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Re: <nettime> report_on_NNA
John Hopkins on Sun, 11 Jun 2006 04:51:44 +0200 (CEST)

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Re: <nettime> report_on_NNA

>Not directly but in any community/collective I know if someone 'stands up in a
>meeting' and makes a suggestion involving work then such an intervention
>carries with it the implication (and perhaps responsibility) that they are
>also willing to share in that work.
>Otherwise the intervention could be mistaken for being somewhat aristocratic.

Weeelllll, c'mon, he's chiming in with what seems to be a good idea, 
but good to do some arm-twisting before he gets too deep into 
academia ;-))   I am of the same opinion, and probably cannot join in 
on the task as I have other facilitation tasks already.  BUT, see 
below -- it's hard to say yes OR no without a clear description of 
the job!

>The examples you gave of larger networks of moderation implies that having
>been part of the early phase need not preclude being part of the new
>rotation in fact a blend of experience and new blood might enrich any new
>model under consideration.

excellent suggestion David, and with steady rotation and an 
experience-base to further stabilize things maybe nettime continues, 
or maybe not.  a decade is a long time in this biz.  change can also 
mean death.

In this Light, I would challenge Felix and Ted (and any others 
feeling qualified) to write a brief task description of the 
(different) roles/positions necessary to run nettime as it is today. 
Put it out here.  I certainly have some interest, but would need to 
know the scalability and absolute size of what tasks are necessary, 
and how they are (technically and socially) accomplished...


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