .US MASS MEDIA, with respect to VIOLATIONS of  
HUMAN RIGHTS that is collectively punishing those in .PS, and is  
being funded by .US TAXPAYERS. this includes bombing and sonic booms  
over .PS territories, which creates inhuman and oppressive conditions  
and the .US is going to be looking into this situation-- and what can  
and will be done about it, in terms of international law and in terms  
of .US POLICY positions.

Israel should immediately cease the indiscriminate targeting of  
Palestinian civilians and ratchet down all hostilities upon .US  
BLACKFLAG OPERATIONS, for at this point any hostility against those  
in .PS will also be hostilities against the .US and its interests in  
the region. in other words: the terror by right-wing extremists  
in .IL against .PS  must also be stopped.

 if this does not happen, .US TROOPS will defend the .PS people  
against .IL aggressions, whether state or non-state actors, including  
those INSURRECTIONISTS who currently are now in command and control  
of the .US GOVERNMENT. (the choice exists to work through this  
situation with the human interests on the same side of this  
situation, versus those of a dysfunctional and fascist machinery of  
state- the choice peoples and governments take will decide their  
outcome. in other words, to stick with violent extremist policies  
which works against human interests will define who the enemy is.  
(for those who refuse to recognize these new rules of engagement: you  
can loosen your necktie, you won't be needing it...)

8. Mideast Peace Treaty (global Pow-Wow - Quartet .DE as special  

to establish Mideast Peace talks and a treaty structure, upon the  
arrival of .US BLACKFLAG TROOPS there should be a follow-on  
contingent of international diplomats to prepare for a global pow-wow  
of the Quartet and other mediators and interests, by which to  
establish a framework which resolves the outstanding issues with  
regard to .UN RESOLUTIONS of the 1967 borders (242) and the  
Palestinian diaspora (as part of the plan by Saudi proposal always  
vetoed by the .US in the .UN, etc). there should be some permanent  
presence of a peace-building structure in the Palestinian territories  
by which to facilitate peace talks while also helping move forward  
with plans for a .PS state and its future development. thus, economic  
dimension could also open up in this setting with investment and R&D  
which are non-military in nature, such as infrastructure projects and  
agriculture surveys, etc.

as proposed, state-state relations could build upon resolving the  
1967 border issue, with respect to recognition of the state of .IL  
and non-hostility agreements towards it, in areas which are not  
infringing upon this international property line. this partial  
recognition of a state-state boundary market could provide for  
exchange/relationships that could be further built to sustain larger  
peace initiatives. this idea has been stated by those in .PS already  
and would be supported by .US BLACKFLAG POLICY which would exist in a  
gray-area by which to seek a fair and just resolution to the mideast  
conflict. it is believed .IL is prepared to make concessions to  
secure peace and a 2-state solution, and this is the best chance.  
thus working towards a stable engagement between .IL and .PS via the  
Quartet and concessions to get into TALKS would be necessary, and a  
non-hostile and non-aggression treaty would be necessary if .US  
TROOPS are in the region and will be helping resolve this situation  
along with others, if this approach would be acceptable to the  
Palestinians. the role of the .US would be that of SUPPORT and  
stabilization during peace talks and in an advisory/consultant role  
as to building/planning a state, yet this would be a sovereign and  
autonomous state and not to do with internal .PS affairs.

during Peace talks themselves, the role of Germany would be  
particularly important as a mediator between the issues of those  
in .IL and those in .PS who may now be living in oppressive  
conditions. therefore, given that .DE is well acquainted with being a  
pariah of WWII, it would be to finally move beyond this chapter and  
acknowledge its role in seeking peace, including its standing against  
the .US invasion of .IQ in the 'War of Terror.' in such a way,  
Germany can fairly judge both sides of this issue, as to where  
hypocrisy may exist in the current scenario, so to provide checks and  
balances to the BIAS that exists towards policies that have become  
FASCIST are now guide western policy and decision-making, against its  
own enlightened self-interest. and instead, provides evidence that  
amends must be made for the existing injustices. of any Western state  
that is capable of judging this situation the most fairly, it is  
Germany, who is held to a higher standard than any other country in  
the west with regard to issues that again are resurfacing in the 'War  
of Terror' of our day. this will be a unique opportunity to provide  
an enlightened and wise perspective, to heal old wounds and bring  
true insight into this current complex situation, which if it could  
be mediated similarly to the fall of the Berlin wall between east and  
west Germany, may provide context for considering issues such as  
the .IL wall in relation to the .PS state, including the issue of 2- 
states with a dual capital in Jerusalem, for instance.

in such a way, if both sides are partners and 'on the same side' of  
peace and human development, Germany and others could provide  
balanced perspective which is sensitive to needs and abilities that  
exist in this situation and find a way to let it work for everyone,  
say through investing in infrastructure projects itself, which would  
involve jobs for .PS and training, in addition to co-development  
between the two states in particular projects to build peace between  

(*another aspect of Germany's role could be in helping to establish  
an 'electromagnetic bauhaus' global RDD project which would have a  
node in Jerasalem to be shared between .PS and .IL, which could form  
the basis for education, infrastructure, development, policy, and  
other projects related to electromagnetism, including a global  
conference. e.g. the EM institute could be a place to study rural  
electrification in the mideast region, etc. which could bring in  
regional and world experts such as from the IEEE and elsewhere,  
including other countries resources (.US REA) in advisory roles, to  
discuss, collaborate, co-develop, teach, train, plan, build, invest,  
invent, etc.) this is to suggest that an EM Education dimension could  
contribute to building up new relations in the region, while  
developing regional infrastructure, etc).

9. 2-state solution (UN 242)

.US BLACKFLAG OPERATIONS are centered around ending the ongoing 'War  
of Terror' by securing Mideast Peace by which the United Nations  
resolution 242 is upheld in terms of being the basis for resolving  
this conflict, and that this goal will be realized in a 2-state  
solution whereby Israel and Palestine can peacefully co-exist side-by- 
side, into the future.

to accomplish this, the .US MILITARY must account for the situation  
'on the ground' as is often said in .US rhetoric, by which to  
consider the basic dynamic as it now exists. the 'international  
property line' which was illegally bypassed and settled by Israel in  
the 1967 war is at issue, as is the means by which such property has  
been defended, which could potentially equate such defense with  
'violent extremism' - thus, 'terror' -- as this becomes an issue if  
to look at this situation without the BIAS of Neoconservatives hiding  
this from .US citizens and the .US public, whose TAXPAYER moneys have  
gone to fund this situation, which is itself ILLEGAL by international  
law and human rights standards, not to mention UNCONSTITUTIONAL in  
that it is promoting injustice and creates problems against .US self- 
interest itself.

not only the international property line, of .UN resolution 242 which  
would recognize this situation, yet also the buildings in these  
Occupied Territories which have been built using .US TAXPAYER money--  
which may have itself been funneled illegally into such  
constructions. it is questionable as to the status of such an  
architecture and master plan, which is not only occupying stolen  
land, and not only oppressing those trying to resist this, -- the  
buildings themselves are actually the (potential) PROPERTY of .US  
TAXPAYERS which is now sitting in Palestine. what does this mean?  
the .US MILITARY will be looking into this, and trying to figure out  
what it means for .US POLICY with respect to Israel, and what to do  
about this situation with regard to .US money being involved in what  
has become the genesis for the .US global 'War of Terror' which has  
become a fascist agenda of Neoconservative and other  
INSURRECTIONISTS. at the very least: it is not good. and this  
situation will require recompense to Palestinians and the American  
citizens whose GOODWILL was exploited. this does not make an enemy of  
Israel-- how Israel deals with this situation will determine how to  
move beyond this.

in a 2-state solution one of the key areas would appear to be  
establishing a self-sustaining infrastructure for Palestine not be  
subject to foreign interference from .IL politics, such as turning  
off the lights in .PS via .IL energy grids. or water, etc. so various  
infrastructure projects that the .US could help support which define  
Palestinian statehood would be a priority to stop the ongoing cycle  
of strike-counterstrike, and bring some autonomy between the two  
machineries of state, while also building in security arrangements to  
prevent increasing hostilities over issues already known to cause  
conflict. (i.e. maybe the 'fence/wall' is needed, temporarily, yet  
could be transformed into a dual-use device such as a gate with  
bridges which could be a cultural project, and not a military  
concentration camp of oppressor/oppressed, for instance).

in any case, the purpose of the 2-state solution would be to stop the  
short-circuit which is manifesting itself world-wide in the global  
'War of Terror' - by stopping the imbalanced/biased relationship both  
between .IL and .PS, in the mideast region, in world organization,  
and in the .US itself, including the .US Congress and Mass Media  
which have failed to accurately and fairly represent this situation  
due to their BIAS -- a failure which has itself contributed to  
oppressions and endless global war: so a responsibility exists for  
the .US to right itself with regard to these issues, via .US  
BLACKFLAG OPERATIONS and to work with others who are already  
committed to reaching a new era of peace within the Mideast.

X. new .US-.IL relations

what remains to be seen, at this stage of .US BLACKFLAG OPERATIONS,  
is what this new .US decision-making and POLICY will mean for .US-.IL  
relations - not only in terms of securing of Mideast Peace with  
respect to .UN resolution 242, though also with regard to likely  
interference in internal .US affairs, including .US FOREIGN POLICY  
whereby the previous head of state would declare .US MILITARY battle  
plans prior to their recognition to the .US public, and reconciling  
this situation in a way that restores confidence in the ability of  
the .US to guide its own decision-making under sovereign conditions  
and without undue external influence in its internal processes. there  
is evidence to suggest this is not an aberration and instead a  
coordinated plan to subvert the .US GOVERNMENT, between internal and  
external INSURRECTIONISTS -- and somehow this situation is going to  
need to fully, totally, and absolutely resolved. the price of not  
doing so is pretending that fascism can be appeased, allowed to  
exist, as if it is based on one's right to oppress. and when the  
consequences for this are realized in 9/11 in which thousands were  
murdered, and a trillion dollars vanishes, and wars launched in the  
interests of a certain group now illegally in power, while  
dismantling the constitutional state, it is curious how this will  
work itself out. by what route, with what means, etc.

what is known is that .US BLACKFLAG OPERATIONS will rise up in  
opposition to this oppression, and take COMMAND and CONTROL of the  
situation in the .US and its affairs of state, including its POLICY,  
agenda, and will contain this situation and walk it back to its  
sources, and deal with them according; including capital punishment  
for those found guilty of crimes against the United States of America  
in cases of treason and subversion, and Crimes against Humanity, and  
other War Crimes committed on behalf of this evil agenda that has  
taken us over.

this brings up the question of how to deal with FASCISM that exists  
not only in ISLAM, but those FASCISTS who exist in Christian and  
Jewish demographics who have been given a free hand by which to  
terrorize their ideological enemies. yet it may not be even about  
religion or faith, it may simply be about business, money, oil  
resources, a dehumanized agenda  which treats death, destruction, and  
a war as a means-to-an-end so as to secure profits for private  
corporations who are affiliated with this INSURRECTIONIST agenda,  
just like previous Nazi planning for world domination: public and  

.US BLACKFLAG OPERATIONS, in abolishing the federal state of .US  
GOVERNMENT will be engaging these issues by preparing for a  
CONSTITUTIONAL CONVENTION by which to propose ways to address the  
issue of 'representation' of certain demographics within the .US  
GOVERNMENT, to represent other interests outside of the legal state,  
as being problematic for the arrangement between .IL and the .US  
whereby .US citizens are now representing the needs of .IL before  
those of .US citizens within the .US CONGRESS and .US MASS MEDIA,  
without checks and balances for the BIAS and DISTORTION this creates  
and the inability to reason within such an environment, as to a  
neutral view of .US affairs because of such a situation. this may  
require either a structural or security arrangement whereby which  
those in the .US who are representatives would be advised to move  
to .IL if they are not capable of representing .US interests in their  
role in government, according to constitutional law and COMMON SENSE-  
including the intellectual integrity and backbone to know the  
difference between representing and MISREPRESENTING a position via  
BIAS and DISTORTIONS which serve a special-interest at the cost of  
the .US public and the integrity its ability to democratically govern  
its own affairs of state. to the point where the .US loses 2,600  
soldiers over lies, a trillion dollars, tens of thousands of Iraqis  
dead, etc. that this is not a considered a catastrophic failure of  
morality and ethics of those in the .US CONGRESS and MASS MEDIA is  
beyond belief: that this needs to be written out, 'this' being a  
STATUS QUO which has become the new FASCISM, is a disgrace to the  
founding principles of the .US STATE-- and those who now stand and  
supposedly represent it will soon be absolved of their hollow charade  
told to return to your residences, that you are now private not  
PUBLIC citizens and to regain a CONSCIENCE over what your decision- 
making has wrought: you are relieved of your duty of protecting the  
AND ITS HUMAN CITIZENS. those who know the difference between good  
and evil will be involved in the CONSTITUTIONAL CONVENTION and  
planning for reestablishing the federal .US GOVERNMENT- after it can  
be reconstituted and represented by true representatives of the human  
state, its people, its organizations, its self interests, its  
ingenuity, its passion, its intellect, and its POLICY.


.US BLACKFLAG OPERATIONS will thus work towards Mideast PEACE and a  
ongoing state of emergency, by which to redirect the resources now  
being squandered in delusional policies and dead-end FASCIST  
worldviews, to a direction that can be shared by its citizens and  
those in other states and governments, by which to stop this mad  
warmaking and start the inspired peace building. in such a situation  
everyone can be pointing in the same direction, as human beings, in  
an ecological environment which is complex, paradoxical, multilinear,  
and yet can find balance and sovereignty and organic development in  
ways that are otherwise inaccessible today. to add to this agenda  
would be a next stage by which to evolve the .UN for its role as a  
world organization that exists beyond national BIASES and DISTORTIONS  
which have crippled international relations and diplomacy in a global  
bureaucracy, which would function differently if designed around a  
multipolar circuitry which more accurately models the world  
environment and its processors of state as they are able to co-exist  
at world-scale.

in this way, 'transforming' existing states of affairs necessitates a  
type of deconstruction (destruction-construction) of the existing  
situation so as to reconfigure and redirect its future planning and  
development. .US BLACKFLAG OPERATIONS will allow the impossible to  
occur, which otherwise could not, by harnessing the existing collapse  
of the .US STATE at the hands of INSURRECTIONIST motivations, to  
abolish and reconstitute the .US GOVERNMENT via a CONSTITUTIONAL  
CONVENTION which will transform the STATE on-the-fly, while it is  
being secured in operating via the .US MILITARY. this situation finds  
itself in the adage: evolve or die. otherwise stated: adapt or die.  
and there is a better and a worse choice now, to either stand  
passively before this collapsing of the state of affairs, or to  
harness it to do work, for the greater goals and interests that used  
to be held in these same institutions-- and to find these by  
reconstituting them anew, honoring them by upholding the ideas and  
sacrificing so as to secure their place - in our and our children's  

more SACRIFICE will be necessary, this time around it will be  
from .US CITIZENS to stand up and be counted. to stand up and work  
together to reestablish a constitutional, democratic, and  
representative government which actually works. and not to defend  
mediocrity, nor ignore fascism and pretend that the consequences for  
this will not ultimately be found. if not in our lives, then in our  
childrens. and already in all those outside the .US who have suffered  
over the .US POLICY which has oppressed so that .US CITIZENS have  
their freedoms, at another's expense. the .US BLACKFLAG POLICY will  
recognize that the light of the 'American dream' has been lost to its  
nightmare, which now exists around the world. and instead in  
recognizing this situation it is asked that when others witness  
the .US taking a stand, to stand with the .US in its journey through  
these rough seas, to help us see the light in the ideas and on the  
shared horizons, and to guide us to our best natures, so that we may  
rejoin others as responsible partners in sharing the best we have to  
offer the world.

if nothing else, please know that every attempt has been made to  
transform this deteriorating situation by .US citizens who uphold the  
constitution and their rights to representation. upon hoisting of  
the .US BLACKFLAG those who place their lot with humanity will be  
represented: seen and accounted for in new rules of engagement,  
strategy, and POLICY. those who stand against this movement will  
become enemies of this state -- their fate is placed in their own  
hands. it is hoped you choose wisely, renounce your fascist and  
terrorist ideology, and rejoin the human union and work for peace.

{{ .US BLACKFLAG  {AT}  www.electronetwork.org/temp/blackflagUSv.gif  }}

    	Every normal man must be tempted at times to spit on his hands,
			hoist the black flag, and begin to slit throats.

     			-- H. L. Mencken, US editor (1880 - 1956)


((* minor footnote: .US MILITARY returning from overseas should  
prepare to secure the SOUTHERN oilfields from SABOTAGE and possible  

[1] Palestinian PM makes plea for aid

Palestinians resort to primitive means to survive // ***

	'Like 165,000 other Palestinians employed by the state, Ahmad, who  
as a senior teacher would normally make about 2,000 shekels ($450) a  
month, has not been paid since the Hamas-led government came to power  
in March.' ... 'Ahmad said she, her unemployed husband, two sons and  
a daughter had not eaten meat since March. She said she was relying  
on rice she had bought before and vegetables planted in her back  
yard.' ... "In recent weeks, Palestinians in both the West Bank and  
Gaza have resorted to selling gold coins and bracelets -- in the Arab  
world traditionally a person's last source of wealth, next to land --  
to try to get together enough money to buy food."

quote:  "Some of Mr Abbas' supporters described the freezing of funds  
as an economic siege. .. "One of Mr Abbas' senior aides, Saeb Erekat,  
told the BBC the situation was desperate. .. '"The siege is harming  
us and it is really going to lead to a human catastrophe." (http:// 

GUANTANAMO BAY PRISON // public service announcement
OPEN for international human rights & Red Cross inspections
CLOSE for violating human rights in the name of democracy

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