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<nettime> Streamtime at fadaiat06 Barcelona [signed]
jo van der spek [c] on Thu, 15 Jun 2006 15:44:02 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime> Streamtime at fadaiat06 Barcelona [signed]

Watch out, it may be only an 

<http://streamtime.org/>Streamtime at 
<http://fadaiat.net/>Fadaiat2006 in Barcelona

It's a blog. It's a lab. It's net. It's OSS. It's Iraq for real.

Imagine an alternative <http://flossmanuals.org/MuSE>IED, an 
improvised expressive device like a CD that turns your PC into an on 
line streaming studio. Imagine a mob that creates a traffic jam. 
Think of the religious policeman in London, the konfused kollege kid 
and the jealous dentist in Baghdad and the jailed blogger blogging on 
in Cairo. Think of building autonomous networks of exceptional people 
in extreme conditions.

Streamtime uses old and new media for the production of content and 
networks in the fields of media, arts, culture and activism in crisis 
areas, like Iraq. Streamtime offers a diffuse environment for 
developing do-it-yourself media. We like to contribute to finding 
your own way in/into/out-of  the quagmire that is Iraq, and its 
representation in the global media. We should not try to change 
politics in order to foster cultural change; we should support 
cultural manifestation in order to force political change.

Streamtime may take the form of a campaign, a work of collaborative 
art, a current of unheard sounds, unspeakable words and unseen 
imaginations. We have this optimistic idea that in the chaos it is 
not only the law of the jungle that rules, but that there is also a 
range of possibilities to invent new shit, an eagerness to connect 
with alternative ways of living, communicating, etc. We have been 
pioneering, seeding, fact finding in Iraq. We have created a lot of 
content on the site, txt and audio, pics and some video.


Remote interaction and ubiquitous dialogues, dematerialized 
communication and participation on the streets. Space  in its 
territorial, acoustic and cybernetic dimensions is fragmented and 
recomposed realtime. Hacking codes both moral and digital, forming 
new maps, mutant drawings and unstable skins. Information overload 
can be abandoned in favor of consciousness and collaborative practices.
Memory has a digital, diverse, horizontal voice.

FADAIAT 06, Thursday 22nd of June 19-21 hours

This program will be an organic and chaotic networked meeting of an 
Iraqi activist from San Francisco, a Swedish video artist, a Swiss 
streamer from Cameroon, another Iraqi hacker, a nomadic coder and the 
guardian of Iraqi bloggers and whoever joins in.
Audio, video, pure data, chat and live interventions from all the 
world in charge of Eleonora (aka Finina) and Yoyo (aka Comandante 
Malaria) produced at the Hangar.
We did it before in Halabja, Baghdad, Basrah and Amsterdam.

DIS - Denial Identity Service

Streamtime proposes a local installation, a 'situationist theatre'.
It offers people a chance to get confused. It offers people a chance 
to confuse others.
There's a dressing room and there is a table, or kiosk, or couch.
The performer can be dressed in Burqa, offering passers-by to wash their feet.
The performer can be a bearded Arab offering bottles of fear.
Anything really.
Anybody can perform.
Even undocumented policemen or pigeons.

This will be wired or wirelessed and made visible and audible on 
line, as part of Fadaiat.
We will be seeking border crossing collaborations with street 
sellers, squatters, sin papeleros and other performers.
We must find the furniture and the dresses, masks, a waterpipe, a pot 
of tea, a massage table, an oil drum, magic bottles, and whatever 
else comes to mind or eye.

Amsterdam, June 2006

Eleonora Oreggia and Jo van der Spek

Streamtime = <http://streamtime.org/>http://streamtime.org/
Doing it with Dyne:bolic <http://dyne.org/>http://dyne.org/
Streaming with Muse <http://flossmanuals.org/MuSE>http://flossmanuals.org/MuSE

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