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<nettime> report_on_NNA
Nina Czegledy on Wed, 7 Jun 2006 22:51:30 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime> report_on_NNA

Hello All,

greetings from Budapest, I was one of the few lucky ones to make it
(in the nick of time) to the Montreal meeting.

I found the presentations and the discussions very informative and
once more, it brought home to me that "activism" is a multilayered,
many faceted (and in our case often informal) enterprise. It was great
to hear fresh approaches frequently infused with humour linking North
American nettimers to the rest of the nettime world. I certainly hope
that nettime's days are not over yet - just wish we could have more
frequent occasions to meet in person as this makes a real difference.
Thanks Tobias and all, who made it possible.

( and what is this background noise about?)


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