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Re: <nettime> battle of Seattle STARRING Charlize Theron
Nigel R. Jett on Tue, 12 Sep 2006 22:37:21 +0200 (CEST)

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Re: <nettime> battle of Seattle STARRING Charlize Theron

> Details of the storyline remain sketchy. But what is known is that it is likely
> to feature well-known chapters in the events, such as the arrival of President
> Bill Clinton at the conference. Theron is expected to play Lou, a pregnant
> bystander who loses her child in the melee of protests and regards events with
> some objectivity. Susan Sarandon is set to play a newscaster who sympathises
> with the demonstrators and turns on her editor after he over-sensationalises
> what she reports.

Did a pregnant woman lose her fetus in the protests? I don't recall
anything like that happening. I don't recall any sympathetic
newscasters either, at least none that were local or on any of the
American cable news channels.

> Townsend said that he had researched the topic thoroughly and was not going to
> portray stereotypes. He hoped to address the issues raised sensibly. He said:
> 'There's a lot of grey areas. It's not like the protesters are the heroes and
> the police are the villains. It's about the characters and how they are changed
> by the event. My intention is to inspire, anger and educate people.'

Besides a small group of people smashing some windows and looting, the
only "villains" I saw were police. I didn't see any protesters
clubbing old ladies. I know not all of the police were like this, but
I saw enough bad behavior on their part and enough indifference on the
part of police who weren't actively abusing people to wonder how any
Hollywood production could portray the "grey areas" without
misrepresenting the truth.

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