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Re: <nettime> Ohmynews 9-11 articles
porculus on Wed, 13 Sep 2006 20:56:56 +0200 (CEST)

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Re: <nettime> Ohmynews 9-11 articles

> I contributed one about a view from NY.

bah nettime did as well at the time, the malaise was 'palpable' there too, i 
mean in the moderation. whoaa my purpose is not to moraly judge, if i pass 
on 'moderation' of course, then i suppose the 'special' one at the time 
belong to the reflect of the event. i suppose as many here i have kept a 
precise souvenir of it. it was a political experience, & yes a nettime one.
about the piece, i just would say first i dont like the super worn out 
journalistic global term of 'tragedy' for qualifying such event..it's not an 
aesthetic feeling or just a piece of froggy reaction for political 
correctness, dont know the exact english meaning of 'tragedy', anyway i 
suppose many hearing from a surgeon 'your dad is dead the operation turned 
in tragedy' could have as me the idea to right strangle the doc for making a 
sacrifice to the euripes'gods..'tragedy' sound for me then as a social 
pantalonnade, a 2nd rated farce for social worker & social mourner & one 
show there the media that prepare in huge & great & kolossal guard of honour 
for politician in their super badest role, a character they cant to not 
play, they were trained for that, & perhaps they are less guilty 
then..playing but for a true tragedy then, an euripides ones, that could 
make huges new amount of dead with overplayed passions+ stunning cold 
horror, the one of the so good guies who could just made mistakes but never 
if the guy laden havent 'nozing against american people but just his 
government', it's then america is not a democratie or the guy laden dont 
give a damn fuck of democratie as a good people of god would have to, for 
god they are gentle lamb, not 'citizen' that could vote for a chef who 
wouldnt be of divine essence but a drunkard that just could want blow job 
for free. imagine..
if bush do a killing war for fuliginous purpose in irak, it's cause the 
american people is misleaded, or cause 'the democratie is not functionning, 
unamericanizing'. then for my opinion & for the sake of the idea i have of 
democratie, which couldnt be ozer than a quite moral regime but just a 
amoral political regime, & the less worst as churchill said, i think 
american people wanted it.
ho as well as huge majority of french people was petainiste in 1940 or 
germany people was for hitler in 1933, amen. & of course it would be idiot 
to individually judge the guy of 1940 or 33 just cause we know what happen 
after, but it's interrsting to analyse it & why. democratie is a regime & a 
not a moral or godly one, god didnt like it, you cant have your cake & eat 
it, or god or making politics in calculing for doing less mistake, or an 
innocent lamb who will go in paradise or a citizen that would go in hell, 
oftenly the serial killers love to run with the hare & hunt with the 
hunds..it's in all american sitcom i dayly see at my tv & i suppose one 
could say only dayly bullshit at my tv, most, but not all, or then god dont 
exist at all 

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