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Alan Sondheim on Tue, 11 Jul 2006 18:14:30 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime> close


this guy doesn't know when to stop
enough already
this guy contaminates every list he's on
this guy thinks he can get away with
we're on to you
this guy thinks every little piece of his is a gem
this guy refuses to listen
this guy won't go away
this guy closes down lists
this guy should be allowed online
this guy is a good reason for list moderation
this guy is a good reason for list censorship
he's taking down the rest of us
he wrecks just about everything he comes into contact with
this guy thinks he's a genius
he's about as much a genius as a rabbit
he's about as much a genius as a hamster
at least a hamster doesn't bother everyone all the time
this guy's a nuisance
this guy's a pest
this guy thinks he's god's gift to the internet
this guy thinks he's avantgarde
he's about as avantgarde as a martin
he's about as avantgarde as a ferret
at least a ferret doesn't get in everyone's face
this guy's a total elitist
this guy thinks no one is as good as he is
this guy thinks he's invented codework
this guy thinks he's invented code
this guy thinks he's the only one who's every played with language
he thinks language was invented just for him to play with
this guy's just awful and doesn't listen to everyone
this guy should be in everyone's kill-file
this guy should be deleted from the face of the earth
there's something unwholesome about this guy
this guy's a creep
someone should take his computer away
i hope this guy dies soon
this guy won't let us alone until he's dead so he should die soon
this guy thinks you're reading him
this guy thinks you've caught on to his tricks and masquerade
this guy knows he's not going to get away with it
this guy just keeps repeating himself
this guy writes and films and makes noise and no one cares
this guy just goes on and on
he thinks he's a great artist and he's not
no one wants him around ever
no one wants to hear or see him
no one wants to listen or watch him
this guy's so self-hating he should be left to die
he should die real soon
this guy should get off the net
we're on to him
we've had too much of him
he's ruined everything
he really has


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