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tobias c. van Veen on Sun, 2 Jul 2006 23:27:10 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime> nettime: Projects [list]

Greetings Nettimers..!

Since the Nettime_North_America Gathering there have been various
expressions of interest on this list and in the backroom channels from a few
members in organising further flesh-gatherings worldwide. There has also
been interest in web-based applications that could be developed alongside
email-based communication.

For these purposes we have assembled a discussion & organization
list called: 

    < project:nettime >



_ email address of the list:

    projectnettime {AT} listcultures.org

_ subscribe or unsubscribe info:


Please note that this list is first of all pragmatic and practical in its
application: it is designed to facilitate organisation of further gatherings
and web-based projects and it is not meant to repeat nettime-l debate or
what-have-you. "We're trying to get the biz done on this list."

Currently there are three gatherings on the drawing table -

__ Amsterdam - Eric Kluitenberg
__ London - David Garcia & Richard from London CyberSalon
__ Germany, on a train - Patrice Riemens

As well as a number of project ideas:

__ a Montreal_NNA publication
__ a Print-on-Demand publication of recent Nettime posts with MUTE

To better facilitate these projects and the gatherings, we are also
exploring setting up a WIKI / webspace.

The overall point here is to create a project-based space to facilitate
(again) organisation and the exchange of ideas among us disconnected,
globally estranged Nettimers; as well as to serve as an archive of these
efforts, whatever their outcome.


the above organisers,
    here writ by tobias c. van Veen
        [ playing the messenger ]
    & geert lovink,
        [setting up the tech ]
    with pens from Ken Werbin et al.
    & friendly support from the moderators

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