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<nettime> hear ye, hear ye... truce for NNA discussion
tobias c. van Veen on Wed, 7 Jun 2006 17:56:34 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime> hear ye, hear ye... truce for NNA discussion

greetings Nettime,

There is an entire backroom / backyard discussion going on right now to this
List, the Gathering, etc., and none of it is being revealed here, for all
kinds of reasons. The main reason has to do with the Fear, of posting to
this list (or perhaps I am wrong .. this being up to consideration).

I'd thus like to call for a TRUCE,
    what activists call a

..where people can post without fear of being eaten alive by the Lions,
    (as a recent email to me personally put it in such classical terms).

On the offlist there's been talk as to how Nettime is FRAGILE, how
Everything here is DiY, so methinks some of this fragility could be revealed
a bit ... without fragility there is little love for something, to see it
grow, as it appears as an impermeable facade, which is certainly not the

When throwing NNA it was obvious we were playing with symbols. I think the
symbolic power of Nettime has the potential to kickstart energy, and I think
it did, actually, do something along those lines in Montreal. But instead of
the energy returning to a list in the form of words, it spread into actions:
people meeting each other & more dots being connected between existing
networks. And who is to say this wasn't the better form of energy

Yet, for the sake of many things -- not the least, the archive, the sense of
this list's identity, and its coherency, as well as a resevoir of symbolic
capital that must be replenished if borrowed in such a manner -- it also
needs to return here in words, unless the silence become a mark of something
else.... an exodus and/or judgement.

So we return to posting. And so this is where we are at with the Nettime
dynamic now & it is not the same as other groups or that of the gathering,
where the same persons asked questions & participated who now are reluctant
to post. We have to actively make this space, methinks, and I'm not even
sure how to do that in a written space such as this. But perhaps addressing
the obvious will aid in allowing us to move onwards...




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Director, Upgrade Montréal
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