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<nettime> dyne:bolic 2.1 codename DHORUBA
jaromil on Thu, 13 Jul 2006 15:18:22 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime> dyne:bolic 2.1 codename DHORUBA

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 annunciazio'! annunciazio'!

                 dyne.org foundation proudly present:

             8                        8             8  o        
             8                        8             8           
        .oPYo8 o    o odYo. .oPYo. 88 8oPYo. .oPYo. 8 o8 .oPYo. 
        8    8 8    8 8' `8 8oooo8    8    8 8    8 8  8 8    ' 
        8    8 8    8 8   8 8.        8    8 8    8 8  8 8    . 
        `YooP' `YooP8 8   8 `Yooo' 88 `YooP' `YooP' 8  8 `YooP' 
        :.....::....8 ..::..:.....:..::.....::.....:..:..:.....:
        :::::::::...::::::: version 2.1 :: codename DHORUBA ::::


        the complete system is free to download and copy, go on

                 ____ _ http://dynebolic.org _ _____
                 ___ __ http://dynebolic.org __ ____
                 __ ___ http://dynebolic.org ___ ___
                 _ ____ http://dynebolic.org ____ __

                     ISO CD image of 633 Mbytes


Dyne:bolic  GNU/Linux  is  a  live  bootable  cd,  containing  a  whole
operating  system  that  works  straight from boot, without the need to
install or change anything on the hard disk. 

If  you  like  and  want to have it on harddisk you can simply copy the
/dyne directory on your computer: the simpliest installation ever! Your
older system is untouched and comes back booting without CD. 

Dyne:bolic  is  user-friendly: recognizes your hardware devices (sound,
video,  firewire,  modem,  network  and USB) and offers a vast range of
software for multimedia production: audio and video manipulation, sound
composition   and   synthesis,   3D  modeling,  photography,  peer2peer
filesharing,   web   browsing,   veejaying,  desktop  publishing,  word
processing, cd burning, email, encryption, anonymity tools and more. 

All   software  is  free  and  there  is  no  market  operation  behind
dyne:bolic, just a communal effort to widen access to modern technology
and let people be Free to Create. 

Dyne:bolic  is being developed since more than 5 years and optimized to
run also on older machines commonly found in Africa America Asia Europe
India  and  Oceania.  It includes code from hundreds of programmers all
around  the  world,  with  a  lively community of artists, teachers and
developers  who  use,  distribute  and adapt this platform according to
their needs and desires. 

This  operating  system  is  a  grassroot  effort  to share independent
knowledge,  it  keeps  away from commercial speculations and capitalist
corporations, because CREATIONS WANT TO BE FREE. 

                 :: EXCLUSIVE RELEASE ON METAMUTE ::

:: FOR ACTIVISM IN CRISIS AREAS   http://streamtime.org

We  imagine  improvised expressive devices like a CD that turns your PC
into  an on line streaming studio. Imagine a mob that creates a traffic
jam.  Think  of the religious policeman in London, the konfused kollege
kid  and the jealous dentist in Baghdad and the jailed blogger blogging
on in Cairo. Building autonomous networks in extreme conditions. 

Streamtime  uses  old  and  new media for the production of content and
networks  in  the fields of media, arts, culture and activism in crisis
areas,   like   Iraq.  Streamtime  offers  a  diffuse  environment  for
developing  do-it-yourself  media.  We  focus  on  a  cultural sense of
finding   your   own  way  in  the  quagmire  that  is  Iraq,  and  its
representation  in  the  global  media.  We  should  not  try to change
politics in order to foster cultural change; we should support cultural
manifestation in order to force political change. 


Jah Rastafari Livity bless our Freedom! This is free software, share it
for  the  good of yourself and your people, respect others and let them
express,  be  free  and  let  others  be free. Live long and prosper in

But,  no  Peace without Justice. This software is about Resistence inna
Babylon  world  which  tries  to  control  more  and  more  the  way we
communicate  and  share information and knowledge. This software is for
all  those  who  cannot afford to have the latest expensive hardware to
speak out their words of consciousness and good will. This software has
a full range of applications for production and not only consumption of
information,  it's  a  full  multimedia  studio,  you don't need to buy
anything  to  express  yourself.  Freedom  and sharing of knowledge are
solid  principles  for  evolution  and that's where this software comes

Inna babylon, money is the main requirement to make a voice possible to
be  heard  by  others.  Capitalist  and  fundamentalist governments all
around   the  world  rule  with  huge  TV  monopolies  spreading  their
propaganda, silencing all criticism. 

This is a struggle for Redemption from existing operating systems which
always  require new expensive hardware for doing the same as ever: give
us  free  players but make us pay for producing our own voices. And the
one who protects you rips you off, as the Arabs say. 

Dyne:bolic  is a tool to produce and publish yourself, freely. There is
nothing to consume here, there is all you need to create. 


DHORUBA  is a complete rebuild and modular rewrite of the whole system,
enhanced   for   full   usability  and  open  for  developers  to  join
maintenance.  Recent  versions of audio and video tools provide a fully
featured  multimedia studio out of the box, ready for being employed at
home, in classrooms and in media centers. 

=== new dyne:II core features:

- - it is a multiuser system, user interaction can be secured
- - it includes all compiler and development tools needed to build dyne
- - you can write modifications in the /usr system and save them
- - it has advanced thin client functionality, booting from usb and net
- - it's modular, so you can easily add and combine different software
- - it's slick and snappy like the preceeding dyne:bolic, even better ;) 

=== updates and fixes in 2.1

- - upgraded to kernel 2.6.17
- - fix to dock and nest on USB storage
- - support for LVM and raid volumes
- - network file system tools
- - new in Audio: Seq24, SooperLooper, Rosegarden, Icecast
- - fixes to MuSE (updated to devel version)
- - better vga detection
- - misc fixes to desktop usability

=== upgrading from version 1

To  upgrade  from  version 1 to 2 just replace the dyne/ directory with
the new one, or run the CD and answer yes when prompted. 

Before  upgrading  you have to manually backup the personal contents of
your old nest and import them to a new one. 

Please note that:
- - version 2 is not running on XBOX game consoles
- - version 2 does not include the OpenMosix clustering system

=== development history

The  dyne:II  core has been compiled from scratch by Jaromil and Smilzo
in  2005.  During  2006  Jaromil  completed  a full rewrite of startup,
nesting,   docking,   configuration  and  sdk  scripts,  aided  by  the
experienced testing of Aymeric Antonios and Chun of Goto10. 

The new foundation of the dyne:II core opens up the development to more
people,  providing  a modular packaging system for software collections
and  the  possibility  to  customize  the  liveCD  with  your favourite
applications.   So   it   is  born  Pure:dyne,  as  the  first  dyne:II
customization  focusing  on  real time audio/video processing with pure

Developers Lounge -> http://dev.dynebolic.org

=== roadmap

We  salute  and  support  all  development  done outside the capitalist
empire, to produce and distribute low power and affordable computers. 

We  look  forward to support chinese dragons and simputers, solid state
workstations  and  all  kind  of  100$  laptops.  In fact, we are there
already,  the  next  step  in  this  development  will be adoption of a
cross-platform build environment to cover all kinds of hardware around.

Mantainance  of  dyne:II  core is kept by Jaromil releasing updates for
the  core  part;  hackers  are  welcome to join and take mantainance of
modular software collections. 


First of all salutes and great respects to the many developers who have
written  software  included in dyne:bolic: a long list of names that is
impossible to include here, you'll find information about them inside
the CD and in the documentation of each software.

People and organizations helping with ver.2 development and good vibes:

=== Dyne.org / FreakNet  hackers  http://dyne.org   http://freaknet.org
    Alpt,  Asbesto,  Kysucix,  Xant,  Newmark,  Nightolo,  DinDon,
    Sandman,  Crash,  Godog, Voyager, Pallotron, Fredd, Kobaiashi,
    Mr.Goil, Godog, Niels, Acme, Adam, Robert, Cjm, Jaromil

=== Goto10  http://www.goto10.org  http://puredyne.goto10.org
    Aymeric, Marloes, Antonios, Chun

=== Metro Olografix   http://olografix.org
    Smilzo, Superattilius, Groucho/K6, SugoDiPesce,
    Blended, Hunicus, Isazi

=== Netherlands Media Art Institute http://www.montevideo.nl/en
    Montevideo / Time Based Arts

=== Streamtime   http://streamtime.org
    Bassam, Cecile, JoJo, Xname

=== ASCII http://www.scii.nl -> the robotic resistance crew

=== the Xiph foundation http://www.xiph.org

=== Indymedia  http://www.indymedia.org
    and all the activists involved!

And  more...  Ish,  Kapel,  Jagadeesh, Lawrence, Arun, Melindo, the FSF
India  and  the  NID  Ahmedabad,  BEK.no,  the  Folk  Festival in Louga
(Senegal),  the  squatters of Amsterdam, Neural.it, Stomfi, Paul Davis,
Menglef,  Ivana,  Gisle,  Armin,  Lambru,  Chmod,  Xaver,  Rino, Marko,
Lupone,  Kingdom  of Piracy, Macchina, Giacomo Verde, Artificialia, the
Italian Hackmeeting, WhatTheHack, Ecoteca, the Chaos League, MetaMute

                                    .... and even more .....

to  all  the  many  people  sending  good  vibes,  sharing  ospitality,
suggestions and helping organizing the things that keep all this alive:

                                         hearful THANKS!

:: contribute TO DYNE:BOLIC !

  ->>>> JOIN OUR MAILINGLIST: http://lists.dyne.org/dynebolic
  ->>>> CONTRIBUTE DOCUMENTATION: http://lab.dyne.org/DyneBolic (wiki)
  ->>>> BUG REPORT ONLINE INTERFACE: http://bugs.dyne.org

Please  consider  that  the dyne:bolic project is an independent effort
relying   on  occasional  support  from  non-profit,  grant-making  and
business  organizations  willing  to  sustain  development  of free and
opensource software like this. 

Dyne:bolic  relies  on  support  from individuals like you to preserve,
protect and promote the freedom it gives to its users. 
Please show your appreciation with an act of generosity!

Make  your  donation, even dimes can help -> http://dyne.org/donate.php
so  far,  we  got  500$  in  5  years  on paypal. thanks, really a lot,
serious!  you have been a few but you really believe this crazy idea of
freak  developers  didn't  you?  well  we  do exist and can live on low
budget! and we're rockin'! :) 

Now  in  case you are an organization, company or official institution,
consider  Dyne.org  is  a  foundation and can provide you with official
papers  about  donations,  plus  you can be mentioned and linked on the
upcoming BIG THANKS page. 

We  struggle to keep this effort independent, therefore the only income
for this project is the community itself. thanks everyone!


dyne:bolic GNU/Linux is copyleft (C)2001-2006 by Denis "Jaromil" Roio

This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it
under  the  terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the
Free  Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or (at your
option) any later version. 

This  program  is  distributed  in the hope that it will be useful, but
WITHOUT   ANY   WARRANTY;   without   even   the  implied  warranty  of
General      Public      License      for      more      details.      

You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License along
with  this  program;  if not, write to: Free Software Foundation, Inc.,
675      Mass      Ave,      Cambridge,     MA     02139,     USA.     

Several  redistributed  binaries  are  copyrighted  by  the  respective
authors,   it   is   documented  in  the  accompanying  manual  of  the

dyne.org  is  available  to provide the source of the included binaries
upon  request, all the included software can be redistributed under the
terms  of  the  GNU GPL license and, in some cases, the X/BSD license. 

For more informations refer to the web pages on http://dynebolic.org

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