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Re: <nettime> report_on_NNA
John Hopkins on Thu, 8 Jun 2006 05:52:52 +0200 (CEST)

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Re: <nettime> report_on_NNA

Thanks Tobias for the report -- I was a bit dismayed to receive the 
email announcing the stream too late to tune in, as I had wanted to.

Although many of the issues definitely hit home, I guess I have found 
that nettime front-channel is what it is.  I rely on it for noisy and 
occasionally brilliant topical and opinion bursts along with 
subjective viewpoints about this messy space of networks, media, and 
criticality.  It rarely addresses praxis which I find problematic, 
and rarely applies principles to its own space of action, so, in that 
respect I see it as another channel of  academic discourse -- more 
about Word and less about Action  (note how many early nettimers have 
sought shelter in academia since 1996 from the more radical fields of 
cultural/media activism).  I use it primarily as a stimulus for 
backchannel 1-to-1 interactions that are personally more satisfying 
and more energizing.

Anyway, as an 'oldtimer', I realized that I have a pretty much 
complete Eudora archive of nettime back to January 1997 (prior to 
that the archive vanished into ELM heaven).  It is interesting to 
sort on Sender and see what/who shows up.  I thought to write a 
script of sorts to make a table for easier analysis, but haven't the 
brain power for that -- I would challenge somebody out there 
(preferably not a moderator!) to either be allowed access to a 
digital copy of the full online nettime archive to massage the data 
to provide this info -- or if possible, give me some input on how I 
can do that myself relatively easily.

(It could also perhaps be instructive to compare my received-mail 
archive to the 'official" one!)


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