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<nettime> dictionary of war: video
florian schneider on Fri, 9 Jun 2006 02:15:28 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime> dictionary of war: video

dear nettimers!

last weekend the first edition of the DICTIONARY OF WAR took
place in Staedelschule in Frankfurt/Main. 25 concepts on the issue
of war have been created and presented by artists, architects,
theorists, filmmakers and activists.

since last monday night the video recording of the entire event
is online. you can download every concept presented in frankfurt
from the DICTIONARY website:

The RSS feed is available here:

for the distribution we are proudly using the V2V network, a
video syndication network based entirely on open source
technology and peer-to-peer distribution. we started this project
in 2003 and continously developed it further on. today it is
featuring modules for the drupal content management system
<http://drupal.org> that allow the syndication of the video files
across different sites and blogs:

all contributions to the DICTIONARY OF WAR are released under a
share-alike creative commons license. if you are interested in
the video material in higher resolution please contact us at:
<mailto:video {AT} dictionaryofwar.org>

the next edition of the DICTIONARY OF WAR will take place on July
22 and 23 in Munich, Muffathalle. among the contributors invited
to munich are: konrad becker, jordan crandall, tim etchells
(forced entertainment), tom keenan, geert lovink, marko peljhan,
eyal sivan, zelimir zilnik...

the munich edition will be followed by sessions in graz on
october 13 and 14, and a berlin edition most likely on february 9
to 11, 2007

more soon!


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