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Re: <nettime> actors wanted
John Hopkins on Sun, 27 Aug 2006 18:32:31 +0200 (CEST)

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Re: <nettime> actors wanted

>Could a terrorism theme park be not far away?  /jc
>+ From a UCSD press release
>August 22, 2006
>"Operation College Freedom"

Hi Jordan --

While I also find this next step in the militaristic show of force on 
campus repugnant, those of you docked and living in SoCal (NoCal as 
well) might well take a bit of personal heed to the very real event 
statistically just over the immediate horizon (it stays an immediate 
possibility until it happens!) -- that of massive geo-tectonic 
activity.  As a geophysicist, I couldn't rationalize staying in the 
LA basin area, working an a building on Wilshire Blvd with giant auto 
springs holding it up in the basement and every other week, the 
strange precursor rumblings that was first thought to be a herd of 
morbidly obese amurikans thundering down the hallway outside my 
office.  If you thought that Katrina was a big deal, or 911, or the 
Iraq War for that matter, you will be overwhelmed by the potential of 
large-scale tectonics.

Doubtful that even numerous DHS practices will help much of anything 
except for the military itself, but you might consider making a 
locative project out of the idea of hiking east out of the heavily 
populated costal areas assuming that all elevated roads will be 
collapsed, and that you will have to carry all your water, food, and 
weapons to stay in possession of both, with you -- at least as far as 
the Arizona border.

It won't be a theme park, it'll be REAL LIFE!


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