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<nettime> Interview follow up for Eugene Thacker
nettime's_spam_kr!k!t on Sat, 17 Jun 2006 02:56:34 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime> Interview follow up for Eugene Thacker

  [orig From: some spammer]

Dear Eugene Thacker, 

We have a very effective placement service that involves featuring one
person to top management instead of 5 or 10 resumes to human resources.
We are always company paid.

To "champion" someone in this fashion, however, we must thoroughly
research each candidate we recommend. 

Our research includes investigating your last job interview. If you have
not had an interview yet, just save this invitation and notify us after
you do.

Anything we find out about your last job interview, we will share with

If you have not heard anything from the company about the job since your
interview, we will give you a status report. 

If they turned you down or told you they selected someone else, we will
let you know if  the position has actually been filled. You may have
been passed over because they thought someone else was going to take the
job. If that person changed his mind, got a counteroffer or accepted a
different job, you may be able to get "another bite at the apple". 

We usually find out the "real reason" you were not hired, not just the
HR excuse. 
You are never under any obligation to us. The feedback we give you is
valuable but free. If we can help you, we do. 
In addition to sending us your resume, we need to know: 

1. What company interviewed you? 
2. What was the job title? 
3. What were you told was the reason you were not hired? 
4. How did you hear about this job? 
5. Most important, who interviewed you? (Specific names required) 

We are always company paid. We have top tier executive access at over a
thousand companies. www.___Careers.com 

After checking you out, your resume will be mapped into my personal
database, the first place I look for a candidate to "champion" when a
job matches your background. 

This email was sent specifically to you, Eugene Thacker, because my
researcher believes you fit a certain profile.  Please do not forward
this email to anyone else. If you have not had an interview yet, just
save this invitation and notify us after you do.

Robert _______ 
__________/ USA / Careers 

Main Office: 631-___-4612 

Western Regional Office: 760-___-1102 


robertk_______ {AT} mac.com 

Innovation is a research company that does career placements. We seek
out special situations and special people. 

Your resume was on one of the career resume sites. We are responding to
your request for help. 

If you put  "I do not wish to be contacted"  or "remove me" in the
subject line,  we will permanently block your email address. If you have
multiple email accounts you have to notify us for each one. 

mailing address:  Robert _______  9 _____ Court Saint _____ NY, 11___ 

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