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Re: <nettime> report_on_NNA
Gita Hashemi on Thu, 8 Jun 2006 21:43:04 +0200 (CEST)

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Re: <nettime> report_on_NNA

At 11:31 PM -0400 6/7/06, t byfield wrote:
>Let's say for the sake of argument that nettime is actually run by
>Satan himself.

okay, just for the sake of argument:

i read your use of religious imagery as insinuating dogmatism on the
part of the "other". i'll be happy to be corrected.

>Do his motives matter?

yes, most certainly. criticality cannot stop at the surface appearance
of things. we cannot, even for the sake of argument, ignore, for
example, the profit-seeking motives animating neocolonial expansionism
from present day wars, or our analysis would be at best incomplete
and insufficient and at worst apologetic. what also matters are
actions and their effects. that said, my question was directed at
your intentions and actions. the effects were fairly obvious from the
frenzy that's been triggered.

>For most subscribers' purposes
>I think the answer is probably no.

sorry, but i can't buy this assumption. what basis do you have for
such a claim on the part of the diverse collectivity that makes up
nettime? my reading of posts by alssandra, caroline and roberta, among
a few others, leads me to a different conclusion.

>The very worst I could do is a pale
>shadow by comparison with him,

you mean by comparison with satan?! certainly our choices cannot be
limited to such simplistic binarism?

>so it seems like my motives would be
>that much less noteworthy. As for the rest, it's best to let straw men

not at all. your motives matter as much as everybody else's.
otherwise, thiis would be another one of those dreary episodes when
backroom fighting among boys spills over into the party and spoils the
fun for everyone.

truly, there are more urgent matters to attend to.

be well.


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