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<nettime> \\ pulafashion spirit

>Subject:       Re: <nettime> report_on_NNA
>From:          "Murphy" <murphy {AT} thing.net>

>On Jun 7, 2006, at 5:13 AM, Andreas Broeckmann wrote:
>> (for me the question is, whether it is possible to get out of
>> the stale-mate that the list seems to be in; is it possible to make
>> communication more fluid again, or is the list just too old after 11
>> years? vuk - whatever happened to the spirit of 1996?)

andreas - phps you finally understand that encouraging discussions
is much more difficult than destroying them ... referring to your
unbelievably obtuse natural predilections to subjugate, suffocate, constrain=
and generally fuck the natural course of things up - to that end you are
of \your\ 1st world governments.

>whatever happened to the spirit of 1996?)

male imbeciles such as you + byfield attempted to control it.

allora - sa-ti fie de bine cu your "LAST ORDERS!"

salut, gigi

>If I remember correctly, many of the same questions were being asked
>in 1996 when a lot of the artists on the list felt constrained by the
>moderation and left or stopped posting. Since The Upgrade started
>out as an artists' group in NYC there's probably some concern about
>nettime being presented as an art project in that context -- a subject
>that is still relevant and should be discussed on .... nettime!
>not vuk
>Robbin Murphy


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