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<nettime> Massive Sale on Books from Autonomedia
Stevphen Shukaitis on Sat, 19 Aug 2006 21:53:25 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime> Massive Sale on Books from Autonomedia

[self-promo insert: don't forget tp pick up this gem

The Brooklyn based radical publisher is having a massive sale to raise
some funds for some new projects. There are lots of great titles on
the Zapatistas, anarchism, pirates, heretical Islam, radicals arts and
media, and titles by people like Hakim Bey / Peter Lamborn Wilson, the
Midnight Notes Collectives, and David Watson. So here?s a chance to
snap them up for a lot less than they would usually cost.

**Please Forward Widely**

Massive Sale on Books from Autonomedia

This is just a short note to alert you to a huge sale we're having
through the end of the month at the Autonomedia (online) warehouse.
Nearly every Autonomedia title is discounted from 20-70%, in an effort
to clear some stock off the shelves as well as generate some cash to
pay the printers for our upcoming season of new titles. There are
many, many hidden gems in our warehouse, and we're eager to use this
sale to move them into your hands. Some examples:

?This World We Must Leave,? a collection of essays
from the challenging ultra-leftist French/Italian
writer Jacques Camatte, for less than $5:

?An Existing Better World,? a memoir of the Bread
and Puppet Theater by George Dennison, a radical
educator and long-term comrade of the ensemble, for $7.

?The Anarchists,? by John Henry Mackay, a great novel set in
Victorian London at the time of the Haymarket riots. This book
was originally published in 1891, and reissued by Autonomedia
just over a century later, and it's under-read, to say the
least. It's great! And we've got it on sale for $6 and change!

And there are many more. Go to
for a full list of Autonomedia books, and please consider picking up
something you haven't heard of, and maybe another copy of a favorite
book as a gift, or a charged object to be left in a public place...

* * *

Some new books you'll find in the bookstore:

* The brand new issue of Cometbus mysteriously showed up in
our warehouse, stinking of newsprint and old beer. This issue
includes interviews with members of TV on the Radio, Low,
Neurosis, The Evens, Casual Dots, and more, as well as bunch
of new stories, a NYC Used Bookstore report, and a 26-page
mini-book bound in the same covers. Your $2 copy awaits at

* Walter Benjamin, ?On Hashish.? Benjamin was no stranger to the
hash pipe, and documented his experiments with hashish between 1927
and 1934, investigating what he called ?profane illumination.?
At issue here, as everywhere in Benjamin's work, is a new way
of seeing, a new connection to the ordinary world. Under the
influence of hashish, as time and space become inseparable,
experiences become subtly stratified and resonant: we inhabit more
than one plane in time. What Benjamin, in his contemporaneous
study of Surrealism, calls ?image space? comes vividly to
life in this philosophical immersion in the sensuous. Yowza.

* Max Cafard, ?The Surre(gion)alist Manifesto and Other Writings.?
Regarding this inspiring and rollicking brew of surrealism,
anarchism, Chinese philosophy and Nietzschean trouble-making,
Andrei Codrescu wrote the following: ?[H]is insurgent writing gave
our readers the sudden frisson that they were in the presence of
something new. One never forgets that frisson when first encountering
Nietzsche, Cioran, Derrida, or Deleuze... The frisson is renewed
by each encounter, but the original feeling of the discovery is
unequalled. This was precisely my epiphany on encountering Max
Cafard's manifesto: I am in a new place.? Only $12, and available at

* * * * *

Please also make the Interactivist Info Exchange a regular
part of your network browse. Some recent stories posted (at
http://info.interactivist.net) include

A powerful post-ceasefire account of life in Lebanon

A proposal to adopt the anniversary of the
2003 Blackout as an Unofficial Popular Holiday

A very interesting call for submissions
on the topic of anarchist propaganda

A provocative essay analyzing how the tactics of
the Israeli Defense Forces have been influenced by
the writings of Guy Debord and Deleuze and Guattari

And much more. The easy way to see a table of contents for the Info
Exchange is to register for a (free) account, which gives you greater
control of viewing options, and will bring you one step closer to
co-participating in the Exchange. Please join us!

Autonomedia: http://www.autonomedia.org Turning the Word Upside Down
Since 1984

Interactivist Info.Exchange: http://info.interactivist.net

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