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Re: <nettime> A Theory of Verticality: Eyal Weizman's architecture of Oc
lotu5 on Wed, 31 May 2006 16:25:45 +0200 (CEST)

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Re: <nettime> A Theory of Verticality: Eyal Weizman's architecture of Occupation

> This is part of a series of articles Eyal Weizman has published.
> This is with Opendemocracy.org the new urbanism, and its. This is
> something that no wall can contain.
> I enjoy Eyal's work because it indexes the kind of power
> structures that are being imposed on the Palestinian lands with a
> dynamic understanding of how these control mechanisms mesh with
> architecture. The other articles Ayal has written were compiled
> in a book entitled: A Civil Occupation: The Politics of Israeli
> Architecture with Rafi Segal

On that topic, Mike Davis recently gave a talk in San Diego about
slums and their relationship to resistance movements. Here is a
partial transcript and an audio link from san diego indymedia:


"On May 11 in International House's Great Hall at UCSD, urbanist,
author and Professor of History at UC Irvine Mike Davis spoke to
an audience of about 200 people about slums. Citing the UN-Habitat
report, "The Challenge of Slums," Davis outlined the tragic facts
about slums, including 1 billion current slum dwellers, an overlapping
1 billion people with no formal connection to their national or the
global economy, and 2-3 billion people over the next half century
most likely destined for slums. Summarizing his recent book, "Planet
of Slums," Davis argued that slum expansion has reached a limit
- an absence of free squatable land and the declining ability of
slum dwellers to occupy survival niches has given rise to sectarian
violence, child abandonment and other rational responses to desperate
circumstances. He concluded with the hopeful picture of slums as
incubators for burgeoning resistance movements.

Includes audio and partial transcript."


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