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Doug Henwood on Sun, 3 Sep 2006 05:58:46 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime> new radio product

BEHIND THE NEWS with Doug Henwood

"Best Music on an Economics & Politics Radio Show"
Village Voice Best of NYC 2005

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Just added to my radio archive

August 31, 2006 Betsy Reed, editor of Unnatural Disaster: The Nation  
on Hurricane Katrina, and Gary Younge, a contributor to that volume,  
on the politics of the storm one year later * John Mueller on how the  
terrorism threat is vastly overblown

August 17, 2006 Afshin Rattansi on Middle Eastern crises and  
Britain's Muslims * Val Moghadam on politics and gender relations in  

it joins

August 10, 2006 Rasha Salti from Beirut on war, politics, and daily  
life * Anne-christine d'Adesky, author of Moving Mountains and co- 
creator of the film Pills Profits Protest, on AIDS and the movement  
around AIDS

August 3, 2006 Harold Meyerson on the disappointments of Change to  
Win * Judith Kipper of the CFR on the Middle East wars, and a cramped  
vision of a Palestinian state * Jonathan Nitzan on the political  
economy of Israel, oil, and war
July 27, 2006 Joel Schalit on Israel's motives for going to war *  
Adolph Reed on Katrina, race, class	
July 6, 2006 James Howard Kunstler on oil, waste, ugliness, death *  
Katha Pollitt, author of Virginity or Death, on feminism and politics
June 29, 2006 Laura Rozen of Warandpiece and author of this Mother  
Jones article on mysterious doings in Rome over Iran * David Feige,  
author of Indefensible, on his career as a public defender and the  
horrors of the criminal justice system


George Galloway, pre-reality TV, on Iraq, imperialism, and the  
colonial mind * Michael Eric Dyson on black class tensions * David  
Roediger the whitening of "new immigrants" of the late 19th and early  
20th centuries * Beverly Wright on New Orleans, the Delta, and the  
geographies of race and toxicity * Sam Gindin on the auto crisis and  
auto workers * Bethany Moreton on Wal-Mart & Ozark culture (and The  
Nation's amazing shift on chain stores) * Jagdish Bhagwati on  
globalization * Robert Fitch on corruption and fragmentation in  
American unions * Barbara Ehrenreich on middle class horrors *  
Heather Rogers on garbage & capitalism * Marie Trigona on worker-run  
businesses in Argentina * Bill Fletcher on war and peace * Sarah  
Stillman on feminism at Yale * Leslie Harris on slavery in New York *  
Slavoj Zizek on war, imperialism, and fantasy * Douglas Massey in  
Mexican immigration * Naomi Klein on Argentina and the global justice  
movement * Susie Bright on sex and politics * Bruce Lawrence, editor  
of Messages to the World, on Osama's thoughts and prose * Judith  
Levine on renouncing overconsumption * Matt Taibbi on covering the  
2004 campaign, and the dismal state of American politics and media *  
Richard Gott on Hugo Chavez * Anatol Lieven (several times) on Iraq,  
Chechnya, US nationalism, and why the US must give up its empire *  
Ned Sublette on music and politics * Cynthia Enloe on masculinity in  
the Bush administration (and oil) * Joel Kovel, editor of Capitalism  
Nature Socialism, on the psychology and politics of Israel and  
Zionism * Laura Carlsen on the Zapatistas * Michelle Goldberg on the  
Christian right * Ken Sherrill on gay politics * Andrew Ross on his  
year spent with the IT crowd in China * Stephenie Hendrics vs Ron  
Arnold on Wise Use * Carlos Mejia, deserter from Iraq, on war,  
imperialism, dissent * Laura Flanders on Bushwomen * Gary Indiana on  
Arnie * Steve Fraser on the cultural/political history of Wall Street  
* Jennifer Washburn on the corporate university * $pread magazine  
staffers on sex work * Norman Kelley on the crisis in black politics  
* Joseph Stiglitz on the IMF and the Wall St-Treasury axis * Nicola  
Kraus & Emma McLaughlin, authors of Citizen Girl and The Nanny  
Diaries, on gender, work, and the satiric novel * Jennifer Gordon on  
suburban sweatshops * Lisa Jervis on feminism & pop culture * Joel  
Schalit on anti-Semitism * Devah Pager on prison, race, and the job  
market * Robert Fatton on Haiti * Elizabeth Warren on bankruptcy *  
Chip Berlet on conspiracism * Gary Younge on a foreign journalist's  
view of the U.S. * Simon Head on Wal-Mart * Ursula Huws on work and  
why capitalism has avoided crisis * Michael Albert on participatory  
economics (parecon) * Marta Russell on the UN conference on  
disability * Sara Roy on the Palestinian economy * Michael Hardt on  
Empire (several times)


Doug Henwood
Left Business Observer
38 Greene St - 4th fl.
New York NY 10013-2505 USA
<dhenwood {AT} panix.com>

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